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People felt absence of government during Dashain

  • Published on: October 31, 2018

  • By Our Reporter
    The people this Dashain felt absence of government as they had to undergo ordeals while travelling to their villages from Kathmandu and other cities.
    The transport entrepreneurs cheated the passengers by charging exorbitant fares during the festivals. The ticket counters and their men openly black-marketed the bus tickets while the buses charged higher fares than the fixed ones.
    The passengers travelling to Jhapa from Kathmandu via the B P Highway were charged as much as Rs 1600 while the fare fixed by the government in the route is just Rs. 1100. Also the passengers who were forced to pay extra fare were dropped on the middle of their journey before taking them to the final destinations. But the poor passengers had no one to lodge the complaints against such activities of the drivers and transport entrepreneurs.
    “We had bought tickets for Birtamod of Jhapa in Kathmandu paying Rs. 1600 but the microbus dropped us in Damak and we were forced to reach Birtamod on a crowded public bus,” Sarala Dhakal, a passenger said.
    Not only in the long route, but also in short routes, the conductors and drivers were free to fix the fare during the festival. Moreover, the people felt an acute shortage of public vehicles on the day of Mahaasthami to Dwadasi. As a result, the available vehicles were free to charge as much fare as they liked.


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