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Disputes spill in CPN Standing Committee meeting

  • Published on: December 19, 2018

  • By Our Reporter

    Disputes have spilled in the ruling Communist Party of Nepal during its latest Standing Committee meeting with majority of its members criticising the government. Moreover, the dispute between Prime Minister K P Oli and leader Bam Dev Gautam exposed further with the latter demanding that Pushpa Kamal Dahal should be made chair of the party by ending the system of holding more than one post by a leader.
    On Monday, Gautam even challenged PM Oli to amend the constitution and introduce the provision of two prime minister stating that the government had a two-thirds majority to amend the statute. Gautam made the remarks in response to PM Oli’s statement that he and Dahal were able to run the party well and had there been a provision of two prime ministers in the constitution, they would have also become prime ministers together.
    Party secretariat member Guatam even submitted supplementary proposal to divide the responsibility and intensify the developmental works in the country. He also focused on implementing the election manifesto, spirit of the constitution and that the leadership should remove the illusion.
    Gautam also urged the leadership to be serious over the issues raised, which would otherwise further worsen the situation as public has a strong optimism from the government.
    Most of the speakers in the committee meeting on Monday complained and criticised that the government was failing to meet the people’s aspiration.
    They have even stated that the party mechanism was not effective enough to publicise the good deeds of the government. Most of the speakers said that the regular meeting of the standing committee was not taking place as it should have been in every three months. The party statute was not followed while allocating the responsibility of province in-charges and party mechanism was not mobilized and consulted while running the government.
    The speakers in the meeting complained on the dilly dallying on unification of party sister wings and lower committees and involvement of party leadership and government in organising controversial Asia Pacific Summit recently held in the capital.


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