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Madhab Nepal dissatisfied with CPN leadership

  • Published on: September 28, 2018

  • Kathmandu, 28 September: CPN’s senior leader Madhab Kumar Nepal is unhappy with the performance of the party in the government as well as the act of the party leaderships.

    Addressing the concluding summer session of the Parliament on Thursday, Nepal strongly criticized the government’s non-performance.

    Nepal said that the government has failed to curb corruption and introduce good governance.

    He further questioned that whether the home minister and other ministers are aware or not about the threat of splitting the nation!

    Meanwhile, expressing dissatisfaction on the act of the party leadership, Nepal has hosted a tea reception on Friday afternoon inviting all the standing committee members of the party.

    Nepal has alleged that the party leadership had announced the office bearers of the province committee without consent of the party leadership.

    The province committees were formed in absence of Nepal. Earlier, after an understanding for announcing the province committees in the presence of Nepal but at the time when Nepal was out of the country, the province committees were formed.

    Currently, both the chairmen of the CPN are out of the country. Prime Minister and party chairman KP Sharma Oli is in New York to attend the UN General Assembly and another chairman  Pushpakamal Dahal is in Singapore for treatment of his wife Sita.

    In the 45 member standing committee of the party, 25 members are from former UML and 20 members are from former Maoist Center.

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