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The government priorities

  • Published on: December 12, 2018

  • By Our Reporter
    The government has decided to construct a new ministers’ residence in Bhaisepati by demolishing the existing ministers’ quarter in Pulchowk. In Pulchowk, the government has decided to construct and operate ten government guesthouses.
    The Prime Minister’s Residence has constructed a dreamland garden in the residence premises spending millions of rupees. Decorating works in the PM’s residence are on. Besides, the government has decided to annex the Nepal Police Academy to construct a dream garden, helipad and guesthouse for the VVIP and VIP guests.
    The government has released 160 million rupees to purchase new luxury vehicles for the President.
    Whether these projects are essential compared to many other important works needed to be done. These are the projects providing facilities for spending luxury lifestyle for country’s ceremonial president, executive prime minister and ministers.
    When the head of the state and head of the government are intent to increase their own facilities, the chief ministers and ministers in the provincial governments and mayors, chairmen, ward chairmen in the local bodies have also given priority for increasing their own facilities, including procuring new and expensive vehicles, increasing daily allowances and travel allowances rather than serving the people, one can conclude where the nation is heading for.
    Look at the economic scenario. In a recent report, it is stated that we are exporting just 3.5 rupees worth products, whereas our imports are 15 rupees worth. And the trend of increasing imports is continued as we have not been able to produce exportable items.
    More serious to note, the country is facing negative balance of payment in the economy. This is alarming because if such a trend will continue, very soon, Nepal may lend foreign currency from foreign countries to import goods.
    According to official and unofficial reports, above 6 million youths are in foreign countries doing low standard and dangerous jobs. Each day, around two thousand youths are going abroad for jobs.
    According to reports, 60 thousand youths are going abroad every month for studies. Along with their exit, they carry US dollars for study.
    Nepal, recognized as an agricultural country, is importing rice and vegetables from foreign countries. Until the Panchayat rule in the country, Nepal was exporting rice to foreign countries.
    During the panchayat era, many government industries were operating in profit. They were paying tax to the government, exporting products substituting imports and providing job for hundreds of thousand people.
    Those profit making government industries became victims of political intervention resulting in jobless youths going abroad for low-quality job. Presently too, people are demanding for establishing new
    industries within the country but the government priority is to construct garden and luxury durwars for the president, the prime minister and ministers. The government priority is to import luxury vehicles making additional contribution on the imports status.
    These acts of the government may bring prosperity among the political leaders in power but the nation will not witness prosperity.


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