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A failed system

  • Published on: September 26, 2018

  • By PR Pradhan
    We have a government having two-thirds majority, but such a powerful government is virtually visionless and functional. Just last week, when petroleum transportation tanker drivers launched a strike, Kathmandu and other major cities in the country witnessed a long queue of vehicles at petrol pumps. Just in one day of disruption in the supply of petroleum products, the Nepal Oli Corporation (NOC) set a quota system for vehicles. We had believed that by taking lessons from the Indian blockade on Nepal in 2015, NOC might have started keeping storage of petroleum products at least for three months. Unfortunately, NOC or the government has not learnt any lessons from the bitter experiences in the past. It seems, Nepal will not take lesson from any past experiences.
    Whoever is in power, they all are self-centered, running behind petty interests and thinking about their own nearer and dearer ones rather than the nation and the people. The belief among them was and still is that power is for their enjoyment. They never feel that politics is a service to the nation. Bureaucrats also are the same and they think and act like the greedy politicians.
    The present political system has been imposed by the Europeans not to make Nepal strong and stable, but to destroy the unity and harmony among the people of this otherwise tranquil and comfortable country. As we are saying that the present political system is for employment of the party workers, hundreds of thousands of party workers have got employment from federal government to provincial governments and local governments and they are enjoying government benefits not through merit but through party politics. A big chunk of government fund is being spent for their salary and facilities. The communists say their party is cadre based. It means, the party has given employment to those who are doing politics. Besides, to demonstrate existence and strength of the party, as much as professionals are incorporated in the party’s class organizations. Nowhere in the world the civil servants are found associated with any particular political party, but this has happened here. We can see this odd situation in Nepal. Such civil servicemen’s intention is not to provide services to the people, but to enjoy government facilities without work. Unions were established with the interests of the political parties. Similarly, transportation committees were established under the protection of the political parties. Today, the very unions and committees have become serious headaches for those who run the government. The main task of the government has become to hold talks with the different agitators and surrender against the government’s own decision. Home Minister Rambahadur Thapa had attempted to do some works such as ending of the syndicate/curtailing system in the transportation sector, regulating/monitoring activities of INGOs/NGOs, taking action against those construction contractors who have failed to complete their construction projects. It seems, he was naïve and he failed. He didn’t know that the former UML was the party running with INGOs’ funding; he didn’t know that his own party chairman was sheltered at the house owned by a defaulter construction contractor. It was surprising to see the report that the ill-famed Pappu construction company, instead of getting punishment, is going to be rewarded with another construction contract – construction of the Nepal Rastra Bank building! More seriously, the Nepal Police, which is under the command of the Home Minister, has become dysfunctional. The police have not been able to get any clue on the Nirmala Pant murder case in Kanchanpur and also the murder of former ambassador Keshab Raj Jha in the capital city. Talking about law and order situation, the other day, a resident of Sunsari was shot to death by criminals who came from the Indian side and returned safely after accomplishing their job.
    CK Raut announced Madhesh as independent nation and safely went underground. The security organs were unable to locate him. The demand for tarai as independent nation is a serious issue for the patriotic Nepalis but this incident didn’t draw attention of the security organs as well as those in power at present.
    The fact is that although, there is a government enjoying two-thirds majority, this government is inside the pocket of many parallel governments running in the country. In other words, the present government is under the strong grip of INGOs and different professional organizations, more than that, the government is under the strong grip of brokers, mafias, smugglers, criminals, construction contractors, among others. The government is thus serving the interests of these elements by giving trouble to the general public. All these acts show that the system we have adopted has already been failed.


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