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India snubs Nepal, new partner in CPEC and progress in Korean peninsula

  • Published on: September 26, 2018

  • By NP Upadhyaya
    Nepal’s Foreign Minister Pradip Kumar Gyawali has been saying that his country must air the gains that have been achieved over these years at the UN general Assembly so that Nepal’s achievements gets disseminated in the world at a go.
    Unreal excitement that it is.
    However, observers remain askance as to what were the gains worth disseminating? The Nirmala Pant Rape case and the gruesome murder that followed and the acid attack on Samjhana Das who also died later? Or the heroic deeds of the Pappu construction which pockets the contract with certainty and leaves the work uncompleted despite the public outcry? Or should the UN members be told as to how PM Oli has been using the State Money for his luxurious treatment at Singapore and allocates State funds for the luxury of Parliamentarians including the feku retired Nepali leaders? Or should the world leaders know as to how the Indian PM Modi has been pressing Nepal hard to deviate from its long held Non Aligned Foreign Policy? Or even should the world leaders be told that how Nepali leaders vie for being blessed by the Indian leaders from time to time and so rush to Delhi every now and then? ( Prachanda just has returned from Delhi upon being blessed by Modi, it is widely believed) Or the global leaders be told as to how Nepal is being screwed by the Indian machinery and the Nepali leaders’ later act like servants or behave as if they were the new found slaves of the former slaves of the British India Company and of the Mughal Sultanate among the crowd of the masters?
    Should Nepal also tell the world as to how the last political change of 2005-6 damaged Nepal with the calculatedly designed work out of the Indian regime in the south in close collaboration of the domestic Jay Chands and Mirjaffors in lieu of some coins in Indian currency?
    And should PM Oli sound the world community that the Indian Foreign Minister in New York took to task his good-for-nothing Foreign minister as to why Nepal boycotted the BIMSTEC joint military drill organized by India in Puney? Sushma has threatened Minister Gyawali and warned not to commit such blunders again.
    Indeed what the Nepal PM should tell the world community that Nepal Army Chief Purna Chandra Thapa has very freshly said that Nepal Army and the Pakistan Army enjoy excellent relations. The NC Chief said this last Friday at a Pakistan defense day reception organized in Kathmandu at the Hyat Hotel. This is news which must be told to India.
    Yes! PM Oli did a good job in meeting the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau whose diplomatic mission is not in Kathmandu any more. What is the meaning of talking to a person whose diplomatic mission has simply ignored its stay in Kathmandu? That’s all. PM Justin though is a good political persona.
    The fact is that there is nothing substantial that remains to be told to the world leaders as they know Nepal and its sliding politics from very close quarters because they have their own men posted here to report about Nepal and that too secretly. Many of our own home grown nationals, the fifth columnists, may have been working clandestinely for them in lieu of money as has been happening since the epoch making great political change of 2005-6 which brought the Delhi residing Nepal Maoists to Nepal and allowed them to occupy plum political posts in Nepal’s power corridors albeit enjoying the naked blessings of the Indian establishment through the kind courtesy of Shyam Saran-the then Indian foreign Secretary. The naked intervention that it was made by India then.
    The loving care to the Nepal Maoists began in Delhi right from the time of the AB Bajpayee government which continued till Dr. MM Singh government which uprooted the institution of Nepali monarchy and several other equally old institutions which were the pride of Nepal.
    Late Bajpayee was not at all a good friend of Nepal as is being claimed by certain interested quarters with an India bend. The late Indian PM through Brajesh Mishra had provided shelter to the Nepal Maoists in Delhi. SD Muni had mediated the entire affair in between the Nepal Maoists and the Indian government.
    Now that the Communist Party of India (Maoist) has been ranked fourth among the top ten most active non-state armed groups in 2013, according to study released this week by a major defence and business risk think-tank, has now disturbed the brains of the New Delhi establishment which had encouraged the Nepal Maoists to pounce upon Nepal, if one were to recall.
