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Indian Army Chief Rawat talks absurd, testing time for PM Oli begins

  • Published on: September 19, 2018

  • NP Upadhdhyaya

    Indian leadership remains in a shocked state. The shock is only but logical in that the Indian regime, the successor of the British India Company, received two severe jolts this time which were at least unexpected to the coercive regime from an “Independent and Sovereign” Nepal.
    The first diplomatic shock took a serious dimension when the babus residing in the former Mughal Sultanate were told in no uncertain terms that Nepal as a sovereign nation would not be a part of the India designed military block called the BIMSTEC joint military drill against primarily China and then Pakistan.
    BIMSTEC is being misused by India as a military block to which the countries engaged in the said organization may not even thought of.
    India prefers to build a regional block that isolates China and Pakistan which is neither desirable nor affordable to the countries who have intimate ties individually with China and Pakistan.
    The SAARC body was killed by India simply because Pakistan was an active member and China was present in the regional body as an Observer.
    The presence of China and Pakistan in the SAARC had made India restive.
    Nepal PM Oli though has reiterated that the BIMSTEC can’t be a substitute to BIMSTEC. But for how long Oli will remain firm in his declaration?
    Frankly speaking, no country in the BIMSTEC can on a one to one basis wish to tease both China and Pakistan for they understand the consequences in advance. Moreover, these countries have of late advanced their country to country relations with China and Pakistan both suiting to their national interests. Exception could be Bangladesh and Bhutan. Even these two countries have expressed their desire to partner China for their internal development as China has in the recent years emerged as a strong country at par with the United States of America whose tail is the present day India. The same India used to be the fine tail of the former Soviet Union if one were to recall.
    The BIMSTEC family (Nepal’s inclusion in this conclave is deceptive in that this country has nothing to do with the Bay of Bengal save expecting the Monsoon clouds all the way traveling to Nepal).
    Nepal PM Oli when sensed the ulterior motive of the visiting Indian PM Modi while making a speech at the BIMSTEC meet wherein he had said that “shortly the countries engaged in the BIMSTEC shall meet in India for a joint military exercise”, the PM together with the Nepal’s strong nationalists began ventilating their inner ideas that reminded us all that Nepal should refrain from such military drills as such exercises deviated Nepal far from its established and long practiced policy of non alignment and that it was nothing but a design to malign the non aligned credentials of Nepal, the participation was thus withdrawn. This came as bolt from the blue to “whom it concerned”.
    The last minute cancellation by Nepal may have shocked Delhi but Nepal had no option left to save its non aligned credentials. In doing so at least Nepal was able to tell the world community that the country has been able to maintain its long held status of non alignment.
    Delhi has reasons to weep in that the babus in Delhi had expected Nepal’s unconditional yes to the Indian designs, however, entire nationalists of the country united and added strength to PM Oli’s straight denial to the dangerous scheme designed by the former seat of the Mughals.
    Interestingly, what appeared in the press after the Nepali denial to Delhi that the Nepal Army had on its own decided to join this military drill in Pune without informing even the defense minister Mr. Ishwar Pokhrel. The Nepalese foreign ministry too did not know of the Nepal’s Army’s plan to join the Pune drill.
    However, as things have begun tricking down sources say that Nepal Army gave words to India only when the defense minister Mr. Pokhrel provided his positive nod to the Pune drill.
    This time the now retired Army Chief Rajendra Chettri was in the Chair.
    Foreign Minister Gyawali also was in knowledge of this Indian game. Question is why these two lieutenants of PM Oli did not inform their boss? This is dangerous.
    Oli must keep his eyes and ears open….for obvious reasons.
    If true then this should mean that PM Oli is being cheated by his own men in the cabinet.
    And it is perhaps this is what may have encouraged the Indian Ambassador Manjeev Singh Puri to make a sudden dash to the Army head quarters and take to task the new Army Chief Mr. Thapa.
    For Ambassador Puri, “micro managed” Nepal is home away from home.
    What is more than disturbing is that the new Army Chief is learnt to have lamented for not having been able to join the Pune joint military drill. This has come to our notice through the social media though the authenticity is yet to be established.
    If true then what could be drawn from Army Chief’s lament?
    Be that as it may, it is PM Oli’s problems to keep his house in order and tame his erratic boys in a disciplined state.
    Given all these diplomatic upheavals in place, PM Oli is thus advised to watch the events closely and determine as to who were what and working for whom in his Cabinet?
    Penetration of alien sleuths?
    The second jolt which added to the first one was related with the transit routes awarded to Nepal by one of the declared bête noir of the Indian regime-China which coincided with the timing of the first jolt.
