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A country destroyed by the political leaders

  • Published on: November 14, 2018

  • By PR Pradhan
    In the recent past, our powerful Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli complained that nobody listens to him and he has not been able to work as per his wish.
    Just recently, our prime minister in waiting, PushpakamalDahal said that the civil servicemen didn’t obey the government decisions. Therefore, the government is compelled to negotiate with them.
    The above two examples are enough to evaluate the performance of the government securing two-thirds majority now and which is considered very powerful. The government is talking about political stability and economic prosperity, but it stands on the base of corruption, commission and anarchism. It is virtually impossible for the government to get rid of these elements and it is virtually impossible to expect economic prosperity from the present government. There are enough reasons to say so. Since the introduction of the multiparty system in 1989, the civil service sector, considered as the permanent government, has been destroyed. Since Girija Prasad Koirala became the prime minister, he sacked all the prominent, experienced and qualified government officers and assigned his sycophants in responsible jobs. Since then, along with the change of the government, the government officials were also transferred. More seriously, the political parties wanted to develop their wings in the civil service sector also. Today, the civil servicemen belong to different political parties and their job is not to provide service to the commoners, but to look after the welfare of those officials who belong to the unions/organizations. Recently, the government tried to send civil servicemen to the provinces, but nobody was interested to work under the provincial governments. This is an indication that the government has been totally paralyzed due to non-cooperation from the civil service sector. The civil service sector has been destroyed by none other than the political parties and the present Communist Party of Nepal is not aloof from committing the mistake.
    Furthermore, the present government is under the grip of brokers, construction contractors, corrupt officials, among others. As the leaders in the government are involved in collecting money that they had spent during the elections, the Commission for Investigation on Abuse of Authority (CIAA) has become a silent spectator of all the mal-practices. Surely, under the present political system, those political leaders in the government and their close workers are heading towards the path of their personal prosperity rather than the nation’s prosperity.
    Similarly, as the leaders of the day are under the grip of the Western INGOs/NGOs, they are following the guidance of the bosses of the INGOs/NGOs. Not to forget, such INGOs are working in Nepal not for the prosperity of this country but to end religious, cultural and communal harmony, pushing the Nepalis towards a never-ending conflict and their great effort is to split Nepal. CK Raut is thus active for this cause. The Westerners want to transform Nepal into a Christian nation, this is why Nepal was declared a secular, federal republic nation. And those, who served the Western interests, they are in power. Therefore, to expect prosperity from this group of leaders is just a dream which is far from reality.
    In fact, it is a foolish idea to expect the nation’s prosperity through the present political system adopted by the country, which has already been proved. So far, the leaders’ job is to distribute dreams to the people and thus PM KP Sharma Oli is time and again repeating the word “prosperity”!


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