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Left government’s Dashain gift: Skyrocketing market price

  • Published on: October 10, 2018

  • By Our Reporter
    Dashain, the greatest festival of all Nepali people, has finally begun. However, the festival is likely to bring more woes than happiness to the people this time, thanks to the skyrocketing market price of everything.
    As the government has completely failed to control the market price and the US dollar has become more powerful, the people in Kathmandu and elsewhere have been affected badly as they depend on imported goods for Dashain.
    On Monday, selling price of one US dollar was fixed at Rs.118.80, which is the highest value of the dollar against Nepali rupees. As Nepal’s economy is import-based, depreciation of rupees results in the increase of price of everything in the market. Moreover, the prices of petroleum products have soared in international market when the Nepali rupees depreciated the lowest against the US dollar. When the fuel becomes dearer, everything will be more expensive. The consumers have already started facing the effect of this. They are finding it difficult to manage the festival expenditure with their budget.
    “I came here to buy clothes for my kids, but I was shocked to see their prices,” a man was heard talking with his friends at New Road.
    The prices of cotton clothes and other wears have increased compared to their prices last year.
    “I blew Rs.20,000 today to buy clothes for my husband and son, but the money was not enough to buy any clothes for me,” a school teacher said at Bhaktapur outlet of Bhatbhateni Super Market.
    According to her, she visited the outlet believing that goods are cheaper there. But she found otherwise.
    “A wind cheater cost Rs. 5,500 and a cotton shirt Rs. 2900 here,” she said.
    Same is the situation in the vegetable markets. The retailers are selling a kilogram of tomato at Rs. 120 whereas the wholesale rate is just Rs. 60. Although the retailers are found selling goods increasing their prices by 100 per cent, the government has failed to control such activities.
    The situation is no different outside the valley. People in Biratnagar and other cities have also complained about the unexpected price rise in every item in the eve of Dashain.
    Inflation on the eve of Dashain is shocking and has snatched away peace of people preparing to celebrate the festival. But the government has done little to address the people’s woes. It seems the skyrocketing prices have been the gift of the powerful communist government to the people this Dashain.


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