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Recalling Chinese envoy Guohong’s remarks, CPEC and two Koreas

  • Published on: October 3, 2018

  • NP Upadhyaya
    Nepal has now no option left other than to quit the India engineered BIMSTEC Bay of Bengal body with which perhaps Nepal has not even distance relations save the monsoon dark clouds entering Nepal in the rainy season. BIMSTEC has been designed to benefit India and India alone. No second theory could justify the BIMSTEC benefits because it is not available so far. It is just for India only. Others are tail only.
    Albeit, as individual countries engaged in the BIMSTEC, Nepal enjoys the expanded and jovial ties with each and every countries and in turn the countries too possess immense love and respect for this Himalayan nation badly tortured by the Southern neighbor since 1950.
    China, the northern neighbor, is silent which apparently means that she is watching closely the Nepali political overtures and time permitting may take a step that may be of immense importance for this country which could also have some negative impact on the Indian policies being charted for Nepal. The Chinese silence may one fine morning shake Chinese interests in Nepal and much beyond. Is this silence meant for conserving the energy?
    China by this time has already understood PM Oli’s India dictated and doctored tricks that Nepal is simply dilly-dallying the Chinese President Xi Jumping’s visit and has been more than desired interested in Nepali affairs.
    China knows that the Nepali leadership cannot be trusted and thus whatever she should do or intends to do will have to be done in the “name of the Nepali people” but not of the political animals who “report” each and every details of the talks what they at times talk with the northern neighbor.
    This is widely believed so here in Nepal, though such near to close presumed claims needs yet to be substantiated. Yet what is for sure is that PM Oli may push President Xi’s Nepal visit date farther under alien pressure, but the people wish that the Chinese President at least lands in Nepal for few hours and makes some mega projects announcement in favor of Nepal and its people which the successive leaders could not sell at a dirt cheap price as Finance Minister Mahesh Acharya did during the dictatorial regime of late Girija Prasad Koirala. President Xi should attach conditions that no China gifts to Nepal could be sold at any cost. Or else, Mr. Acharya shall emerge from nowhere and sell as he did in the past.
    President XI shall not arrive Nepal this year end as PM Modi has already “booked” Nepal for his yet another flimsy trip. Oli can’t deny even if it hurts President Xi. If President Xi is yet to read and understand PM Oli then no teacher in the world is left to make him know about Oli’s declared India bend and internal plans for India.
    PM Oli is strong nationalist be “default” and thus he is an accidental communist.
    I recall, around 2009 or 2010, the then Chinese Ambassador Qiu Guohong speaking at a media interaction program in Ghattekulo, Anamnagar chaired By Mr. Kishor Shrestha had lamented that “I am sorry to say, the factories that had built by China for the people of Nepal as gifts have all been sold”. This is painful.
    This is what a sitting Chinese Ambassador had told this for the first time in front of this scribe and this writer later made a small editorial based on what the Chinese envoy Guohang had said. However, neither the organizer of the event nor the other members of the Media Society which had organized the program wrote against the regime that sold the entire China aided projects. The same persons are very close to the Chinese Embassy which makes us happy when we understand as to how the Chinese diplomacy in Kathmandu functions?
    Ambassador Wu Chuntai knew about this event and took in a light manner.
    Dahal upon return from Delhi went to China with a hope that he would be greeted by the Chinese authorities as he had been embraced in Delhi by PM Modi and the men who benefit from Dahal’s hobnob is they used to benefit during people’s war days.
    However, Dahal was received by a RED vest China official and in doing so China signaled Dahal what he meant for the Chinese and also where he stood in Chinese politics vis-à-vis Nepal? Mentally disturbed Dahal may have now plans under his India-measured cut-sleeves to destabilize his bête-noir PM KP Oli.
    Dahal’s restlessness could be observed in his facial appearances which speaks volumes as to how he is spending his days in footpath without having the power buttons.
    Without Chair, Dahal can’t spend even a single minute at least this is being rumored about him.
    And here is Mr. Madhav Kumar Nepal who has found in Mr. Dahal a new friend who could be trusted in shaking the PM Oli regime as much as both could in a combined manner.
    And interestingly, both the restive political animals, Mr. Nepal and Dahal, apparently enjoy the tacit backing of the entire Indian establishment whose single agenda is to kick PM Oli out from the coveted seat of Nepal PM.
    Needless to say, the men who shake Nepal in the entire Indian administration may have converged in Kathmandu hotels and planning their next moves on how to unseat PM Oli and install a PM of Indian taste, either Mr. Nepal or if not then Prachanda, the former sheltered favorites.
    China has no role in the entire change game but yet the Indian embassy shall exploit such opportune moments to its benefits. China’s absence in maneuvering allows India to penetrate more directly.
    For such occasions, some domestic sleuths working for South are always at “service” as Ambassador Puri has kept them in good shape and form expectedly. Ambassador Puri is an expert of “micro-management”, we have been told. This topic is of special interest to him, this has also come to our notice.
    Mr. Nepal all of a sudden has become vocal against PM Oli. This should, at least for this scribe, mean that appropriate signals have already entered Nepal borders and Mr. Nepal has caught the right signals in Hertz’s wavelengths.
