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Former Maoist leader Bhattarai taken to task in USA

  • Published on: September 19, 2018

    More than a decade after the conclusion of Maoist led “peoples’ revolt”, fear largely remains in Nepal among media men and common people to write and speak against the Maoist atrocities. However, some courageous Nepalis living far from home in the United States of America found it opportune to express their anger the moment they knew that Baburam was leaving Washington D. C for a small trip to the state of Texas.
    Baburam, former ideologue of “people’s war” and the second man in command of Maoists led the “war”, would have perhaps thought that his past crimes would have been forgotten by the Nepali population.
    Not at all, it lives still in the minds of Nepali people who had to leave their country, fearing their lives.
    Hilariously, Baburam used to be taken at par with those of Marx and Engels.
    As politics unfolded later Nepalis were convinced that it was not a “people’s war” – spearheaded by Baburam but an Indian government sponsored war to grab power in Kathmandu.
    Bhattarai in the recent months has traveled to some prominent European capitals together with his consort, Hisila Yami. His mission abroad is not clear though, analysts guess he could well be seeking sponsors for fresh conspiracy that he could be plotting against his country of birth.
    Reports appearing in social media suggests that as Baburam was about to enter one of the Airports in the Washington DC area a small group of Nepalis chanted slogans such as “Murderer Go Back… Go back…You are a war criminal…you are not welcome here…Go back!”.
    Baburam who mostly resided in Indian Government’s guest houses in New Delhi during the so-called revolt had the distinction of masterminding killing of thousands of innocent Nepali lives. Those who lost their relatives during the said “war” and had to leave the country under dangerous circumstances, understand the pain of losing their relatives better than those who fortunately remained untouched.
    The Delhi based “people’s war” in 2005 came to an abrupt end when the Indian foreign secretary Shyam Saran in particular, took a “Nepal damaging” tricky stance and imposed a 12 point agreement under the cover of a “peace agreement” in between the Maoists and the seven agitating Nepali parties.
    Unfolding political events proved later that Maoists had already become a burden to the Indian government and it was in the interest of the Indian rulers to force Maoist leaders to go back home.
    Interestingly the agreement later paved way for the Maoists not only enter Nepal but also capture the State almost through the kind courtesy of a power monger politician Girija Prasad Koirala.
    Koirala later died and is hardly remembered by his own party cadres and the countrymen.
    Senior journalist Yub Raj Ghimirey has perhaps written in details on how the politics unfolded then in 2005-2006 and also brilliantly revealed how King Gyanendra was unceremoniously forced to quit the Palace and make his way to the Nagarjun Jungles.
    Currently, Baburam is the chairman of a party which is not very popular among the common men back in Nepal.
    Majority of the Nepali population unfortunately takes him as an India man.
    Frankly speaking, common people together with the media men even as of now fear writing news on or about the former Maoists for explainable reasons. It could be because people and media men have tasted in the past as to what means when one writes about the Maoists.
    Risk is there but yet as a media man, it should be our bounden duty to inform the people about the happenings.


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