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Vikings, you are Vikings no more

  • Published on: October 31, 2018

    There was a time when the Vikings were a real menace in Europe. They raided many countries including Britain and also secluded place like Iceland and Alaska, as history tells us. History also tells us that the Vikings came from the Nordic countries like Norway, Denmark and Sweden. But till now, probably I read many comic strips and stories, I believe that originally the Vikings came from Norway.
    My favourite comic strip was titled “Hagar The Horrible”, and naturally Hagar was the protagonist and loved to raid and invade Britain, that also on a yearly basis, though we had the facility of seeing him conquering castles and frightening the British Royalties on a weekly basis in newspapers. I believe he was from Norway. But this was many centuries ago.
    Much, much later Britain turned out to be a powerful nation, much more powerful than the Vikings and there was a famous quote saying “the Sun never sets in the British Empire”. That was true as Britain had regained power and colonized many nations all over the world including Asia, where it ruled India for more than a century. Other countries of Europe like Spain, Portugal and France among others, also controlled many parts of the United States, now the most powerful nation of the world, and also some nations in South America and many parts in Africa. They still control some countries in Africa and they willingly send their military whenever they think their interests are being hurt.
    In Nepal also there was total foreign intervention when different revolutions took place and when the Maoist insurgency was at its peak. That the top Maoist leaders who are in power now, were hiding in India under Indian government protection is an open secret now.
    Like in the revolution of 2007 BS (1950), when the autocratic Rana Regime was ousted and when well trained soldiers from the British and Indian Army were utilized by the Nepali Congress, the same could have happened during the Maoist civil war here as well. But this time the Maoists, which started with a paltry number of people, were lucky in having the backing of different foreign powers which wanted a regime change in Nepal. It is also true our security institutions, including the Nepal Army, which boasted that it could “flush out the Maoists”, actually had no intelligence information and no will power to fight with the then determined Maoists.
    With so much foreign backing, the Maoists were quite strong by that time. Some policemen who were in the forefront of the war even told me they did not understand the language of some of the fighters, who definitely were of foreign origin. The same case was true during the revolution of 1990, when multi-party democracy was introduced. It is not that we don’t want democracy, but any type of democracy has to come from within the Nepali themselves, not from outsiders.
    Tough talking police officers, including IGP Achyut Kharel adopted the tactics of killing innocent people first and then closing down police posts in remote areas. The then Home Secretary Padam Prasad Pokhrel also was hands in glove with Kharel. Besides late Girija Prasad Koirala, who had boasted he would wipe out the Communists from Nepal, these two high level officials are also responsible for the incitement of the Maoist war, which killed thousands of people and displaced even more innocent citizens from their homelands. But the so called “free media” can say nothing about this. Nor have any rights activists raised the issue of how innocent individuals were killed, specially in Rolpa, Rukum and Dolpa. Is this fair?
    Why have the preachers of human rights, specially the Norwegians, forget our own rights activists and media persons who are mere stooges of foreigners, not raised any questions on such things? Why no follow-up stories have come of the people killed by the Maoists while bombing a passenger bus in Chitwan? Pushpa Kamal Dahal, who is called the “prime minister in waiting” won a seat in the Parliament from this very district.
    As an American specialist in terrorism said to me, killing prominent people was the “calling card” of terrorist groups to scare the people. But now it seems the Americans themselves were also helping the Maoists, though they denied to give visa to many of the party leaders. This is what this author has been telling all the time, the Westerners have their own double standards, preaching one thing and doing another thing, specially in small and poor nations.
    But now after Britain has lost its “empire”, the Vikings, specially Norway and Denmark are coming to the forefront because of their strong economy. So if they want to make all people Christians, why don’t they take the Nepalese to their own country? Why do they keep immigrants out? Just using their stooges in Nepal and spending money is only dividing the people here. There was a strong lady Professor of the Tribhuvan University who always argued with the then Norwegian ambassador on this issue. I just used to look in awe as they discussed. But the diplomat that he was, he always tried to prevail in a most polite way, though he was robbed by the very people he was trying to defend.
    So Norway, which tried to step in to end the Maoist conflict, was hated by many patriotic people. It was the same in Sri Lanka, which had seen more than twenty-five years of civil war, which waved off the offer of Norway to become a peace maker.
    So Norway, no matter how much money you have and how many stooges you have created in many countries, including Nepal, you are Vikings no more. Like said in the beginning intervene in European countries, including Britain, but let alone Nepal and let it go forward according to its own capability and just act funny like Hagar the Horrible.


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