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President becomes expensive

  • Published on: November 21, 2018

  • By Our Reporter
    President Bidya Devi Bhandari is now drawing flak from public, including the cadres of the CPN, for her greed for luxurious cars and more space for her Sheetal Niwas palace.
    When the media published two news relating to the President, first allocation of additional 140 million rupees to buy a car for her, and secondly, the government’s plan to relocate the police academy from Maharajgunj to build a helipad for the President, the social sites have been full of criticism of the President as well as the government.
    The social site users have compared the President with the former monarchs stating that managing her was more expensive than the monarchs.
    It was said that the government had earlier allocated Rs. 40 million to buy the car, but later the President Office sought more money to buy the car, and the government recently released additional Rs. 140 million to buy the car for the President.
    Likewise, the government decided to transfer the Police Academy to Panauti of Kavre after President Bhandari complained of noise due to the academy.
    The latest decisions have made not only the president unpopular but also the prime minister K P Oli.
    Angered by the decision, many people have posted the picture of late Madan Bhandari riding a cycle and mocked the President, who happens to be the wife of the late communist leader.
    There are other posts which term the demand of the president and the approval of the demand by the government with girlfriend-boyfriend relations.
    Others have said that George Orwell’s famous line–all animals are equal but some are more equal than others—fits with the present President and the communist government. Though they call themselves communists, their behaviours and activities show they are becoming more right-wing.
    Meanwhile, the officials at the Social Welfare Council have received an order from the government to quit the place as the government has decided to shift the Office of the Vice President there.
    Although the employees at the Social Welfare Council have objected to vacate the building built raising donation from the people to the VP, the Ministry of Urban Development has threatened to use police to vacate the building.
    When the people have been unable to see the government functioning in favour of them, these activities to add facilities to the powerful politicians will only make the government more unpopular.
    Moreover, it seems the communist government, knowingly or unknowingly, exhibiting the nature of the communist dictators, by adding facilities and power to the people in power by totally ignoring the people’s


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