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Regional conflict: Indian terrorism in J&K: OIC

  • Published on: March 6, 2019


    “With my heavy heart, I appeal to yours, India that Pakistan is not your enemy. Your enemy is our enemy. How much more blood needs to be spilled before we realize (that) we are fighting the same”.

    This is what has very freshly been tweeted by yet another Cricket veteran Wasim Akram wherein he has appealed India and in an oblique manner his own country, Pakistan that the warring rivals were in no way the enemy of each other but instead what was the enemy of India was also the enemy of Pakistan.

    Nepali observers are moved with the words being used in the tweet made by Wasim Akram wherein he says that “How much more blood needs…”

    This is really sad that the Indians and the Pakistanis who were the sons of the same soil prior to the unfortunate partition and have had grown practicing almost the same culture and tradition in the long distant past (except the religion perhaps) treat each other now as their number one enemy that has already taken its heavy toll.

    The enmity has brought both the country face to face in three to four war fronts since the partition and the enmity instead of going down to a desired level has increased manifold to the extent that a possible nuclear war in between the two warring rivals has scared the entire South Asian region more so the smaller countries who take themselves as to have been victim of the most infamous Nehruvian doctrine that India occasionally brings into use in order to tame the countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and the Maldives. Imposition of economic blockades on these smaller countries has become a routine Indian affair as Nepal has been the fresh victim of this inhumane deplorable act. Modi is a heartless Hindu. Rajiv Gandhi too was not that friendly towards Nepal but yet Nepalese prefer Rahul over Modi in the polls.

    The Pulwama attack on the Indian Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) on 14 February, last month deteriorated the situation in an around Kashmir valley to such an extent that on 26 February, the Indian air force entered deep into the Pakistani territory and in the process violated the Pakistani air space as against the International conduct between two sovereign nations then on 27 February, 2019, Pakistan too entered into the Indian air space and signaled India that Pakistan too possess the capability to retaliate.

    Unfortunate as it was for India, one air force wing commander, Abhinandan Bardhaman from Tamilnadu, was dropped down by Pakistani side who was later released with honor as per the promise made by the Pakistani PM Imran Khan. In the process Khan also honored some Universal covenants.

    This release of the Indian wing commander was taken as a peace gesture from Pakistan to India and PM Khan prior to his release, once again appealed India to come to the negotiating table to which India has been denying. The Indian media is playing the villain and is encouraging the Modi government to once again pounce upon Pakistan.

    Modi’s war hysteria has yet not come to a halt. Has fascism entered into the Indian democracy? Modi is equivalent to South Asian Mussolini.

    Nepal-India ties remain not in a pleasant state at the moment. PM Modi is taken as a fraudulent Indian political persona in Nepal. His thuggery has a long list. Friendship with the people in India remains intact though. The Indian population is innocent.

    Coming back to the release of the Indian officer, upon entering his home country, Mr. Abhinandan is reported to have denounced the Pakistani army for having coerced him to speak high of the army while in custody.

    So if Abhinandan is correct then what should also be accurate that upon his return, the RAW must have thoroughly washed with NIRMA detergent powder the Indian pilot and told him to dismiss the previous video assertions?

    Abhinandan may be taken as a Pakistani spy henceforth by a section of his own colleagues. The likelihood remains. Thus his career has come to an end. The Indian population in a few days shall take Abhinandan as a person to have been brainwashed by Pakistan and sent back to India for spying purposes.

    The likelihood remains. If he is spared by his own government and the jingoistic media then so far so good.

    While the February tensions between the two nations were still on, the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) had its meet in Abu Dhabi had invited Indian Foreign Minister Mrs. Swaraj as Guest of Honor.

    An irritated Pakistan while boycotted the OIC meet then Mrs. Swaraj utilized the forum to criticize her rival nation.

    The Indian media and the government in Delhi took Sushma’s solo presence in Abu Dhabi equivalent to a victory over Pakistan without firing a single shot to the enemy. However, the reverse came to true instead.

    However, New Delhi had no inkling as to what had been in the store for India at the end of the OIC meet in Abu Dhabi.

    The statement that was released upon the conclusion of the OIC meet had talked of “Indian terrorism”, a term perhaps for the first time coined so boldly by the congregation of the Islamic States scattered over the globe.

    Any bad words used against India makes it a plus point for Pakistan, as is the practice and vice versa.

    The OIC press release read in part, “The OIC resolution condemned in the strongest terms (the) recent wave of Indian terrorism in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir and expressed deep concern over the atrocities and human rights violations in Indian Occupied Kashmir”.

    Moreover, Council of Foreign Ministers (CFM) of the OIC which concluded in Abu Dhabi on Saturday, reiterated that “Jammu and Kashmir remained the core dispute between Pakistan and India” and “its resolution is indispensable for the dream for peace in South Asia”.

    “The OIC resolution also condemned in the strongest terms the recent wave of Indian terrorism in occupied Jammu and Kashmir and expressed deep concern over the atrocities and human rights violations in IOK [Indian Occupied Kashmir],” the statement said.

