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CP Gajurel speaks, Dr. Ahiraj favors Prez rule in P-2 and Graham Lindsay on Afghanistan issue

  • Published on: January 23, 2019

  • By NP Upadhyaya
    Maoists leader (Revolutionary) Mr. Chandra Prakash Gajurel says that he along with his party men have had not waged the people’s war to ultimately dissolve the Maoists party into the UML party.
    Perhaps he is talking of the same violent war which he and his party comrades Dr. Bhattarai and Prachanda had brought into action against their own country Nepal by residing not only in Delhi but also enjoying the government’s hospitality.
    The Maoists party had retained its revolutionary image in the initial days of its joining the political mainstream after the 12 point agreement was signed in Delhi in the year 2006 but when the party was transformed into what was being called as Maoists center, the likelihood that the Maoists party led by Comrade Prachanda shall one fine morning merge with the mainstream UML party, had appeared in the political horizon.
    In essence, says Gajurel, when the Maoists party turned into the Maoists center, the center thus formed had acquired some of the qualities that had been the hallmarks of the UML party.
    “And the sudden merger or better say the dissolution of the Maoists center into the mainstream UML has testified that since the Center resembled with the UML and thus this was the dissolution of the two likeminded parties being materialized into the one now what is taken as the Unified Nepal Communist Party-the NCP.
    Mr. Gajurel at times ventilates his ire against Comrade Prachanda in that he together with Mohan Baidya Kiran were arrested by the Indian government at the crucial time when the Delhi residing Nepal Maoists together with the seven party agitating alliance against the then Nepal King were about to enter into the 12 point agreement as designed by the Indian Government prior to exporting the rebels into Nepal in order to do away with the sitting monarch who have had challenged the regime in Delhi by lobbying for China for an observer seat in the SAARC organization.
    Mr. Gajurel made all these observations while talking to one TV News channel, The Khasra-Mitha Kura anchored by someone Mr. Bhushal.
    In effect, it was this extra adventure of King Gyanendra made then that invited Delhi’s wrath against him whose climax was his ultimate ouster from the Crown.
    It was an agreement originally drafted in Hindi language and later translated into Nepali for the domestic consumption with the main objective first to export the Delhi residing Maoists back to Nepal and later to be told to rule over the country in close collaboration with the over ambitious Girija Prasad Koirala and secondly to build a huge pressure against the sitting King so that the latter could be weakened and prefer self-ouster. And he preferred as he was pushed to the wall both by the Indian regime and the seven party agitating alliance led by Girija Prasad Koirala.
    Gajurel was arrested in Chennai and Mohan Baidya was nabbed from Silguri concluding that if allowed to remain free these two Maoists leaders having a nationalist bend may create some problems while inking the Delhi engineered 12 point agreement. This was the thinking of the RAW machinery.
    Some even said then that Comrade Prachanda himself suggested the Indian government to nab Mr. Gajurel and Mohan Baidya so that the 12 point agreement could be signed without facing any internal hurdles.
    While talking to one online portal some months back, Mr. Gajurel is on record to have admitted that his involvement in the Maoists led people’s war in some ways or the other was a blunder in that “we ourselves became the tool for the damage of our own motherland by residing in an alien land”.
    Gajurel, while talking also with the Mountain TV recently bluntly said that the federal order in nepal has become a miserable failure. He also says that Indian penetration in Nepal is very high.
    Perhaps Gajurel’s admission speaks the rest.
    Most importantly, what Gajurel has admitted is also being affirmed by the People’s militias who had remained instrumental in strengthening the people’s war which was a proxy war of India on Nepal through the use and over use of two brilliant sons of this soil-Comrade Prachanda and Dr. BR Bhattarai.
    Most of the youngsters who had assisted Prachanda’s war on Nepal now conclude that their engagement in the so called war was not only bogus but also a ploy of the two Maoists’ tricksters in having used the innocent Nepali civilians, both teenage girls and boys who got carried away by the sugar coated slogans being disseminated by the two near and dear men of the Indian regime.
