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PM Oli’s days numbered, Nepal’s ‘faith’ in trouble, Pak not hired GUN of USA

  • Published on: December 12, 2018

  • By NP Upadhyaya
    Arrogance must have a limit. The border has already been crossed by Nepal’s Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli-the accidental Communist and a nationalist as well. It is this unusually heightened egotism that has crept inside the Prime Minister which has dramatically shortened his ‘days in numbers’ in the government even closer than had been expected by his hangers on.
    Even if he is sacked, no one shall weep perhaps save his parasites and the ones who have benefitted most from his post-the unwanted goiter of the former UML.
    There is a famous Latin saying that when God wants to penalize a person, he first makes him go mad and the madness does the rest in order to damage him or her most cruelly.
    This Latin saying perfectly fits into our Honorable Prime Minister Oli who has recently been blessed by a supernatural being, which is debatable, right inside a Kathmandu five star Hotel wherein the Nepalese Prime Minister stayed for all along three days and three nights, we have been told and have also been backed by mainstream Kathmandu media.
    Nepal PM was even blessed by this super human being and given best governance award which came just as the number one joke of the year end.
    Nepal Prime Minister just the last week created a hullabaloo by taking part in a dubiously planned agenda that he must not have or at least avoided citing some this or that reasons. However, he did not. Instead, he participated in the said peace association (?) in a beaming manner as dictated by one rival colleague, and a powerful UML leader and also a former Prime Minister of Nepal who is talked to have been deeply attached with the suspicious program since long for some financial benefits, it is widely talked and believed.
    It is this UML leader who brought in the incumbent Prime Minister into this “faith related” things and left him to bear the fierce attack of the intellectuals of the nation. The assault on the PM Oli continues unabated from all possible quarters.
    PM Oli remains undeterred because of the haughtiness that he has developed in the recent days and weeks. With the increasing arrogance, PM Oli’s health is also talked to have deteriorated to a dangerous level. His early recovery is what the people desire. But it is this superiority complex in him that shall for sure bring him to the foot path shortly. We shall see shortly PM Oli in the foot path if things, that is the politics, go smoothly.
    And the PM’s follies that were associated with Nepal’s majoritarian “faith” which went smoothly with the State backing indeed has fortunately brought the scattered and the differing population on certain political accounts together and have all converged at a point in attacking the nation’s Prime Minister and asking him as to what forced him to indulge in such acts that were sensitive and susceptible in nature?
    The PM has remained so far silent and has made no comments for he thinks that whatever he did, was not in contradiction with the faith being practiced by the majority of the national population even as of today.
    Nepal as a nation-state so far has remained flexible and tolerant to other religions and faiths. We respect and honor other beliefs and faiths that are being practiced by a different set(s) of people in the world including our own country.
    But yet, for a Prime Minister of a declared secular country to have participated in a particular set of faith and that too which was allowed to be televised must have disturbed the minds of the people practicing differing “faiths” other than that of the PM’s personally participated one (which in effect is not the PM Oli’s faith) and thus the annoyance among the common men is real.
    The PM must pay for his mis-adventure if it is and perhaps it is.
    In fact the UML leader, as stated earlier, forced the Nepal PM to award the State’s total assistance in making the event a grand success. When the State is helping then the job gets easily accomplished and this is what has happened here wherein the PM was dragged into the picture in order to malign his established faith and make him a fool among the national population and much beyond. His detractors played a very dirty game.
    The said UML leader we are talking about is the one who in his madness had once proposed that “Indian military be invited to tame King Birendra if he ignored the 1990 popular movement”.
    Listening to this somewhat embarrassing proposal being tabled by one of his own near and dear comrades, Madan Bhandari (now late) convinced the man who had brought the Indian military proposal that they be invited to tame the then King by stating , “Look gentleman! Good or bad, King Birendra is a Nepali national and the land is a pious land wherein why the dirty Indian military men be allowed to put their footsteps. How mother Nepal shall feel? Will not she feel insulted and humiliated?
    So the UML leader who championed the entrance of the Indian Army men in Nepal got silenced. But let’s believe his inner desire is yet to invite the alien military under this or that pretext time permitting.
    The same UML leader made PM Oli his fresh victim, we have been told. Upon completion of the Peace debatable Summit, as the event was termed, it is this UML leader now has talked to one media that PM Oli must not have engaged himself to the extent he did for the event to make it a grand success.
