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  • Published on: December 26, 2018

  • By Our Reporter
    Nepal’s security situation is in a chaotic state, observers claim. The other day, a Nepali Congress leader was arrested by the Police in Chitwan on the charge of commenting against CPN co-chair Pushpakamal Dahal Prachanda.
    The recent rape case of an innocent 13-year-old school going girl, Nirmala Pant in the western part of the country and the abject failure of the security apparatus of the country to nab the rapists so far does tell the sorry state of security situation of the country.
    This speaks volumes on how the security apparatus has been functioning in Nepal.
    Though the security situation of the country was not that good even when Nepal had been run by a non-communist government, Nepali Congress, yet, looking at the situation that prevails in the country as of now what could be said without any hesitation that the present day government, a coalition of the two radical communist parties that is the UML and the former violent rebel Maoists, either remain nonchalant towards improving the security situation better so that the common men could live a peaceful and secured life or the government has presumed that everything was fine in the country and that the accusations thus being made by the common men and the media men alike on a regular basis were just a ploy to malign the credibility of the coalition government led by Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli.
    Pushpakamal Dahal Prachanda, former Maoist supremo, who was also the chairman of the so called Maoist led “people’s war is the co-partner of the present day communist government.
    Democracy is likely to be replaced by an authoritarian rule.
    However, the fact is that the security situation is in effect chaotic to which those in the government do not wish to comprehend for reasons unknown.
    Media persons too were the victims.
    People’s Review, in its 13 October, 2014 issue, had published areport related to Niraj Aryal, chief reporter, Telegraph Weekly and the telegraphnepal.com, who was abused and manhandled by the then Maoistactivists on 29 June 29, 2014 which created terror in the minds of the aggrieved party that he have had to flee the country in order to save his life.
    Four years have passed since thenNirajAryal still faces threat back in his home country through unidentified phone calls. His family members back home in Nepal miss him very much, we have been told.
    A humanitarian issue indeed:
    Such threat loaded calls to his family members began pouring in Kathmandu when Aryaldespatcheda short report from the US, his present day abode, on the anti-BaburamBhattarai slogans that were chanted by some Nepali nationals residing in Virginia and Texas, USA, demanding thatBhattarai, the second man in command of the violent Maoists led “people’s war” return home for having killed 17,000 innocent civilians in the so-called “people’s war”.
    Sources in the US told this weekly that those who chanted slogans against Bhattarai, former Maoists leader, were the ones who have had lost their near and dear relatives during the meaningless people’s war.
    Aryal too wrote about Dr. Bhattarai as to how the Nepali nationals residing in Texas area ventilated their ire against the one who had commanded the “people’s war”taking safe shelter in New Delhi and the war that mercilessly killed innocent Nepalisback in Nepal across the length and breathe of the country.
    Upon writing the story on Bhattarai in the People’s Review weekly dated20 September, Aryal’s family members in Kathmandu began receiving threat loaded calls from unknown persons whose locations could not be traced as the mobile phones either not displayed the call numbers or at times showed foreign countries.
    This means that the threat to Aryal continues yet in Kathmandu.
    The family members of Aryal wished to contact the Nepal Police but the Police being under the command of the former Maoists leader prefer not to listen to the plea for some understandable reasons.
    Having said all these, the security situation in Nepal perhaps will further aggravate in the days to come as the government appears to be reluctant in accepting the ground reality that exists in the country as of today.
    The Nepal Press Union, Lalitpur District Chapter, Nepal, in a statement on 30 June, 2014, had asked all concerned sectors to provide the needed security to Aryal.


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