    The Indian Maoists are indeed a threat to India-the country which is the source of all the evils for Nepal as of now.
    According to the IHS Jane’s latest ‘Global Terrorism and Insurgency Attack Index,’ a total of 258 attacks were claimed by, or attributed to, the CPI (Maoist), even though this represented a 29 per cent decrease from the 362 attacks recorded in 2012.
    In a note to The Hindu, Matthew Henman, Manager of IHS Jane’s Terrorism and Insurgency Centre explained that the decrease in CPI(Maoist) attacks not only came amid a wider 16 per cent decrease in attacks nationwide, but also a 19 per cent decrease in the number of recorded counter-terrorism operations.
    “As such, despite progress in the counter-insurgency against the CPI (Maoist), the fall in attacks was also likely somewhat attributable to authorities challenging the group less in its extensive area of operations in the so-called ‘Red Belt’ States,” he added. ( Source Internet news).
    The same Shyam Saran who carefully nourished the Nepal Maoists in Delhi in the early 2000, is perhaps in trouble as one reputed agency in the United States, as has been stated in the earlier paragraphs clearly states that the Indian Maoists paraphernalia is world’s fourth deadliest terrorist outfits currently in operation in India.
    To recall, former PM Dr. MM Singh too used to claim that the biggest security threat to India emanates from the domestic Maoists but yet Dr. Singh continued to nurse the Nepal Maoists in Delhi jut to tease the sitting Nepal Sovereign King Gyanendra.
    Now he too has to pay for his follies of the past.
    King Gyanendra had time and again advised PM MM Singh that terrorism is terrorism whether it is in Nepal or in India. However, MM Singh ignored King Gyanendra’s suggestions.
    King Gyanendra was a man of integrity and he himself quietly quit the political world, when pushed to the wall by the Indian regime, and is living a peaceful life which must have been pretty easier than what Dr. MM Singh and Mr. Sarana may have been undergoing in these times after the fresh release of the Maoists report in the US.
    Frankly speaking, Shyam Saran if grilled by the Indian security agencies may reveal the details as to how he has been aiding the Indian Maoists and how he brought the Indian Maoists closer to the Nepal Maoists. Mr. Saran also may know as to which agency is extending its support to the Indian Maoists to create terror inside the Indian territories.
    Our own Netra Bikram Chand and Mohan Baidya may have close links with the Indian Maoists. Could be. Why not? The precedence is there.
    Let’s change the topic now: In a sudden twist of politics in the South Asian region, India and Pakistan which were to resume their stalled talks on the sidelines of the UN Assembly in New York, have decided not to hold the talks sine die.
    This unilateral decision has been taken by the Indian PM Modi which has tentatively shocked the entire peace loving population of the world more so this abrupt cancellation of the scheduled talks has come as a Himalayan surprise for the new PM of Pakistan Imran Khan who had unconditionally extended his arms to embrace the uneducated Indian PM Modi so that the South Asian region could take a sigh of relief.
    Pakistan’s two major opposition parties have questioned the “haste” shown by Prime Minister Imran Khan in making efforts to mend ties with India and held him responsible for the “diplomatic debacle”, saying he should have done his “homework” before approaching for a meeting.
    Mr Khan had in a letter sought to re-start bilateral talks on key issues “challenging the relationship” including on terrorism and Kashmir.
    India had agreed for a meet between ministers Sushma Swaraj and her Pakistani counterpart Shah Mahmood Qureshi on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York in these days. However, Delhi on Friday, as stated earlier, canceled the meet citing the “brutal” killing of three policemen in Jammu and Kashmir as well as the release of the postal stamps “glorifying” Kashmiri terrorist Burhan Wani.
    But the cancellation of the scheduled meet was caused because PM Modi out of fear from being dragged in the Raphael Deal (France) scam aborted the talks for an indefinite period.
    Rahul Gandhi day in and day out has begun telling the countrymen as the incumbent PM Modi is a declared thief as he has looted the nation through the French deal by forcing the French Companies to award the Raphael deal to the Ambani Group that hails from Mumbai.