    The message is loud and clear for India.

    The OIC in deriding at India has in some way or the other endorsed Pakistan’s stance on Kashmir which has called it as “central to regional peace”.

    The Saudi Crown Prince MBS played his veiled role perhaps.

    The smaller countries of this region endorse the final OIC statement.

    In the meantime, a good news is also here for our readers. India and Pakistan may treat each other as enemies, but the students studying in Oxford, United Kingdom, gathered together to say no to war and conflict …well done guys and girls, says senior Indian journalist Rajdeep Sardesai in his freshly posted tweet. Rajdeep is not that aggressive comparatively.

    This means that the new generation in India and Pakistan would love to hate even the idea of war and conflict with each other.

    This should open the Indian eyes. India though has kept Nepal in a tormented state beginning 1950 but yet we take the innocent Indian population as friends.

    India tortured Nepali population (being scared of Economic Blockades in series) too would wish that both the government of India and Pakistan to understand the message the students from across the borders wish to send to their respective government from Oxford.

    The Economist dated February 28, 2019, asks PM Modi to accept Imran Khan’s offer for peace talk but at the same time it thinks Modi is incapable of talking peace.

    This perhaps speaks as to how internationally acknowledged media outlets take PM Modi and the Oxford graduate Imran Khan.

    While one is Oxonian then the other has spent his childhood by boiling tea over and over again and that too at the Railway stations. We can feel Modi’s pain and understand the educational gap that keeps Modi to speak the language of War but not of peace. Poor Modi.

    When pushed to the wall inside his own country by sane and peace loving Indian population, PM Modi-the war monger that he is being taken now after Pulwama incident, made a very dangerous remark in an Ahmedabad election rally just yesterday wherein he apparently lost his mental balance and threatened Pakistan, in his own words, “Will enter your territory and strike terror”.

    In saying so, PM Modi sent a warning like never before from the Ahmedabad election rally. Election stunt that it is.

    In response, writes the Swedish Professor of Indian origin Ashok Swain in his fresh tweet dated 4 March 2019 that “But who will tell Modi that Pakistan has more nuclear weapons (140) but India has only (120)? And who will tell Modi that China will surely support while India has no one? So why is Modi pushing India to hell just because he can win election? According to India Today dated September 4, 2018, the number of listed militants in Kashmir has gone up to 300 in the last one decade for the first time, according to figures compiled by the Jammu and Kashmir Police. The number of militants was usually around 200 in the ten years previously, with the figure coming down to the lowest at 78 in 2013 since insurgency started in 1990. One of the main reasons for the increase in the number of militants is local youths in south Kashmir picking up arms, writes India Today quoting Police sources. Out of the 300 listed militants, close to 180 are active in south Kashmir districts.

    According to experts, the killing of Hizbul Mujahideens poster boy Burhan Wani in 2016 triggered the spike in the number of militants with more youngsters picking up arms. Around 126 youths joined militancy in last year alone adds India today write up penned by Shujaul-Haq in Srinagar.

    The Frontline Kashmir has come in a very sensible way. The Frontline has some sort of appeal being made to all Kashmiris living in various parts of the world for saving Kashmir from the current crisis that has been lingering since decades and decades.

    The Frontline Kashmir tweet of dated 2 February in makes a passionate appeal which says in part, “It is time for the Kashmiri diaspora to come out and make efforts to highlight the atrocities committed by the Indian forces in Kashmir and across the Line of Control (LoC). Around 2.5 million Kashmiris are settled in the UK, US, European Union, Canada and a few could also be seen inside Thamel area of Kathmandu, Nepal. If these Kashmiris unite can definitely make an impact”.

    In the meantime one scholar Aparna Pande  from the Washington based Hudson Institute speaks about the volatile situation in South Asia, February 27, 2109 wherein she says “India also needs to focus its attention on the rise of China and the challenge that poses for which India’s attention should be on building its economy and its defense. War does not benefit India and will only hamper India’s desire to build itself economically and militarily. Instead any conflict or war with Pakistan helps Chinese aims”.

    For this scholar, China is a threat but not Pakistan and thus suggests her country of origin (?) to take note of her remarkable suggestions.

    In the meanwhile, Pakistan’s information minister this Sunday admitted that the crown prince of Saudi Arabia and the UAE played a “commendable” role in helping to defuse recent tensions on the subcontinent.

    Pakistan’s Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry thanked the Kingdom’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and the UAE’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed for their “commendable” interventions.

    “Saudi Arabia, the UAE and other Muslim countries have been of a great help,” Chaudhry told The Arab News when asked about the role of the Arab world in deescalating the crisis.

    He also welcomed the strongly worded resolution adopted by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on the disputed Kashmir region.

    Before we conclude this write up, here is what the great Shayar Bashir Badra said long time back. He says, “One may fight but should not stoop so low that whenever you meet again, you are not ashamed of”.

    Its literal Urdu translation is here.

    Dushmani Jam Kar Karo Lekin Ye Gunjais rahey, Jab Kabhi ham Dost Ho Jayen to Sharminda Na Ho”. That’s all.


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