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Trust the communists?

  • Published on: February 13, 2019

    President Donald Trump is all set to meet the North Korean communist dictator Kim Jung Un in Hanoi, Vietnam, February 27-28.
    It is not a mystery why the US administration chose Hanoi as the venue of second round of Trump-Kim meet.
    Not only because Vietnam shares extremely good relations with the lone super power after fighting a deadly war some four decades back but also because and more interestingly, it is ruled by a communist party and is taken as a prime adversary of the communist government of China.
    Francis Fukuyama, the author of the End of History, might still assert that history has ended with the fall of the mighty Soviet Union but the reality is communists continue to plague the world from Venezuela to Vietnam.
    The Hindu deities of Kathmandu painted with vermillion red since ages now witness communist red flags fluttering across the once sacred land.
    The reds came to power by mass murdering tens of thousands of innocent civilians and now ruthlessly rule the Himalayan nation — Nepal.
    The sad reality of the present world order is that the United States — leader of the free world — has to seek help from one set of communists to tame the others.
    Rightly pointed out President Trump in his State of the Union address that if he had not been elected President two years back, by this time the US would have been fighting a deadly war with North Korea.
    War is always bad and any effort to avert it is a welcome move but only time will tell whether President Trump’s strategy will bear fruits for the free world?
    To consider communists of Vietnam and North Korea, time permitting would shun their outdated ideology to adhere to democratic ideals and take sides of the United States by annoying China would be a self-defeating exercise. Not only ideologically they are tied with China but economically as well.
    Vietnam’s trade with China stands somewhere around $100 billion.
    Similarly, the communists of Nepal after tricking India to gain power in Kathmandu seem to have liberated themselves from the firm grips of their former masters.
    While the communists continue to powerfully rule the government, they also have total control over opposition politics.
    The real opposition parties, the democratic ones, are nowhere in the scene. Their voices are subdued.
    While the communist Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli is busy selling deceitful development dreams, his party chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda, not only successfully renders himself against the government criticizing some of its policies but also reprimands the United States in its bid to unseat the communist government in Venezuela.
    And, just the other day he also threatened another revolt in the country.
    How many more innocent civilians does he want to slaughter before establishing a Maoists people’s republic of the sort of North Korea is difficult to contemplate at this moment.
    While communists of Nepal plan to ‘colorfully’ celebrate birthday of Kim Jung Un’s father Kim Jong Il, February 16, in a surprising move, US ambassador to Nepal, Randy Berry has extended a formal invitation to Pushpa Kamal aka Prachanda – a former terrorist leader — for a formal visit to the United States.
    The US was one of the first countries that declared Maoists as “terrorists”.
    If the United States plans to tame the giant communists of China by kowtowing with surrounding petite communist thugs, then it is sure to boomerang because, as rightly claimed by the same former Maoists Supremo Prachanda that “communists know how to hit on the head by climbing on the back”.
    Let the free world understand the simple fact that communists are communists!


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