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Deuba becomes defensive as differences widen in NC

  • Published on: December 5, 2018

  • By Our Reporter
    Dispute in the Nepali Congress has heightened as the Mahasamiti meeting called to endorse the amendment of the party statute nears.
    The rival factions led by senior leader Ram Chandra Poudel and Krishna Sitaula have become closer on several issues, hinting that party president Sher Bahadur Deuba may become weaker by the time the party holds its 14th general convention.
    When the leaders of the Koirala family (general secretary Dr Shasanka Koirala, Dr. Shekhar Koirala and Sujata Koirala) have been sending a message of unity among them, Poudel and Sitaula have consolidated strength in the party by backing the same agenda.
    These two leaders, who have backed by the leaders of Koirala families, have been exerting pressure on Deuba to increase the number of office-bearers as well as the central committee members. They have also demanded that the office bearers and central committee members should be elected so that the party president cannot become a dictator. They have also strongly raised voice not to give additional power to party president.
    Unable to bear the pressure from the Paudel and Sitaula camps to increase the number of office bearers, the leaders loyal to party president Deuba on Monday also stood in favour of increasing the number of office bearers, but said the added number should be based on the principle of inclusiveness.
    Earlier, the district chairs of the party in a two-day meeting held at Kakani also favoured the demands raised by the Paudel while the meeting of the district treasures held two days after the Kakani assmebly held in Dhading also expressed its solidarity to the decisions of the meeting of the district chairs.
    Party chairmen of 51 districts had gathered in Kakani of Kathmandu for the meeting whose outcome went against the interest of the party president.
    It was reported that party president was not happy with the gatherings of the district chairs and treasurers. These developments suggest that party chief Deuba has gradually become weak in the party.
    Now the NC central committee meeting is going on to discuss the draft of the statute amendment, and the leaders there have raised the issues which have been against the expectations of the establishment.
    Of course, NC leaders, carders and supporters have been blaming Deuba for the downfall of the party because of his controversial and power-oriented moves in the past. And rival factions seem dedicated to cut his wings before the next general convention of the party.


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