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Will RPP (Unified) be the alternative force?

  • Published on: February 7, 2019

  • The two splinter factions of RPP – RPP (Democratic) and RPP (Nationalist) have announced unification between the two parties with the new name RPP (unified).
    Earlier, efforts were made to unify the splinter factions in the mother party RPP. However, due to the ego, self-centered mentality and personality tussle, at the last hours, the two splinter parties have announced merger by keeping aloof the mother party RPP.
    It was aimed at finishing RPP, the mother party as the leaders had expected that party workers in the mother party would not remain in the RPP if unification is made between the two parties only.
    In spite of expectations of the leaders, influential leaders under the RPP (Democratic) and RPP (Nationalist) including senior vice chairman Deepak Bohara, senior leader Keshar Bahadur Bista have opposed the unification process.
    Although, co-chairmen of the newly unified party have claimed that their party will become the alternative force, by keeping aloof from the mother party, it cannot be possible, say political observers.
    There is the need of unification of all the political parties having belief on institution of monarchy and Hindu religion to develop an alternative force. For this, all the leaders and cadres have to give-up their petty interests, self-centered attitude among the leaders with the strong commitment of saving Nepal from foreign direct intervention, political observers remark.


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