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PM Oli takes ill, appeals to people not to worry

  • Published on: October 31, 2018

  • By Our Reporter
    Cadres and leaders of the ruling Communist Party of Nepal were greatly worried when they heard early in the morning on Monday that Prime Minister K.P. Oli was admitted to Tribbhuvan University Teaching Hospital Maharajgunj. They rushed to the hospital to enquire about the health condition of the PM, making it difficult to manage the crowd in the hospital for a while.
    They reached the hospital due to misleading news printed in the online news and wrong information in the social sites.
    However, the Prime Minister was not unwell as suspected. He was admitted in the hospital after he felt pain in chest and caught common cold
    The doctors attending him clarified through bulletins on Monday and Tuesday that his condition was improving and he was suffering from viral common cold and had sugar imbalance in his blood. However, his blood sugar level improved by Monday evening.
    On Tuesday morning he looked better. He shaved himself in the morning.
    Fed up with the misleading news and increasing crowd of people to see him in the hospital, Prime Minister Oli on Tuesday appealed to the people not worry about his health and he was soon returning home.
    “I would like to express my sincere thanks to you all who for expressing your concerns about my health condition and for wishing my speedy recovery as I am currently receiving medication at Manamohan Cardiothoracic Vascular and Transplant Centre of the TU Teaching Hospital, Maharajgunj,” Prime Minister Oli said issuing a press statement Tuesday afternoon.
    “I am aware of the propaganda used by some digital media with ill-intention to sensationalise the baseless news about my health condition and I urge you not to get worried and misled from such baseless reports,” PM Oli said.
    The Prime Minister, in the statement, clarified that he chose to come to the hospital to avert possible infection after he was attacked by viral common cold.
    The hospital by issuing a statement informed that no one would be allowed to see the PM from Wednesday in the hospital.


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