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PM Oli presents third report in Parliament in 11 months

  • Published on: January 9, 2019

  • By Our Reporter
    Prime Minister K. P. Sharma Oli addressed the parliament meeting on Sunday. It was his third address to the parliament to tell the people about the progress his government made in 11 months.
    However, his address drew more flak than appreciation from people as well as the economic experts as many of the financial facts he presented in his an-hour address did not match the reality. For example, Nepal Rastra Bank in its latest report showed that Nepal’s trade deficit went by 36 per cent in the last five months, while the Prime Minister lied to the House that trade deficit increased only by 1.5 per cent.
    Within a few hours after his address the media revealed several of the facts presented by the Prime Minister were false. According to the reports, the Prime Minister told lie regarding the inflation rate, foreign investment, capital expenditure and other financial indicators.
    Of course, the Prime Minister had addressed the House in a bid to respond to the public criticism on the government. But he did not touch the issue of the wide-body aircraft scam and the unresolved case of Nirmala Panta, the two cases which had eroded the popularity of the government significantly.
    He even mentioned the petty issues of installation of smokeless kitchen in his report card. He defended the President stating that the vehicles and other facilities to the President were managed by the government.
    He, as usual, repeated his old speech that making the country prosperous and the people happy was the main concern of the present government.
    The Prime Minister said that a mega campaign of good governance and development was a must to realise ‘Prosperous Nepal and Happy Nepali’.
    “Consolidating Federal Democratic Republic and effectively implementing it as well as moving in the direction of the economic progress were the main responsibilities of the government,” he said.
    He said it was not a crime to dream ‘Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali’. Prime Minister Oli said, “We have no other petty interests other than prospering the country and making its citizens happy.”
    He also mentioned the number of laws updated, bills submitted and amended during his 11-month term in the office.
    Prime Minister Oli said that an agreement was being signed with China for detailed project report after concluding pre-feasibility study for operating Kerung-Kathmandu railways in the support of the northern neighbour.
    Oli said that the procedure to establish the office and appoint registrar for it had already been begun, and a feasibility study was being conducted for the operation of waterways in the country. Likewise, he said 113 of 187 tuins were replaced by suspension bridges across the country.
    He said notable progress was made in Gautam Buddha International Airport, Bheri-Babai Diversion, Upper Tamakoshi Hydel Project, Kathmandu-Terai-Madhes Fast Track, Melamchi Drinking Water Project, and East-West Railway among others.
    He reiterated his commitment to curb corruption even though he did not utter the biggest corruption deal—wide body aircraft scam in his speech.
    He said that he would leave no stone unturned to establish good governance and end corruption in the country, adding “I do not involve in corruption and let no one to involve in it.”


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