    The popularly known Chaiwala, sorry to say so, Indian PM thus stands exposed until he proves himself innocent from a legal court in India.
    In the mean while Sanjaya Nirupam of the Munbai Congress has told the countrymen that Modi is an uneducated man and that Modi falsely claims that he is a Graduate from Delhi University.
    Sanjay claims that if Modi as per his claim is a graduate from the Delhi University then why the University so far has kept silence on the very educational qualifications of PM Modi?
    If one were to believe Sanjay, PM Modi is an illiterate as is evident from his facial appearances. That he is uneducated becomes clear when one understands that while declaring Indian helps to Nepal, PM Modi goes on repeating the same aid amount(s) that he had stated in earlier trips made here. Thus he declares the same amount as fresh aid to Nepal to which he had committed during his earlier countless trips to Nepal. This also speaks of his illiteracy as claimed by Sanjay Nirupam from Maharastra.
    Modi one more time is to visit Nepal. This is scary news in itself. How he “intentionally” destabilizes Nepal Terai has to be watched. His main aim is to split Nepal into pieces. He is a dirty Hindu. Terai has already become restive.
    And as if this humiliating qualification for Modi were not enough, the newly elected Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan takes the Indian PM as a man with modest beginning. “Small men in high offices” is what Khan says of PM Modi.
    PM Khan is correct in that PM Modi has himself claimed that he spent his entire childhood by selling Tea at the railway stations. This speaks of his modesty that he spoke of his tragic childhood. Poor boy. Our sympathy goes for this Chaiwala.
    Just ahead of the cancellation of talks with Pakistan by India, Friday last, the United States had hailed India’s acceptance of Pakistani proposal for talks between the foreign ministers on the sidelines of the ongoing annual UN General Assembly session in New York and termed it as” terrific news”.
    “We saw that (reports of meetings between Indian and Pak leaders). I think that’s terrific news for the Indians and Pakistanis to be able to sit down and have a conversation together,” State Department Spokesperson Heather Nauert told reporters at her daily news conference.
    On Thursday, a day ahead of the cancellation of the talks, spokesperson, Ministry of External Affairs, Raveesh Kumar announced that India has agreed to a meeting between Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj and her Pakistani counterpart Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Pakistan’s request. He, however, made it clear that it was not the resumption of the Indo-Pak dialogue.
    All of a sudden on Friday, India cancelled the talks citing somewhat routine reasons alleging the other side that talks with Pakistan can’t go together with what India calls as terrorist activities being committed on the Indian soil by the other side. Nothing new as this is not the first time that India has dumped the likelihood of talks as and when she has been plagued with some domestic politics.
    North Korea and South Korea have held talks that have yielded good results satisfying the countries in and around the peninsula. China and the US both have encouraged the two Koreas for keeping up the bilateral talks with each other.
    But look Modi’s compulsion to cancel the scheduled talks in between the two neighbors, India and Pakistan. Modi is currently taken as a Chor in India by none less than by Rahul Gandhi.
    Writes Dev Ankur Wadhawan that Congress President Rahul Gandhi recently called Prime Minister Narendra Modi a thief, at a public rally in Dungarpur district of Rajasthan.

    Speaking about Modi not responding to his allegations over the controversial Rafale deal, Rahul Gandhi in a beaming manner said, “Gali gali mein shor hai, Hindustan ka chowkidar chor hai (There is noise everywhere, the country’s guard is a thief).”

    “PM Modi handed over the deal for Rafale aircraft to Ambani, who has never made an aircraft in his entire life. The Prime Minister did not even consult the Defence Minister before ensuring that the Rafale contract went to Ambani,” Rahul Gandhi said while speaking in Dungarpur, writes further Dev Ankur Wadhawan in one of his recent write up which implicates PM Modi in the Raphael scam.
    Rafale is same for PM Modi what was Bofors for Rajiv Gandhi.
