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It is not that odd

  • Published on: December 5, 2018

  • By PR Pradhan
    A controversial Christian organization, Universal Peace Federation run by Unification Church in South Korea organized a grand event in the heart of Kathmandu by challenging those who claim themselves as Hindus. Time and again, we listen from the Hindus that Nepal is a country of above 90 percent of the population who are Hindus, but where have they gone as we saw only a few Hindu activists protesting in the streets?
    It is not that odd, Nepal has totally fallen into the Christian conspiracy since Nepal was declared a secular, federal republic. Look at the history, how the Royal Palace bloodbath had taken place killing the entire family members of King Birendra; how the 2006 April uprising had become successful; how the institution of monarchy was abolished and how the country was declared a secular nation! The answer we can find from the present day developments taking place in the country. If one will try to compare the number of Christians in the country before 2006 and now, it is at the multiplication level. If the present ratio of conversion of religion will continue, very soon, the Christian population will surely dominate the Hindu population. Ultimately, the Western idea is to rule Nepal through religion and the present government has proved it that it is under the strong grip of the Western powers and INGOs.
    Of course, we can see strong criticism in the social media outlets against the government for being co-organizer of a programme organized by a controversial INGO. But the government, without shame, took this as a big opportunity and the entire government organs were mobilized to make the event a grand success. The security organs introduced odd and even numbers for the vehicles to be operated in the streets during the event period. Not only that, the government paid high respect and provided high security to those participants at the event organized by an INGO. Even by violating the diplomatic code, Nepal’s deputy prime minister was found receiving minister level dignitaries at the Tribhuvan International Airport upon their arrival. Many international flights had to remain in hold in the sky as the Airport was closed for VVIP/VIPs’ arrivals to take part in the event. More than that, Nepal’s chief executive KP Sharma Oli wished to stay at the Soaltee Hotel for three days to make successful the event. Finally, our chief executive was decorated with the leadership and good governance award along with a purse worth one million US dollars from the chief of the Universal Peace Federation. Nowhere in the globe such practices of the political leaders can be witnessed.
    One thing that has become clear is that how the Christians are playing with money with the communist leaders in power! Communists don’t have belief on religion. The Nepali communists even don’t take oath of office in the name of God but a controversial Korean lady, who has self-proclaimed as the daughter of Jesus Christ, gave blessings to top-ranking communist leaders even speaker and ministers.
    To what extend the democratic government can be autocratic, it has been seen from the police arrest on those who were sticking posters demanding effective investigation on the murderer of Nirmala Pant in the name of making successful the Christians organised event.
    Moreover, no doubt, the present communist government is under the grip of the Westerners, what will be the impact on our neighbouring countries India and China from Christianization of Nepal and how will they observe the naked dance of the Westerners in Nepal, we are yet to see!


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