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Twinkling Tibet mesmerizes millions

  • Published on: September 19, 2018

    For a week, (the second week of September)the roof of the world- Tibet was lit by splendid lights and elites from far and wide gathered to witness the Fourth China Tibet Tourism and Culture Expo. Co-sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the People’s Government of Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) and hosted by People’s Government of TAR, the Expo showcased the phenomenal progress made in the rugged terrain of TAR.T
    The sacred and inseparable part of People’s Republic of China, TAR is very important national and ecological security barrier, one of the most important base of plateau characteristic agricultural products, an important reserve of culture with Chinese characteristics, an important world tourist destination continues to mesmerize the visitors. This majestic land is developing as an important gateway to South Asia and gradually opening to the world. The zeal and enthusiasm that people of Tibet manifest is very unique. Ever since the Eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, under the able leadership of the Central Party Committee with Xi Jingping as the core, historical achievements have been made in various undertakings and the socio-economic landscape of Tibet has profusely changed.
    Qi Zhala, the Chairman of TAR boasts of having steady, sustainable and healthy development with double-digit growth. “The economic structure has been continuously optimized. The pattern of four wheel drive of local state-owned enterprises, central enterprises, private enterprises in Tibet and private enterprises outside the region has been fully formed and new development momentum is constantly being accumulated,” he further states the secret of Tibet’s unprecedented progress.
    The long-term stability has maintained a good momentum, the law- based governance is solidly promoted, the exchange between various ethnic groups is constantly deepened and the sense of security and satisfaction of all ethnic groups is the key success of TAR’s progress and prosperity.
    The Third Pole of the earth, Tibet is a breathtaking, vibrant place of natural beauty and mysteries. TAR is also home to enterprising, open-minded and hospitable peoples whose time-honored wisdom, tradition and the cultural heritage contributed to the cultural wealth and prosperity of China. Thousands of domestic as well as international tourists thronging around the Potala Palace every hour manifests the significance of cultural tourism as culture gives tourism more depth and meaning.
    Thanks to the Central and TAR Governments for taking care of three million Tibetan people and guiding them for peace and progress. The cooperative attitude of all other Provincial Heads, Government and the peoples, the snowy plateau is gradually being presented to the world with a new look of unity, peace, civilization and progress. By the year 2020, the TAR Government will open up its avenues of tourism and culture to the world attracting double the tourists it has hosted. TAR Government estimates that some 24 million tourists traversed Tibet last year. More and more luxury hotels and other tourism-centric infrastructures being constructed giving Lhasa a total new look suggests that the Government and people of TAR have made arduous endeavors to realize continuous advancement in all undertakings of life.


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