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“Beginning of new era”

  • Published on: December 5, 2018

  • By Our Reporter
    The entire last week was dominated by PM KP Sharma Oli – either negatively or positively. Overnight, people saw Oli’s picture-posters along with the caption “Beginning of a new era” on lamp-posts around the Kathmandu streets and walls. The fact is that the government, while observing social security day, had introduced the pension programme for those staffers/labourers working in the private sector. Of course, it is a good job done by the government but hanging one’s own photo on the lamppost was not digestible for the Kathmanduites who are demanding for making public the murderers of Nirmala Pant.
    At a grand ceremony, Prime Minister Oli announced of launching of a social security fund for the non-governmental sectors also, and he didn’t miss to make satires on his critics. Oli said, “Now, those who were searching for the government, can find the government in every corner”.
    Since then, people coined the new wordings, “The government is found on lampposts and walls”.
    Furthermore, human rights activists have been found launching demonstration in the streets demanding to make public the murderers of Nirmala Pant. They even tried to stick Nirmala Pant’s posters on walls but the police, in the name of making success the controversial event organized by Unification Church, arrested the demonstrators.
    Again, Oli remained as the talk of the town when his government was actively involved in organizing a Christian programme – Asia-Pacific Summit. To make success the programme, Oli stayed at the Soaltee Hotel for three days. Furthermore, Oli received the “Leadership and Good Governance Award” with a purse worth one million US dollars from the chief of the Unification Church in South Korea.
    PM Oli and his government was criticized by the public as the government had become the co-organizer of a programme organized by an INGO, that too campaigning for Christianity.
    The government gave full official honour to those who arrived here to attend the event.
    The government has been seriously alleged for being sold out for the mission of a Christianity mercenary by destroying Nepal’s own culture and religion. None other than Bhim Rawal, Ghanashyam Bhushal, among other senior leaders in CPN, strongly condemned the government’s permission and also active participation in organizing the controversial event. The Nepali Congress officially boycotted the event. This event has very badly damaged Oli’s image and perhaps Oli has become exposed on his base of nationalism.


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