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The country in the hand of hopeless leaders

  • Published on: December 12, 2018

  • By PR Pradhan
    There was a great deal of expectations among the people that the government under the leadership of KP Sharma Oli would make some good contribution for the nation, but their expectations turned negative as Oli is also following the same path of previous prime ministers. Indeed, during his first innings as the PM, he was regarded as a hero. But he was compelled to quit the PM’s post forcefully just in nine months under the Indian design. This is the reason that people wanted to see him as a strong prime minister and thus people voted for the then UML and Maoist alliance giving the mandate of two thirds majority. Unfortunately, even after spending ten months in the government, the people have not been able to experience the presence of a government doing good for the general public. Instead, PM Oli felt happy while remaining within the circle of mafias, brokers, construction contractors, among others. Today, there is the rule of brokers in Nepal.
    It’s okay, Oli was unable to do anything better for the people, but the unfortunate thing is that he is found associated with some foreign elements who are aimed at destroying Nepali culture, values and religion! It was a naked show presented by PM Oli during the so-called Asia-Pacific Summit in Kathmandu.
    All are the same:
    Former prime minister Madhav Nepal is found associated with the controversial Unification Church for decades. He is working as the agent of the Church and he has travelled to many foreign countries under the sponsorship of this Church. Similarly, our President Vidya Bhandary, former prime ministers Girija Prasad Koirala, Sushil Koirala, Sher Bahadur Deuba have already received the controversial award “Leadership and Good Governance Award” given by the controversial Church. Besides, many of the MPs have travelled to foreign countries under the sponsorship of the Universal Peace Federation. Nepali MPs and senior party leaders are serving the Christian mercenary just for foreign junkets and attractive travel allowances provided by the controversial Church. Former minister and MP Eknath Dhakal is working as a Nepal agent of the Church and he is powerful as he has been able to mobilize/manipulate those “honorable” and “respected honorable” leaders in his covert mission by spending money demanded by our political leaders. This time, he has been able to use even executive chief of the nation. The concern is that if all our political leaders are on sale, what can we expect from them?
    The top ranking political leaders are running for money as they are in post and power not to serve the people but to enjoy the power and earn money for their families and kids. As the top ranking leaders of the executive body are not clean, the organs under the executive body have also become dirty. Civil service, Nepal Police, Armed Police, the government undertakings, they all are corrupt. Furthermore, the constitutional bodies have also become corrupt due to lack of strong mechanism to curb corruption, mal-practice and maintenance of law and order. One can say that all those government agencies have only one mission that is to make money at any cost rather than serving the people.
    To sum-up, the country is facing from serious disease of corruption and there is no way to check corruption as the political parties cannot function without money. The Nepali politics is based on money-power. Even to become the ward chairman, the candidates have to spend a minimum of 15 million rupees to secure his victory. Therefore, after winning the election, the first job of the leader will be to refund the money spent in the election. When one will have to spend 15 million rupees to win the election of ward chairman, one can assume how much a candidate should spend to secure victory in the MP’s election! Wrong political system and wrong political practice established in the country has spoiled the nation. Therefore, we cannot expect anything better from the present political system and tradition.


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