• Wednesday 21st August 2019

Do leaders drink fuel?

  • Published on: February 14, 2019

  • By Our Reporter
    The lawmakers of the federal parliament are found to have received money more than the fixed ceiling for fuel.
    The fuel expenditure of the Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Chairman of the National Assembly and vice-chair looked unbelievable, especially when they reached the districts via air. They have claimed for fuel even in their personal businesses.
    Speaker consumed 762 liters of petrol in a week in November 2018 when he had been to his home district in Rolpa. He received Rs. 83,465 from the secretariat of parliament. He also received Rs. 18,750 as air fare.
    He also received Rs. 37,603 for 343 litres of petrol when he went to Tanahu for two days in the same month.
    Likewise, NA Chair Ganesh Timilsina received Rs. 7500 air fare and 5,050 petrol expenditure when he went to Pokhara in December 2018.
    Likewise, Deputy Speaker received money for 172 litres petrol when she went her home in Morang in October last year. She also received air fair of Rs. 7.800. NA vice chair took Rs. 11,600 for petrol during her home visit in Mahottari in October 2018.
    They also received money for fuel when they went in personal works.


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