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Police: You are no protectors

  • Published on: November 14, 2018

  • By Yug Bahadur
    Almost all government organisations are corrupt to the hilt. But because of the power it wields and the network it has throughout the nation, the Nepal Police also ranks among one of the most corrupt organizations of the government.
    There was a time when the present Nepal Police did not exist. Very few officers in the Force seem to realize this. It was individuals like GyanYakthumba and Rom BahadurThapa, who fought to bring in democracy in the country and who also established the present Nepal Police Force.
    Perhaps a road has been named after only late Rom BahadurThapa which is called the Rom Marga, but it saddens almost all children of these brave fighters to know that many IGPs after them had to go to jail on the charge of corruption.
    There was an IGP who was jailed even during the so called autocratic Panchayat days, because he was found involved in a drug peddling scandal. This was most shameful for all the Police Force which brave men had built and modernized.
    But later it became a trend for police officers to be corrupt, right from the bottom level. This trend continues and one can read through media outlets of how police personnel pay hefty sums to be promoted or be posted in lucrative posts. For example, one journalist told me that police officers paid fifty hundred thousand rupees to be posted in places like Sorakhutte or Boudha in Kathmandu. So they were not interested in the security of the people, they were only interested in getting back the money they had spent and earning more than what they spent. Naturally they had to spend some more to please politicians and their own officers. What can we expect from such policemen?
    One junior officer told me himself how he was counseled by his father as he in a Hindu ritual bid him goodbye as he was about to leave for his first posting outside Kathmandu, to not take any bribes and destroy the name of the entire family. He also told me he was called once a month to Birgunj, a border area, and the officers told him they just wanted to meet him, but they kept their desk drawers open and he had to put in fifty thousand rupees there. “How could I afford that?, he asked me. Then he said he forgot what his aged father had told him and he also started taking bribes, just to please his bosses.
    That is business as usual and how many officials of the Police Force works in this way. It is no wonder they catch gamblers, small time robbers, women who abort and such small time offenders, but they are incapable of catching the real “big fishes”, as even Home Minister Ram BahadurThapa has said.
    But there was an IGP, a Brahamin, who was very racial and did not like any chinky eyed people. He projected himself as a trough man, as he had killed a lot of alleged dacoits when he was a mere SP in Bhairahawa in Western Nepal, and he boasted he would finfish off the Maoists as well. But that was a huge tactical mistake, as this man had no vision and instead he killed a lot of Magars in the districts of Rolpa and Rukum where the Maoist war first started. He was proved very wrong. Even one officer who was at the war front told me, he was asked how many people he had killed. This man knew the Magars of this area were not only honest, but also brave and perseverant. So this IGP further incited the war and at the same time made money in the name of hiring helicopters to see these areas. These sort of people are the real traitors, as they not only killed innocent people but also made money in the side in the name of hiring helicopters and buying small range animal shooting rifles just to get some commission. This fellow should be taken to the International Court of Justice in The Hague and put behind bars for ever, like a Serbian leader who died in jail. But the so called rights activists and also the Western nations who always preach us about human rights are tight lipped. It is the same with the media outlets which are linked with many parties and foreign organizations.
    I have seen many such people suffer in one way or the other, as the adage says “What goes out comes in”. These people will also suffer for killing their own people and troubling others for their own benefit.


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