    As PM Modi frequently refers to himself as a chowkidar, a guard, of the country, the Congress has often ridiculed his statements saying Modi is a participant in the corruption in the country.
    From neighboring Pakistan also a prominent minister in Imran Khan’s Pakistan government says the Rafale deal is Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “Panama”, referring to the corruption investigation that culminated in former Pakistan premier Nawaz Sharif’s imprisonment, claim Pakistani news agencies.
    “We think that Rafael is [the] Panama of Prime Minister Modi,” Fawad Chaudhry, Pakistan’s information and broadcasting minister, told India Today TV today in an exclusive interview the other day that “The way his friend Nawaz Sharif is ousted in [the] Panama [case]…I think it’s the same thing that’s going on in India.”
    In the mean while, Imran Khan has included Saudi Arabia as a new partner in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, CPEC, to which the Saudi Kingdom has apparently gave its positive nod. Commenting on the inclusion of Saudi Arabia, the Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs Chairman Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed has welcomed the government’s offer to Saudi Arabia to become the third partner in China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and said that it will provide a new trade route between China and the Gulf countries claim various news agencies of Pakistan.
    “The corridor is not only meant for Pakistan and China, it is also a framework of the development and connectivity for other countries of the region and beyond as well,” he said, before leaving for Islamabad after attending a conference on Belt and Road in China in Beijing just the other day.
    Mr. Hussain is taken as a China expert in this part of the world. His comments are being heard by the learned men of South Asia including India tortured Nepal.
    The Pakistani academician also said that Saudi Arabia is a brotherly country and its participation in the CPEC would prompt other countries of the region to join this flagship project of China’s Belt and Road infrastructure initiative which would be a good sign for peace and prosperity.
    By including the Saudi, Pakistan has very cleverly ensured the longevity of the CPEC, speaking in clear terms.
    Mushahid said that during the visit of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi to Pakistan, both Pakistan and China had agreed that the corridor’s construction could absorb third-party participation and will benefit the entire region.
    Domestic sources claim that the Saudi inclusion in the CPEC mechanism enjoys the Chinese confidence.
    Prior to the winding up of the meet of the two top Korean leaders in Pyongang last week, in the presence of Kim Jong Un from the North and South Korean President Moon Jae-in from ther South, the defense ministers of the two countries signed an important agreement to reduce military tensions along the two sides’ heavily militarized border.
    As of approaching November 1, no-fly zones will be established along the border and both sides will halt artillery and other military drills close to the demilitarized zone (DMZ) separating the two countries. The North and South also agreed to dismantle several of the heavily armed guard posts they have each constructed inside the DMZ and to create a maritime peace zone in the West Sea (Yellow Sea), claim news agencies.
    In the mean while the South Korean President Moon Jae-un is in New York to sound the world community on the progress the two Korean leaders bagged this time in Pyongyang for the establishment of peace in Korean Peninsula. By this time the US President may have already been told of the progress made in the recent weeks in Pyongyang when the two top hats of Korea met.
    For the Road: The New Delhi’s established dweller, former Maoists leader, Comrade Prachanda aka Dahal has returned from China in an enraged mood. The reason is simple for us but very humiliating for the “pick of Delhi”, as the fresh issue of the Nepali Times weekly correctly analyses Dahal’s China trip.
    Dahal has reasons to be unhappy with the Chinese leadership which sent a Chinese person to receive Nepal’s former Prime Minister who appeared more like a sports man as he was wearing a red vest instead of being a political man.
    Dahal’s protocol was ignored, claim Dahal sources.
    On the contrary, Dahal during his just concluded Delhi visit, he was accorded a red carpet welcome by PM Modi himself.
    Dahal must have some plans to teach China a lesson for the latter’s misdemeanor if at all that it was. Now it remains to be seen as to how Dahal weakens PM Oli considering Oli as a China man. Understandably, Dahal shall in all likelihood enjoy the blessing of Delhi for unseating PM Oli. The fun begins now.


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