    The Maoists militias now have been completely forgotten by their former War time Commanders which have annoyed the “unfit” youths who contributed in bringing the war time Maoists leaders to occupy lucrative chair at the Singh Durbar power corridors.
    And this is what the designers of the 12 point agreement had wished. The fact is that the Delhi’s men engaged in Nepal’s Maoists people’s war now virtually control the Nepali State and the State in turn is being automatically controlled by the Indian government through the effective use of the Remote control device or by Delhi’s men placed in Kathmandu.
    Rumors have it that the remaining splinters of the original Maoists, have also been seduced by the New Delhi administration who shall work hopefully as per the dictates of the Delhi regime much the same way Dr., Bhattarai and Comrade Prachanda had served.
    New Delhi will prefer to have a strong stallion in Nepal forever.
    Now that the just arrived new Chinese envoy Ms. Hou Yanqi while meeting with the Defence Minister Ishwar Pokhrel mistakenly told him that Nepal is the connecting point for China with the vast South Asian landmass and that “during my tenure in Nepal, I shall make all the possible efforts to arrange high level visits from my country to Nepal”.
    In fact she must not have said so in a determined manner that she will work hard to arrange high level visits from China to Nepal because India doesn’t want that any high ranking Chinese dignitary land in Nepal fearing that during such a visit China may announce gifting some mega projects to Nepal.
    Let’s hope that India may have already instructed its tested and trusted men in Nepal to “work hard” in aborting the expected high level visits from China to Nepal. High placed sources claim that India in the past has damaged the prospects of high level visits from China by destabilizing Nepal such as change in the leadership of the government or creating a political chaos in Kathmandu so that the Beijing authorities are forced to conclude that the time was not opportune to make a trip to Nepal. “Fluidity in Nepali politics suits to the interests of the Indian regime”, opine those who have understood India better.
    If so then let’s hope that the incumbent Prime Minister Oli’s days in government are numbered. How PM Oli will be shaken politically shall be the prerogative of the Indian regime to which our PM apparently possesses respect and honor since long time back.
    If in such a situation, Comrade Prachanda, the coalition partner of the ruling set up today creates panic for PM Oli then that would be no wonder as the latter has been ‘exported’ to Nepal in order to act as per the dictates of the regime which took great care while he was residing in New Delhi’s NOIDA suburbs for over a decade or so under the pretext of waging a war on Nepal.
    Observers opine that Prachanda must pay the Indian debt and thus his chances of being used as an effective tool to destabilize PM Oli’s seat remains high which is just to avert the possibility of China’s high level visits to Nepal.
    There are rumors also that Madhav Kumar Nepal, the former UML leader of the unification church fame too has become active and has hinted that he is not that pleased with his own party comrade PM Oli. Mr. Nepal too is believed that he is equally taken as a my-dear friend of the Indian regime.
    Says Mr. Nepal that “there will be no development in Nepal as long as KP Sharma Oli is the Prime Minister”.
    This perhaps explains the mind of Mr. Nepal as to how he assesses PM Oli in the present context which provides the slight hint that he too may have already been approached by New Delhi regime for accomplishing some exclusive political jobs. But from time to time, Mr. Nepal speaks against the Indian regime which he does so for the domestic consumption to let the common population take him as a strong nationalist to which he is not.
    To recall, Mr. Nepal was the one Communist leader who had proposed that King Birendra should be screwed by inviting even the Indian army inside the Nepali territory in order to ensure the success of the 1990 movement.
    Late Madan Bhandari rejected Mr. Nepal’s proposal for obvious political reasons. However, with the mysterious death of Madan Bhandari, Mr. Nepal ruled the UML party for not less than a decade and a half at a single stretch.
    It was this period that Mr. Nepal cultivated his ties with the Indian establishment which used this friendship to the hilt.