    All in all, PM Oli is losing not only his popular base, but also has created enemies well within his own party and the coalition co chaired by the former NOIDA dweller Comrade Prachanda. Bhim Rawal is also the one who is up against PM Oli now. The united Communist party is in a political mess now.
    Frankly speaking, the faith related event that rocked Nepal to some extent found its mild reverberations both in China and India. China has dealt this problem in her own special way already, it is learnt. Now, it remains to be seen as to how India handles the Nepal perversions if at all it were.
    While India remains in an alarmed state watching PM Oli’s likely change in “faith” related overtures, then China too is watching with anxiety as to how to contain this threat that has largely gripped Nepal already-its immediate neighbor in the South. The target is now India and China finally, it is highly believed.
    This means that Nepal is being held suspect both by India and China. The security threat remains intact or even one could say has doubled with this peace event.
    China may have received a jolt of the highest order when the country may have been told that some senior police officials in Nepal were the disciples of the Dalai Lama in Nepal. One such event has just happened in Ramkot wherein one sitting AIG of Police was blessed by Dalai disciple. The Home Minister has very freshly assured the Chinese envoy that Nepal remains firm in its One China policy. This must have alarmed China to the hilt.
    PM Oli’s arrogance has reasons to go up even more as there is no constitutional mechanism which can turn his table. In addition, the Opposition, the NC –a dead horse only as the people talk of the party, too is struggling with factions and sub-factions which in effect has been killing the party from within.
    Dr. Shashank Koirala, the GS of the Party too is being taken to task for his pro Hindu remarks as he is the one who has begun demanding a sort of referendum to decide the fate of the State religion instead of the secular one that is in force now.
    Yes! One trick is under the sleeve of Comrade Prachanda. If he pulls his strength from the present coalition then PM Oli is sure to be in the foot path. But Prachanda must be convinced by some alien force(s) to get rid of Oli menace then Oli is a common man like one of us in the foot path. But who will take Prachanda into confidence? The Congress? The Indian establishment through SB Deuba? Yes. Leaving these forces aside, the Nepal Army can stage a coup d’état. But will the “ornament like” institution dare to do so without having some hint from the force across the border?
    The former King can but he fears that the people may not assist him as and when he even gives it a try.
    It must have been embarrassing to Nepal PM Oli when he is being told by his hangers on that neighboring Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is doing miracles after miracles, at least his people have begun liking him in one way or the other, and that PM Oli too should take some steps as PM Khan has recently taken up in his country to alleviate poverty and curb corruption that is all pervasive in the State organs.
    PM Oli is blunt in saying that he can’t copy what PM Khan has been doing of late.
    This means that Nepal as a nation state shall run under the whims of a Prime Minister who is talked to have been influenced by another faith which is alien to the majority of the Nepali population?
    When we have touched Pakistan then let’s talk about this country which has love and hate ties with its former long time Cold War ally-the USA. Pakistan has been used and over used by USA in the past beginning the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, if one were to recall.
    It is this Pakistan which occasionally gets irritated by USA on this or that count. However, Pakistan too has begun taunting its former ally, the US, and has recently told in no uncertain terms that Pakistan was not the hired Gun of the USA.
    This statement came just days after the US President Trump sought helps from the Pakistan Prime Minister hinting that the Afghanistan crisis can’t be resolved once and for all sans the active, sagacious and benevolent assistance of Pakistan. The Gun theory came into the picture at a time when Pakistan was greeting the US special envoy on Afghanistan-Mr. Zalamy.
    The spokesperson of Foreign Office (FO) Dr. Muhammad Faisal said on last Thursday that US special envoy for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalamay Khalilzad while being in Islamabad put forward no conditions to Pakistan.
    While addressing media in weekly press brief, Dr. Faisal stated that US president Donald Trump’s letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan highlighted the fact that Afghanistan is an important issue of the region.
    Shedding light on the recent visit of Mr. Zalamy from the US, Dr. Faisal said, Khalilzad met with Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and assured him of cooperation, clarifying further that no conditions were put up by the US administration to Pakistan for the course of Afghanistan peace process.
    Imran Khan remains undeterred in that he understands the geo-politics of the region and concludes that the US must seek Pakistan’s help in sorting out Afghan problem. As is heard China, Pakistan and Afghanistan are set to meet in Kabul this 15 December for sorting out the Afghan crisis . China has taken the lead this time which is naturally shocking for India and some other countries. But preparations for this meet have already begun and Pak FM Qureshi and China FM Mr. Wang Yi will be in Kabul shortly and shall meet their Afghan counterpart.
