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Fatigued PM Oli, Pompeo in NK mission, China equips Pakistan, ensures N-deterrence in SA

  • Published on: October 10, 2018

  • By NP Upadhyaya
    PM Oli has become most arrogant. It is this arrogance what has been shortening his time span in the coveted chair of the PM of Nepal.
    Irrelevant and jocular talks that PM Oli makes quite often is what shall bring him to the footpath very soon should PM Modi activate his paid sleuths in Kathmandu.
    Tentatively, barring a handful of the UML tilted media, the mainstream and the India tilted media have already directed their guns towards PM Oli which time permitting would yield positive results hopefully. Chances are high that PM Oli may survive in the current Chair for a mere five months, that too appears remote, if his detractors like Madhav Nepal and Comrade Prachanda spare him up to those decisive months.
    Observers here speculate that Oli will remain in the current chair till he once again forcibly greets PM Modi in Janakpur. The visiting guest from India shall bring nuts and bolts for PM Oli which shall be gifted to Mr. Nepal and Dahal, the former NOIDA dweller, who will be told to destabilize PM Oli as early as they in a combined manner could. Oli this shall be screwed.
    If that too fails, then the Nirmala pant rape case and the CK Raut issue shall be magnified in a manner which ultimately go out of control from the political acumen of the present government and thus shall collapse of its own weight facilitating the entrance of yet another comfortably India friendly government in Nepal as usual a la Girija Koirala government of the good old days of the Nepal’s tragic past.
    Our own source claims that PM Oli is a fatigued man now. He is exhausted. Mr. Nepal and Mr. Dahal may pounce upon him easily. This is what they “forcibly” prefer.
    The stage is being set to destabilize PM Oli government; however, the advent of the festive season is what has been impeding the “kick out” game.
    Hired Indian warriors have entered into the Nepali media sector which is definitely not to strengthen Nepal but instead weaken this country so that Nepal for ever remains subservient to India as usual.
    Many falsely believe that PM Oli is a man close to Beijing to which he is not. Indeed, it is his diplomacy that has kept the Chinese in illusion which has been forcing the Chinese officials in Kathmandu and Beijing to take him as a very close man of the Northern neighbor. But he is not hundred percent.
    But for the media from the West, Oli is a China man. So be it.
    PM Oli’s days are numbered tentatively. If any miracle saves him then we shall ask for an apology from our valued readers globally.
    Fortunately, neither the police nor the Army institution possess any sympathies for PM Oli which is sufficient to help ease the burden of Mr. Nepal and Mr. Dahal aka Prachanda to bring PM Oli to the foot path. And very soon JN Khanal too is to join the unseat PM Oli cavalcade.
    That PM Oli is going down at best be said when one is given to understand that PM Oli and Comrade Prachanda, the estranged coalition partners that they are by accident, are not given importance as and when they begin talking on any topic. This means their prestige has already taken a slide to what the friend across the border wished. The time is to hit and run. We have been told that the bureaucracy doesn’t listen to PM’s orders.
    While the Prime Minister of neighboring Pakistan makes determined promises to end corruption and nab the corrupt people, our PM Oli remains in his own world dreaming something that we the people shall never come to understand. But he is dreaming perhaps the absurd-bonhomie relations with the Southern Goliath. Not in our lifetime.
    “I assure my countrymen I will be unsparing to the corrupt elements that have destroyed our country. I promise justice to my people”. October 7, 2018, Imran Khan Pakistan Prime Minister at a press conference in Lahore.
    Imran Khan has mesmerized his people by delivering goods while our PM Oli too has kept the people engaged but by making senseless comments that only ridicules the persona that pronounces such absurd.
    In sum, Oli is losing his charms but instead being replaced by hatreds.
    Imran’s Foreign Minister Qureshi talks keeping his heads high with the US Secretary of State mike Pompeo, however, our FM Gyawali gets insulted from his Indian counterpart in New York but yet feels comfortable. The fear factor perhaps.
    This is the difference in a matured politician and an elevated political persona that Gyawali is. Gyawali is Oli’s man.
    In the mean time, there has been a great achievement in the politics of Korean peninsula.