    While we talk of Mr. Nepal, we are reminded that the UML leader recently talked very high of himself and claimed that “I have some role in bringing President Donald Trump and the North Korean leader to the negotiating table in Singapore last year in June.
    Whether Mr. Nepal could have played this role as claimed by him or not, however, what is for sure is that Mr. Nepal is a regular visitor to Korea, both north and South.
    Why he made regular trips to South Korea is now understandable with his visible connections with the Universal Peace Foundation whose main office is located in South Korea. Some UML leaders even claim that from South Korea, Mr. Nepal receives a sizeable amount. However, how much is this amount is nobody knows. Yet the manner Mr. Nepal has been working for the UPF does tell that he must not have settled for less. The rest Jesus Christ knows.
    President Trump is meeting the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un by the end of February, next month in Hanoi, Vietnam.
    Mr. Nepal may claim that he facilitated this Trump and Kim meet in Hanoi.
    By time of this writing, the Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan is in the State of Qatar for a two day visit. PM Khan left Qatar upon meeting the US republican senator Lindsay Graham in the Capital.
    The visiting US Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, January 20, has said the United States should replace its transactional relationship with Pakistan into a strategic partnership for the common good of the two countries.
    India must not have taken the US senator in good taste.
    He was addressing a news conference in Islamabad on Sunday after talks with Prime Minister Imran Khan and Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi.
    Describing his meetings with Pakistani leadership very impressive, the US senator said with Prime Minister Imran Khan in power, we have a unique opportunity to transform the relationship into the one that is beneficial for both the countries. . He said the FTA with Pakistan and integrating the economies will be mutually beneficially. He pointed out that Pakistan has a large young population and improvement in trade relations will see a great demand of our products in the country, report the international media agencies together with the Radio Pakistan.
    The republican senator from South Carolina, Lindsey Graham, said he is very optimistic after his meetings with the Pakistani leadership and he will also urge the US President Donald Trump to talk to Prime Minister Imran Khan to take forward the relationship and the Afghan reconciliation process.
    The US Senator was highly appreciable of Imran Khan describing him as the agent of change. He said Imran Khan was criticized over decades for talking about reconciliation in Afghanistan. He said Imran Khan was right as war there will only end through reconciliation. He said it is not in anybody’s interest that the Taliban reclaim Afghanistan by force. It is time for peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan. He said Donald Trump will be more enthusiastic about the region if he meets personality like Imran Khan.
    In the meantime, the Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said on Monday that the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project is of vital importance for the economic development of Pakistan.
    He stated this during a talk with Chinese Ambassador Yao Jing who called on him and discussed bilateral relations including progress on CPEC as well as other regional and international matters of mutual interest.
    The foreign minister welcomed Chinese support and assistance in different sectors including trade and economic cooperation.
    He recalled that Prime Minister Imran Khan paid a successful visit to China in November last year during which important meetings were between the leadership of both the countries.
    For the road: Before concluding, let’s look as to what Dr. Rajesh Ahiraj has to say on the politics that has been unfolding in Province 2 in the recent days and weeks more so after one Secretary level government bureaucrat was mercilessly beaten by the provincial forest minister Mr. Yadav just ten days ago.
    Dr. Ahiraj who is a political scientist having a strong nationalist bend claims that the way the provincial politics has been left to the mercy of the managers of the area, might bring some national level problems for the entire nation-state sooner than later. He thus strongly suggests the rulers in Kathmandu to arrest the deteriorating political trend in the province number two before it is too late.
    In fact, Dr. Ahiraj thinks that in order to arrest the deteriorating political trend in that area the Nepal President should intervene and impose presidential rule and govern the politics or else symptoms are that the province may prefer to secede from the mainland Nepal. The sharp political brain has spoken his mind and now it is up to the leaders manning the system in Kathmandu to look into the gravity of the situation and act in a manner as has been desired by Dr. Rajesh Ahiraj or face the music.
    He made these observations while talking to the Jan Dharana Weekly very freshly. (News source Swabhiman online portal)
    That’s all.


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