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Anti-Oli front in CPN

  • Published on: December 19, 2018

  • By Our Reporter
    CPN leader Bamdev Gautam has alleged that the government under KP Sharma Oli has not been able to function. Presenting a political document in the Party’s standing committee meeting, Gautam has demanded one leader one post mechanism to function both the party and the government in an effective manner. Gautam said that PM Oli should assign the other party chairman Pushpakamal Dahal to lead the party.
    Earlier, Oli and Dahal had presented political documents of the party claiming achievements made by the party and the government. Against such a claim, Gautam had presented his political document claiming that Oli was unable to lead the party as well as the government.
    Gautam was the main coordinator to make Oli the chairman of the then UML. Presently, Gautam has stood against Oli and speaking in favour of Dahal. It is believed that when Oli attempted to corner those opponents in the party, the dissatisfied group in the party decided to support for the one post one person mechanism. There is Madhav Nepal’s backing to Gautam, say political observers. The dissatisfied group in the CPN has decided to campaign for one person one post mechanism in the central committee and also in the lower level party organizations to corner Oli. If the majority of the central committee members will go against Oli, he will be compelled to give up one post – either the post of the PM or the party chairman’s post.
    The Madhav Nepal group believes that Oli will quit one post, more likely the post of the PM, it will be easy to handover the post of the PM to Pushpakamal Dahal by securing the post of party chairman for Madhav Nepal. If power sharing deal between Nepal and Dahal will not materialize, at that time, the unified party may split, Nepal camp has analysed.


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