    The US Secretary of State straight headed to Pyongyang and met the North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un. The two are reported to have good meeting for four hours.
    The International edition of the Guardian says in part, “Kim Jong-un has said he expects “great progress would surely be made” on issues between North Korea and the US after secretary of state Mike Pompeo visited Pyongyang for “productive and wonderful talks”.
    The Guardian report further states that Kim “explained in detail the proposals for solving the denuclearization issue”, according to paraphrased remarks documented by the official of the Korean Central News Agency, KCNA, but neither side has revealed those plans.
    Kim also said he was confident relations between the two countries would “continue to develop favorably in the future” and expected a second summit with Donald Trump to be held “sooner or later”.
    President Trump too is excited to meet baby Kim-the number one dictator, it is learnt.
    The two countries will soon begin talks to negotiate the particulars of the meeting a la Singapore which took place in the month of June, according to South Korea’s presidential office which was briefed by US officials.
    “I look forward to seeing Chairman Kim again, in the near future,” Trump tweeted, saying Pompeo had a “good meeting”.
    While writing this story, Pompeo is yet to brief his President on his NK trip this time.
    Kim is expected visit Russia soon and Chinese president Xi Jinping may make a trip to North Korea, according to remarks by South Korean president Moon Jae-in who met with Pompeo late Sunday.
    Mike Pompeo upon meeting the North Korean leader Kim, headed to Republic of Korea and briefed President Moon Jae in about his talks with the leader of the solitary State.
    Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s (DPRK) leader Kim Jong Un is expected to visit Russia soon, Yonhap reported on Monday, citing Republic of Korea (ROK) President Moon Jae-in.
    It came a day after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo traveled to Pyongyang, as has already been reported in the paragraphs above.
    Kim Jong Un may also visit China and seek his advice on how to take steps ahead prior to the next Summit with the US President, it is widely believed here in Nepal. China is more or less like a guardian of the North Korean leader.
    It will be this China visit of NK leader Kim that he will be approached by President XI to join the Belt and Road Initiative. President XI is keen to engage the North Koreans in the OBOR projects. The NK leader has tentatively agreed to this China proposal.
    Both the DPRK and US said Pompeo’s visit and meeting with Kim paved the way for a second Trump-Kim summit.
    Where the meet shall take place is yet not confirm however, the two leaders may see each other this October, reports leaking from the Blue House reveal.
    No discussion about the peace overtures in Korean Peninsula shall be complete if observers miss the name of the real catalyst of the peace initiative taken by the ROK President Moon Jae –in who in effect paved the way for all what has been happening since the Singapore meet, and much ahead of that, between President Trump and NK leader Kim Jong Un.
    Trump and Kim are running in the path built by President Moon.
    Pompeo later left for China to brief the Chinese authorities about his talks in the two Koreas. However, China’s foreign minister Wang Yi has told straight the visiting U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that the United States should stop what he called groundless attacks on his country’s policies.
    Wang Yi said he told Pompeo during a meeting Monday that a shadow has been cast “over the future of China-U.S. relations.” China and the United States are at odds over trade and Beijing’s militarization of islands it claims in the South China Sea.
    Pompeo, who arrived from North Korea, told Yi he wanted to fill him on his meetings with its leader, Kim Jong Un, and efforts to achieve the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.
    He earlier said “significant progress” was made during his visit toward an agreement for North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons.
    China is disturbed with the US awkward behavior towards her. The US and China are not in good trade terms of late. Yet the US believes that China will be part of the solution to the North Korean crisis, the U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Friday, brushing aside the possibility that worsening U.S. tensions with Beijing could hamper efforts to persuade Pyongyang to give up its nuclear weapons.
    Meanwhile, the China’s leading daily, the Global Times has said , Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Monday met with the visiting Mike Pompeo, saying that China and the US should follow the right path of win-win cooperation rather than go astray towards conflict and confrontation.
    A very high level meet also took place in Beijing in between Mike Pompeo and Yang Jiechi – a member of the Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of China, CPC, and Director of the Office of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the CPC central committee, who said that China-US ties stand now at a critical juncture and face many challenges.
