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Pay commission in advance, become ambassador

  • Published on: January 16, 2019

  • By Our Reporter
    Probably, Nepal is the only country where the diplomatic assignments are based on bidding. So far, it is known to everyone that without paying commission in advance, nobody can get promotion or transfer in lucrative positions in the government offices, projects, police departments and also in the constitutional bodies. This is thus not an odd reason diplomatic assignments are made only after paying commission in advance.
    Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, time and again, has been repeating that he will maintain zero tolerance on corruption, but without paying commission in advance, even one cannot get promotion.
    Nepali ambassador to Australia Lucky Sherpa is facing the charge of trafficking Nepalis to the US. This is a big insult for the nation. The Foreign Ministry has formed a probe committee to investigate on the charge but Sherpa is confidant that she would not get any punishment as she had paid 30 million rupees to get the ambassadorial assignment.
    Similarly, Nepali ambassador to the US in Washington is found saying to his close circle that he got the ambassadorial assignment by paying cash in advance. Other ambassadors are yet to disclose the money deal while being rewarded to the post of ambassador. None other than the UML leader, Kamal Koirala, in a television interview, had disclosed that he was asked to pay 3 million rupees after the party selected his name as the ambassador to South Korea. He has confessed that he paid half of the amount in advance and said that he will pay the rest of the amount later to the then UML party for which he sacrificed everything.
    Sure, there are some exceptions such as if anybody is the PM’s sister in law or if anybody is mother in law of the main opposition party, they can be rewarded to the ambassadorial post without paying commission. Perhaps, this is the beauty of “loktantra” where money is powerful than the caliber and ability of any person.
    When commission becomes the main criteria, those corrupt people will get assignment in lucrative sectors. The other thing is that after getting assignments, the first goal of the person who is assigned to the diplomatic post will be to take back the money he has paid in advance. Will such a candidate represent the country after getting a diplomatic assignment? Of course not! This is the reason why Nepal’s diplomacy has failed and how Nepal’s image has been doomed in the international arena!
    As pre-paid commission system exists in all the government appointments, all the government organs have become non-functional and the venue of daylight corruption.
    An Italian contractor returned home without completing the project as the officials demanded 50 million rupees commission against clearance of the bill, as reported by different newspapers. For those corrupt people, 50 million rupees became important than supplying drinking water in the Valley.


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