    Denial of the joint military drill could have been digested by India; however, the facilitation of the transit routes to Nepal in numbers is what made the Indian regime uneasy. Delhi must have been told by local informers that Nepal has now opted to sit in the warm laps of the Chinese regime once and for all.
    Prior to accusing Nepal, New Delhi should assess its own role and behavior and come to a conclusion as to why Nepal may have preferred this option? When pushed to the wall, Nepal found a good and reliable partner in China. The 2015 economic blockade that it was.
    Though China has awarded several transit routes to Nepal, the usual and vocal India lobby has begun writing all the nonsense and some have even dared to claim that still Indian routes should be brought into use as against the Chinese ones.
    This is nonsense in that this Indian lobby doesn’t wish to break Nepal’s heavy dependency on India. This is just unimaginable but a fact which could well be noticed in the social media. Interestingly, those who oppose the Chinese routes belong to the same Indian brand that have had their tacit contribution in damaging Nepal campaign then initiated by Indian foreign secretary Shyam Saran as back as in 2005-6.
    Shyam Saran has admitted himself in a recently published book that he had remained instrumental in bringing about the “India desired change” in Nepal by forcing King Gyanendra the jungles.
    He even has said as to how he exceeded his bureaucratic limits (of a sitting foreign secretary) by summoning a press conference and airing his personal preferred views on Nepal political situation that differed with his government’s views taken after the first general address made by Nepal King inviting the agitating Nepali leaders to form a government of their liking.
    Mr. Saran through the special press conference facilitated the smooth entrance of his comrade in arms that is the Maoists leaders who were sheltered in Delhi and kept under special care of the Indian government. It was this conference of Mr. Saran that allowed the smooth entrance of the Delhi residing Maoists to not only enter Nepal but to grab coveted posts both in the government and in the parliament formed under the instructions of the Indian regime.
    Of the two senior Maoists leaders, Prachanda and Dr. Bhattarai, the latter is in a trip to the United States of America. Dr. Bhattarai prior to boarding a plane from Washington D. C to Texas, some local Nepali youths in the DC area chanted slogans that were of not good taste to Dr. Bhattarai-the second man in command of the people’s war which was waged against Nepal by being in New Delhi. More or less it was an India sponsored war against Nepal through the extensive use of the Nepali leaders themselves. Unfortunately those extensively used were our own heroes Comrade Prachanda and ideologue Dr. BR Bhattarai.
    Comrade Prachanda is in China tour these days.
    The abrupt denial of Nepal to participate in the BIMSTEC military drill organized in India by PM Modi has made the Indian leadership nervous in that the latter thinks that Nepal in doing so is inching close to China. Or has even inclined too much to China. This is partially correct also.
    Look what the Indian Military Chief Rawat says . “Nepal have to be inclined to India because of geography”.
    He was speaking to reporters in Pune on the sidelines of the closing ceremony of the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation –Field training Military exercise also known as Milex-18.
    The Indian military man has gone senile in that he takes Nepal as of the good old days when Nepal have had to live in complete isolation for certain domestic reasons.
    India should now change its perspective as regards Nepal that the latter is more or less dependent on India. The fact is that the dependency is albeit there but the entrance of China in Nepali affairs or say politics has made Nepal already less dependent on India.
    China for the knowledge of the Indian military man Bipin Rawat has opened several transit routes for the use of Nepal which means that Nepal in a few years time shall use the trade and transit routes provided by China as against India’s.
    A UML functionary Yogesh Bhattarai has told Mr. Bipin Rawat that, in his own words, (Mr. Rawat, our inclination towards India in the past was a Himalayan blunder and now we stand on our own. However, our inclination towards China, as you have taken it, too is a temporary one for we better understand on how to stand on our own and thus you take no pains about us-Nepal”.
    Mr. Bhattarai is supposedly very close to Nepal PM Oli. This perhaps explains the rest.
    The old military man lacks knowledge of International relations and the diplomatic conduct between two nations.
    Nepal is a sovereign country with an independent foreign policy based on Non alignment. The BIMSTEC Military drill organized cunningly by the Indian PM Modi in Pune was completely an Indian attempt to sound China and Pakistan that the entire BIMSTEC organization now were in the grip of the Indian regime and that time permitting this BLOCK could be well used against those two countries.
    But the fact is that none of the countries engaged in the BIMSTEC conclave can dare to challenge China or Pakistan on an individual basis.
    General Rawat’s senile expressions may have some value to baby Bhutan but Nepal remains undeterred simply because India is a paper tiger and at best a coercive regime which has mastered the art of imposition of Economic Blockades on smaller countries who beg to differ with the Indian commands.
    Having said this, PM Oli could now be the next target of PM Modi for having dared to boycott the Pune drill. How Oli handles the upcoming turmoil though PM Modi and Prachanda combined shall have to be watched.


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