• Monday 16th September 2019

What is cooking up against PM Oli?

  • Published on: December 5, 2018

  • By Our Reporter
    Last week, this weekly had reported, “The government is sick, but it is safe”. Of course, there is no immediate harm for the government from the opposition parties as they themselves have become weak.
    Nevertheless, the government may face conspiracy against it from within the party. Efforts are on to isolate PM KP Sharma. First thing is that his health is very weak. As he is taking “steroid” in a regular basis, his memory power has become very weak and he even doesn’t remember what he had said just recently.
    The second thing is that PM Oli himself has become weak in the party as some key leaders who had supported him from the beginning, including Bamdev Gautam, Ishwor Pokhrel, have become unhappy with Oli.
    Oli’s opposition group is planning to use Bamdev Gautam against Oli. This group is planning to enforce a “one person, one post” mechanism in the party so that Oli should quit one post – either that of party chairman or the PM. It seems, Oli’s opposition group may become successful to isolate Oli with this demand. If Oli will quit the PM’s post, it will pave the way for Pushpakamal Dahal to become the PM. Therefore, Dahal also can support this proposal raised by the opposition camp. When Dahal becomes the PM, it will become easy for Madhav Nepal to be elected as the party chairman.
    It is thus believed that it is not easy for Oli, who has secured two-thirds majority, to lead the government further.


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