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Prosperous Nepal or prosperous political leaders?

  • Published on: December 26, 2018

  • By PR Pradhan
    When Nepal will become prosperous and the Nepalis will become happy, we don’t know, however, within five years or say by the next elections, all the people’s representatives from ward level to the federal government will surely become prosperous. Forget about organized corruption on which the government is involved by endorsing key projects from the cabinet, as the commissions received through such a door has not become enough, the ministers are found enjoying double quota of fuel for their vehicles from the government treasury; the lawmakers are found enjoying additional house rent facilities even having their own houses in Kathmandu; the lawmakers, including the speaker of the federal parliament and the chairman of the national assembly are found receiving salaries of their personal assistants by themselves instead of depositing PA’s salaries at the account of the concerned persons, this makes clear the present political scenario!
    The Kathmandu Metropolitan Corporation is found spending millions of rupees every month just on meeting allowances besides salary provided to the people’s representatives. Corruption practice has spread from the federal government to the ward committee and there is no effective mechanism to control corruption.
    Our economy is very sick as imports are increasing everyday whereas exports are nominal. This means we need more and more foreign currency to import goods. We could reduce the present size of imports to some extend by stopping imports of some luxury items for instance luxury cars, motorbikes and even mobile sets. The government could encourage local investors for installation of assembling plants in the country which would also create employment opportunity for the Nepali youths. Establishing mobile assembling plants is not a big deal. If the government offices will be asked to procure local products only, thus the local investors will get market within the country.
    If one visits government offices, he can see dumped old vehicles in the office premises. Many of them can be operated after necessary maintenance but the government officials are reluctant in maintenance as there is no enough commission, therefore, with the commission attraction, the officers want to buy new vehicles. In fact, this is misuse of the government resources. If such misuse is checked, the government could manage funds for some key infrastructural projects. If those dumped vehicles cannot be operated, the government could auction them on time.
    Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli said that he cannot follow the path of Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan as he has no such a huge building to make PM’s residence. It is okay, he can stay at the official residence but is construction of a beautiful garden at the PM’s residence important than construction of earthquake demolished houses of the general public and houses for the backward community? Is it essential to construct gardens, VVIP guesthouse, helipad at the President’s Office, new ministers’ quarters at the time when the nation’s balance of payment is negative? From the amount to be spent on such projects, the government could complete some key infrastructure projects.
    The government is collecting fifty paisa per liter of petro-product purchase in the name of pollution control tax. What the government has done to reduce pollution, we have no information. So far, the environment pollution rate is very high and it is at the hazardous level for the people living in this city.
    After elected as the mayor, Vidyasundar Shakya, Kathmandu mayor and Chiribabu Maharhan, Lalitpur mayor have visited many countries. During their foreign trips, perhaps, they have seen how dust free streets can be managed and how pollution can be controlled! They have enjoyed daily allowance and travel allowance from the government, but they didn’t try to learn good things which would check pollution in the city.
    We, the Nepalis, have reached to the conclusion that the self-centered political leaders will never make the country prosperous. The leaders had attracted votes in the name of poverty elimination. The visionless leaders seem to have been worried that if poverty will be ended from the nation, they cannot get the opportunity to rule further. Therefore, it seems, the leaders want to make the people poor so that they will be able to rule them for a long time.


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