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Locals seeking donation for reconstruction of Gaikhura Mahadev temple

  • Published on: September 19, 2018

  • By Our Reporter
    Even after three and a half years after the devastating earthquake which damaged the Gaikhura Mahadev temple it still has not been reconstructed. Thus locals in Sunakotha, Melung Rural Municipality in Dolakha have started to seek donors for the reconstruction of the temple.
    The devastating earthquake demolished the front part of the temple very badly. Under the initiative of Gaikhura Youth Club, the Municipality has allotted 25 thousand rupees for the construction of a wall there.
    Belief: There is strong belief among the devotees that wishes will be fulfilled if one pays homage to the Gaikhura Mahadev. Therefore, devotees visit the temple with the prayer for fulfilling their wishes.
    According to the priest in the temple, many couples have fulfilled their wishes for their children after worshiping at the temple. The temple is 31 km away from Charikot. There is home stay facility for the pilgrimages at the place.


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