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Where has 10,018 sq kilometer of Nepali land gone?

  • Published on: October 10, 2018

  • By Our Reporter
    A bizarre fact was revealed about Nepal’s territory recently. The Annapurna Post made public this in an article published on it recently. We have been reading that Nepal spreads in an area of 147, 181 sq kilometer. However, according to the government’s latest update, Nepal’s total territory is only 137, 162 sq km.
    Where has the land gone when Nepal has not lost its territory to any war since 1816?
    The government officials designated to federate the country and fix the size and numbers of local levels are blamed for the reduction of the land area.
    The reduction in the territory of Nepal was found while adding the area of all seven provinces and 753 local units.
    The reduced area of Nepal is equal to the size of 14 Singapores. Although it looks like a joke, but it has been a reality, concluded Santosh Acharya, Deepak Neupane and Bijaya Prasad Sharma in their write-up in the daily.
    They argued that one can find the reduction in the territory of Nepal in a booklet published by the Ministry of Federal Affairs in October last year.
    And if one adds the area of each local units, the total area of Nepal is just 137, 162 sq km. Similarly, the area of each province was also found to be reduced.
    This is the biggest blunder committed by the government. But till date the government has not corrected the booklet, neither has it said anything about the wrong information disseminated to public regarding the territory of Nepal.


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