    “China urged the US to properly manage differences based on mutual respect and to expand cooperation with China on the basis of mutual benefits.
    Yang was China’s foreign minister long time back and had visited Nepal in that Capacity, observers recall.
    Mike Pompeo also visited Japan and met with Prime Minister Shinjo Abe and FM Kono.
    In Tokyo-October 6-7, 2018, Secretary Pompeo discussed with Abe and Kono on the next steps on DPRK engagement . The US and the Japan side affirmed commitment to the denuclearization of the DPRK . Both sides affirmed the strength of the US-Japan Alliance and vowed to continue working closely to address common challenges in the Indo-Pacific.
    Men of letters say that “great leaders don’t set out to be a leader, they set out to make a difference.
    This notion fits into the case of Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan who has set goals for his country to be achieved in a certain time frame. The determination with which he has been handling the national politics must have sensitized the entire country and its people. More so, his blunt speeches made in front of the media men wherein he has vowed to bring to book the criminals who have looted the nation in the past in some way or the other too has found its reflection in Nepal and the people here have begun talking that PM Oli should take some lessons on nationalism by accepting PM Khan as his teacher.
    What is the harm in learning? If Modi can be his adored teacher then why not Imran Khan? Modi is talked to be uneducated, so says Maharastra Congressman Sanjay Nirupan, but yet Modi claims that he has graduated from the Delhi university and Imran Khan is a real graduate from the Oxford University. So both were qualified than PM Oli summarily speaking.
    Both belong to SAARC regional body-the body which is counting its last breathe due to the disgusting habits of the Indian regime which prefers BIMSTEC over SAARC.
    Nepal tried its best to revive SAARC, however, Sushama scolded Pradip Gyawali which perhaps tentatively guarantees the automatic killing of the former regional body-the SAARC. RIP SAARC.
    Pakistan prepares for PM Imran Khan’s first China visit:
    Prime Minister Imran Khan this Monday chaired a high-level meeting to deliberate on his forthcoming visit to China and review the projects under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.
    Prime Minister Imran Khan said strengthening the “all weather” Pakistan-China friendship was cornerstone of his country’s foreign policy and said the ties between the two countries would further expand in the days ahead.
    The prime minister is expected to undertake the visit sometime this month.
    Prior to the visit, China has hinted that the inclusion of the Saudi Arabia in the CPEC projects shall not damage China-Pakistan relations.
    China has praised investments of Saudi Arabia which she intends to invest in CPEC projects thus dispelling skepticisms, more so emanating from the Indian and the Western media, Islamabad was risking Beijing’s outrage by inviting a third party to a strictly bilateral deal.
    China will sell 48 high-end military drones to its “all-weather ally” Pakistan in what a military observer said will be the largest deal of its kind, official media in Beijing reported on Tuesday. The cost of the deal was not revealed.
    This has come close on the heels of a big deal in between Rusia and India in the recent days.
    Wing Loong II, a high-end reconnaissance, strike and multi-role endurance unmanned aircraft system, is manufactured by Chengdu Aircraft Industrial (Group) Company. The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) will also be jointly manufactured, state-run Global Times reported.
    China, an “all-weather ally” of Islamabad, is the largest supplier of weapon system to the Pakistan Army. Both the countries also jointly manufacture JF-Thunder a single engine multi-role combat aircraft.
    This deal with China acts like what could be taken as a befitting “nuclear deterrence” in South Asia which shall ensure the region from the dada-giri of the Indian establishment.
    The announcement by China to permit the sale of high-end military drones comes in the immediate backdrop of India’s move to acquire S-400 sophisticated missile defence systems from Russia, as stated in the earlier paragraphs. The deal was clinched during last week’s visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to New Delhi.
    It reminded observers in Nepal the revival of the former USSR and the India security pact that had been signed during Smt. Indira Gandhi.
    The deal for the acquisition of Chinese drones was announced by Pakistan Air Force’s Sherdils Aerobatic Team on its official Face book account on Sunday, the Global Times report said. It did not reveal the cost of the deal, when it was struck or when the Wing Loong IIs will be delivered, it said. That’s all.


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