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Nepal at the edge of total collapse

  • Published on: December 26, 2018

    New nation emerges and an old one collapses. It is an undeniable play of the circumstances. And, the circumstances are the outcome of the play that leadership envisions and acts upon that vision. The vision might be very focused for the betterment of the larger community or say, the nation. In such a case, a nation gets life and continues to thrive and survive. At the other end, the leadership’s blurry vision might direct the larger community, the nation, undeniably to the dead-end or say, the total collapse.
    Nepal, used to be the only recognized Hindu Kingdom in the world, is confused and nowhere except heading so rapidly towards the dead-end or total collapse. For decades, it is in-and-out of the political intensive care unit (P/ICU). This time around the overall health of the nation has gone to very critical situation. Its life relies upon the statesman’s dexterous use of heavy dose of homemade political vaccine.
    There’s a desperate need of someone who can exhibit the bold character like that of King Mahendra who can use a heavy dose political vaccine to make Nepal exist in the face of the globe. If one has to choose a few statesmen of Nepal without any prejudice, King Mahendra stands in par with that of the founder of this nation.
    The founder Prithvi Narayan Shah had plenty of subordinates who never questioned him for his mission. They just gave lives for the purpose of the mission to unify the nation. Contrarily, King Mahendra was surrounded by many evil-minded anti-national elements and many of them were the direct creations of the mighty neighbour. Despite complete unfavorable national and international atmosphere King Mahendra’s outstanding skills of handling statecraft made him to stand taller than anyone in thousands and thousands years of Nepal’s history. He is remembered as the sole heart to put Nepal into modern developmental path. Whatever, we have in Nepal is left after the destructions of the natural and manmade causes gathered by the hard efforts of King Mahendra. Had not he worked for the domiciles Nepal would have found itself below the surface.
    Nepal, a sacred land which had in its reserves the greatest founder Prithvi Narayan Shah and King Mahendra, the protector of this very sacred land could surprise anyone for possessing no space to accommodate a single statesman who could bring the nation into the same track it started from the inception of the partyless system. Looking at present mess, those who have experienced the system that is standardized as undemocratic, no one would reject to remain under such an undemocratic authoritarian set up than to let ruled by the self proclaimed most democratic rulers in the world. These messiah´s claim is forwarded by no meaningful reason other than the party they have is guided by them and it takes part in the elections to garner votes of the people. Getting votes is the genuine democracy for those political messiahs. Responsibility, accountability and the fulfillment of the promises do not fall under the democratic norms of the political messiahs. Looting the national treasures made up of the taxes of the people of subsistent level, misusing the remittance composed by the sweats of the youths who were forced to languish in the jobs that might take their lives, getting bribes even by compromising the public positions, fame, rights and at the cost of national dignity, the people´s destiny makers have put the life of the nation into severely dangerous zone and still claim they possess the right to be the rulers because they have the parties to govern. Is there no responsibility of the nationals to get organized and challenge the motive of the political messiahs destined to bringing the nation to its primitive stage where there were several small principalities?
    By and large, Nepal is at the edge of total collapse and the foremost responsibility for this to happen would fall upon the people. Time to rise and become the citizen, the ‘Nepali.’


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