    (PM Khan told Trump that Pakistan was not the hired gun of the USA).
    In the mean while, the Pakistani media reports that Pakistan is hopeful that China-led trilateral dialogue this weekend to resolve Afghanistan issue will be successful, officials said in Islamabad.
    The Pak foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi will fly to Kabul on December 15, as stated earlier, for reconciliation talks led by China. Pakistan and Afghanistan will participate in the talks aimed at reconciling with Taliban and other groups.
    Senior officials at foreign ministry told The Nation, as monitored here in Nepal through Internet, that Pakistan was going into the talks with optimism as Pakistan and China were both stakeholders in the regional peace.
    China’s wavelength matched that with Pakistan. Perhaps this shall continue for more years to come. The CPEC is the main factor that has brought both China and Pakistan together.
    One Pakistani official said: “We welcome China’s efforts for peace and will be part of the dialogue process. We are hopeful that it (the dialogue process) will be a success. We also support the United States’ proposal to hold talks with the Taliban for peace.”
    Though President Trump has cooled down himself after PM Khan’s Washington post interview wherein he point blank said that his country was not the hired gun(s) of the USA any more, but yet Nick Haley, the incumbent US representative to the UN, is spitting venom against Pakistan in the recent days.
    She says “the US need not give even a single dollar to Pakistan”. The Pak reaction to Ms. Haley’s fresh remarks is awaited. Maleeha Lodhi must have reacted but so far she has not. Old age perhaps….
    Despite President Donald Trump’s acknowledgment of Pakistan’s vital role in Afghan peace in a letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan, as mentioned earlier in the paragraphs above, Washington’s envoy to UN Nikki Haley has repeated allegations against Islamabad.
    Haley, the first Indian-American ever appointed to a Cabinet position in any US presidential administration, said the US did not need to give money to countries that wish harm to America, go behind its back and try and “stop us from doing things”.
    “…I think there should be a strategic view on which countries we partner with, which ones we count on to work with us on certain things, and move forward accordingly. I think we just blindly allow money to keep going without thinking that this is real leverage. We have to use it,” Haley told US magazine ‘The Atlantic’.
    She further says, “The one example I’ll give you is, look at Pakistan. Giving them over a billion dollars, and they continue to harbor terrorists that turn around and kill our soldiers —that’s never okay. We shouldn’t even give them a dollar until they correct it. Use the billion dollars. That’s not a small amount of change,” she alleged.
    The 46-year-old former South Carolina governor will step down as the UN envoy after serving nearly two years at the end of this year.
    By the way, retaliating to our comments made on Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai ( September 20-26 issue of the Review) by a section of Texas, USA, based Nepali citizens wherein the Nepal’s aggrieved academics and people living in the Texas area who had chanted slogans against Dr. Bhattarai for his dangerous role ( he was second in command in the so called People’s war that had been waged by the Maoists by residing in New Delhi, India) in the so called People’s War which took the lives of some seventeen thousands innocent Nepali people, some anti-social elements pounced upon this writer’s office of the telegraphnepal.com ( and the now office of the suspended English language Telegraph Weekly) in Dillibazar and damaged some computer equipments and warned the writer of that particular news, (not in Nepal now), not to publish stories or articles that talks of the Maoists dangerous past. Or else, the former rebel Maoists most likely that they were, threatened this scribe that anything untoward could happen to the family members even.
    Now the question is that for how long the Nepali nationals who differed with the Maoists style of politics and political behaviors then should remain out from their mother land feeling threatened? Which country shall listen to the pleas of the tortured ones?
    If it is so then this means that Nepali media men primarily are not yet safe from being penalized or even thrashed by anti social elements even if the entire set of the former Maoists are in the power corridors of this country. In essence the 0plum ministries in tthis government all have gone to the pockets of the former rebels, including the Home Ministry. The former rebels perhaps should change themselves and be a part of the civilized society. This is junst an appeal to the former Maoists wwho have joined the government.
    The former rebels now have become a coalition partner of the incumbent communist government. God bless this country.
    Now for the road: Probably for the first time, Pakistan has acknowledged that India has stakes in Afghanistan and its cooperation is necessary for the peace process in the war-torn country.
    Speaking in the National Assembly this Monday, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said Pakistan alone could not bring peace in Afghanistan as it was a “shared responsibility” of regional countries.
    “Prime Minister Imran Khan had said that peace could not be established in Afghanistan through military power. That is all for the week.


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