    Having said all these, one event that is boggling Kathmandu observers is why Mr. Nepal has been invited by China when China understands that Mr. Nepal is not its cup of tea but yet the motive of his fresh trip to China is really very difficult to understand. Or is it Chinese quiet diplomacy? Let Mr. Nepal’s friendship with China grow in the days to come which perhaps we shall fail to see in our own life time.
    As if Mr. Nepal, and Dahal’s anger against PM Oli were not enough, Mr. JN Khanal too has joined the band wagon that has targeted its guns towards PM Oli.
    This means that three AK47 Rifles are all set to shake the foundation of the already shaken Oli’s power structure. Oli’s long absence from Nepal has awarded this opportunity to Mr. Nepal, Dahal and Khanal to work in tandem with the single aim which is to unseat PM Oli. India gets what she wants or even desires. Lucky.
    PM Oli too needs a shock of Himalayan order as his utterances are too rude and brute not becoming of a country’s Prime Minister.
    The Nirmala Pant rape case is sure to bring Oli down to foot path should the investigation go the way it should.
    Oli’s rough and tough utterances have irked the national population giving an impression that “less educated” people apparently talk in a manner to what our PM prefers to talk.
    PM Oli instead of touring Costa Rica should have made a modest visit to the SAARC capitals in order to revive the almost India killed regional body-the SAARC.
    The manner the Indian FM Swaraj boycotted the SAARC council of ministers meet chaired by Nepal is an insult of this country whose leaders drop in Delhi to get blessed. This then should not be taken as an insult. But for the nationalists who do not bend in Delhi is an insult of the highest order and Nepal must sound Delhi that if Delhi doesn’t correct its “insult Nepal policy” then Nepal is free to scrap its membership from the BIMSTEC to begin with.
    Nepal should learn some lessons from the new Pakistani Prime Minister on how to observe and bring into effect the austerity measures. “Small men in high offices” is how the Pak PM took PM Modi.
    Let’s now talk something about the new developments in CPEC:
    The next development of CPEC will be based on Pakistan’s socio-economic priorities so says Pakistani Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani who said on last Friday that Pakistan was committed to completing the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and will support China over issues of its core interests.
    Such statements have come at a time when the western and the Indian media have targeted the CPEC projects and have been disseminating news that “Chinese debt trap” shall eat up Pakistan in some years. China says that such statements are all nonsense.
    Even the Indian lobby has begun writing on Nepal as China is also thinking on how to bring Nepal into the much publicized debt trap.
    The entrance of Saudi Arabia in the CPEC scheme has now capped the nonsense rumors being spread from known inimical quarters.
    The Senate chairman made the remarks during a function held in Islamabad, adding that Pakistan values relations with China as the bilateral relationship is the corner stone of Pakistan’s foreign policies, Xinhua reported.
    Notably, Senator Mushahid Hussain too has spoken on these lines in the recent days. He is vocal and has been favoring the CPEC since the very beginning.
    “Political transition in Pakistan will not affect Pakistan’s China policy and the new government will continue working closely with China to achieve our bilateral objections,” Sanjrani said at the Chinese embassy in Islamabad.
    The Senate chairman said the Pakistani people appreciate China’s support over Pakistan’s core issues of national security and vowed his country will continue to stick to the one-China policy and support China on issues of its core interests.
    He also hailed China as a model of economic growth to the low income countries in Asia, Africa and South America, adding that Pakistan appreciates and supports the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative and vision of shared prosperity and win-win cooperation.
    Before we wind up, let us look into the latest from Korean Peninsula which of late has taken a sigh of relief than to the extra energy shown by Republic of Korea President Moon Jae-in who has over these months accomplished task that were simply taken as impossible until sometime in the recent past. He has set the peace-ball rolling and chances have brightened that Peace shall finally dawn in the troubled Peninsula should the initiated efforts continue until the desired goals are achieved.
    North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in, following talks in Pyongyang , reiterated their shared desire to see the Korean peninsula “turned into a land of peace that is free of nuclear weapons and nuclear threats, so writes Daryl G Kimbell early October 2018.
    He further writes, “In their Sept. 19 joint statement, the two leaders agreed on the need to take tangible steps toward resolving the nuclear issue, stating, “substantial progress toward this end must be made in a prompt manner.”
    Moon’s diplomacy puts additional pressure on North Korea and the United States to resolve their diplomatic impasse over the terms for Kim giving up his nuclear arsenal on a short timetable. At the same time, Moon’s active efforts to lower tensions and expand cooperation contrasts with U.S. President Donald Trump’s “maximum pressure” strategy, including sanctions intended to squeeze the Kim regime economically.
    President Moon is more or less like a catalyst for both the US and the North Korean leader whose strenuous efforts have pressed both the strong men to inch closer for finding common good that bring in permanent peace in the entire region and satisfies the countries’ prime concerns. That’s all.


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