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Government reluctant in catching “big fishes”

  • Published on: February 20, 2019

  • BY PR Pradhan
    Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli is repeatedly saying that he will not allow corruption and commission at any levels. He has even said that he will never see the face of those corrupt people. He might have sensed that corruption is not under control but such practices have been intensified even during his rule.
    Of course, those people involved in small scale corruption are under the CIAA net, however, CIAA has not been able to catch those “big fishes”. It is unfortunate to state here that none other than the CIAA commissioner Rajnarayan Pathk is alleged for taking 7.8 million rupees bribe from an engineering collage. When the ruling party’s MPs were preparing for impeachment against Pathak, he tendered resignation. Until now, no action has been initiated against him even after he has accepted that he had taken bribe, which, he has confessed, was a blunder in his life. Shouldn’t the CIAA arrest him and investigate on the scam? Or those who are in such a constitutional bodies, are not subjected to be punished?
    One can imagine, when a member of the anti-graft commission is involved in corruption, to what extend corruption is existed in Nepal!
    The other day, CIAA chief Nabin Prasad Ghimire said that if investigation is initiated in some government offices, the entire office may become vacant. This is a serious issue.
    Why the government enjoying two-thirds majority has become weak in taking action against those corrupt people, it is a matter of great surprise.
    The government is yet to make public the report of the 33 kg gold smuggling case. The report has been kept pending by PM KP Sharma Oli. It is learnt that when he saw name of some people who were closed to the ruling party, PM Oli stopped speaking on the said gold smuggling case.
    When the Public Account Committee under the Federal Parliament made public the report on irregularities while purchasing two wide-body aircrafts, expressing strong dissatisfaction on the report, the PM said, every details on the purchase deal will be investigated. Immediately, even challenging the parliament’s supremacy, he constituted a high-level three member probe committee giving 45 days’ deadline. The committee has spent 45 days without doing the job. Interesting to note, the members in the committee were not formally assigned for conducting their job by the PM. Many observers believe, as both the ruling and opposition parties’ leaders have enjoyed hefty amount as commission, those officials involved in purchase deal will not be punished, perhaps, they will be rewarded.
    Taking against corruption practice is easy but practicing the same is very difficult. Yes, everybody knows, Yeti Airlines chairman Aang Tchering Sherpa is one among the main financers of the ruling party. When the ruling party is running with the funding of such notorious people, how can one believe that the government is keen to eliminate corruption practice?
    Coincidentally, this scribe also used to be a resident of the same town Dmak where KP Sharma Oli is from. In his early days, he was not even able to manage a piece of land to construct his house. Therefore, local leaders, by certifying Oli’s financial position, had managed a public land for him at a very concessional price. Today, how Oli became capable to construct such a huge residence in Balkot, it is not a secret.
    Therefore, it is nice to listen anti-graft speeches from Oli but it is very difficult to believe that he is strongly committed to end corruption.
    After all, all are practicing rampant loot as described by Pashupati Sharma in his satire song “Lootnasake Loot”, which has become viral among the Nepali communities at home and abroad. PM Oli may know the public mood against the present government by watching the number of people who have listened Sharma’s song.

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