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Grand design to split Nepal begins?

  • Published on: March 13, 2019

    It is time now to check the very nationalistic credentials of Nepal’s Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli.
    Abundant reasons are there to do so.
    The entire Nepali population got stunned the manner Nepal’s apex Court in a very mysterious manner gave the verdict in favor of the one Nepali national who is on record to have taken mother Nepal as …titute. (We feel ashamed in writing in full as to how he pronounced mother Nepal)
    He may have personal grievances with the Nepali rulers for a variety of valid or even invalid reasons but the way he took mother Nepal in a most repulsive way does tell that he perhaps takes his own mother as the same to what he has talked of mother Nepal.
    Though we want to clarify in clear terms that we honor and respect the mother of this Nepali national who has pounced upon and used words that the people in a civilized society prefer not to make such derogatory remarks. One can stoop so low?
    While PM KP Oli claims that he has signed an agreement with the declared secessionist, Dr. CK Raut, and that the “man of determination” Mr. Raut claims that he has abandoned his entire activities that were aimed at the secession of mother Nepal and that he, Mr. Raut, accepts and recognizes the territorial integrity and the ever unchallenged sovereign status of this country.
    He however, doesn’t reiterate in words but gives an impression that henceforth he shall refrain from making any such attempts that shall split the nation.
    But his agreement with the State fizzled out and took an ugly shape when the next day of the signing of the covenant with the State, Mr. Raut indirectly encouraged his followers in Janakpur to shout slogans that completely ignored the spirit of the just inked arrangement that had been signed a day ahead.
    PM Oli and his Maoists Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa repeatedly say that the secessionists voices and political overtures that were being made in certain quarters inside Nepal all have come to an end and that Nepal was now safe from the evil designs of the inimical forces both from within without.
    Minister Thapa is confident that Dr. Raut has been tamed. But is he?
    Now the question is that if Dr. CK Raut had been comfortable with the PM Oli designed “peace agreement” then his followers would not have chanted slogans that signaled that Raut’s “movement” had not come to an end but instead the movement per se had been even encouraged by the executive chief of the State who tentatively accorded Dr. Raut a rousing welcome to what may not have been granted even to our brilliant sons of the soil Comrade Prachanda and Dr. BR Bhattarai while being in Delhi’s hospitality at time of their export to Nepal in 2006.
    The Nepal Maoists though were pawn of the Indian regime but yet they never talked of splitting the nation-state.
    The question is also that whether PM Oli and the so called free for all system went to the fold of Dr. CK Raut or the latter was brought to the mainstream democratic politics by abandoning his somewhat horrible demands? Time will only settle this conflicting issue. We at this paper at the moment fail to understand the very trick of this agreement as to why and how and who made all these funny events to take a formal shape and that too all of a sudden?
    And who shall benefit from this particular vague agreement ultimately?
    While we honor and possess sympathy for Dr. CK Raut’s trials and tribulations that he endured, as he claims in his book, while coming all the way from his childhood to a matured secessionist-scientist, however, we still would love to question as to which factors prompted him to negotiate with the government to which he hates and takes them as Pahadiya rulers, in order to provide a safe landing to his almost uphill task which is what had been the creation of an Independent Madhesh nation” by splitting the mainland mother Nepal? Is he tired now?
    Or the present agreement is just a dangerous ploy engineered by him enjoying the secret backing of some declared alien forces who wish to see a fractured Nepal much the same way the Nepal Maoists tried during the mid-nineties with the tacit and all out support from the New Delhi regime under BJP rule led then by Atal Behari Bajpayee. As stated earlier, the Maoists did not talk of dividing Nepal into several pieces.
    While we understand the caliber and the inner capabilities of this young Nepali scientist that Dr. Raut is by all means, however, we fail to understand as to why Professor Sukh Deo Muni, the number one Nepal hater that he has proved himself to be, is all of a sudden more than happy with the fresh political development in Nepal which talks of an agreement in between the Nepali State with Dr. CK Rauat? He congratulated both PM Oli and Dr. Raut. Muni’s poking nose into exclusive Nepali affairs has ever harmed this country.
    This is puzzling and equally dangerous in that this Indian Professor as and when he pokes his nose into the exclusive nepali affairs, things take a catastrophic turn as was evident in the Nepal Maoists case while the latter were residing in New Delhi and had been pouncing upon their own mother land.
    We have words of praise for Dr. CK Raut in that whatever he has done or spoke against Nepal has been done by being right inside the Nepali territory. This is an act that demands admiration from across the entire section of the Nepali society.
    Raut’s intentions could have been different but yet he practiced his democratic rights not from an alien land but from the land of his own birth.
    Thanks Dr. Raut. But yet his trusted men have spoken in international forums much against Nepal’s Pahadiya oppressive rulers.
    But several questions remain yet to be answered by Dr. Raut.
    Firstly, he has to take his highly derogatory words back with which he has abused his own motherland.
    Secondly, instead of apologizing for his erratic activities done in the past in the name of Free Madhesh, he has yet not said that he henceforth shall abandon his demand for a free Madhesh.
    Thirdly, if he would have changed his mind and heart for all that he did in the past, should have explained his complete dissociation with those erratic acts at time of the gala conference with the Prime Minister KP Oli just the other day when he signed the agreement with the State. He skipped and was not apologetic and thus left the people to keep on guessing as to wait for his would be step?
    Fourthly, he should have through the same meet held in Kathmandu wherein he signed an agreement with the State sent an appeal to his diehard followers in Janakpur and elsewhere not to get themselves engaged in the same activities that were aimed at the creation of a free country in South Asia-Madhesh. But he deliberately ignored to convey conciliatory message to his followers back in his area of hold. Why? This must have some meaning then.
    Fifthly, what is the guarantee that even after signing an agreement with the State, Dr. Raut shall refrain from continuing the acts for which he was taken as a secessionist and jailed several times in the past?
    Sixthly, Dr. Raut, the highly qualified Nepali national that he is, must have taken oath after signing the agreement with the State that he will do all that he can in order to bring in development and prosperity in the nation and work day and night in order to bring smiles in the faces of the population residing in the Tarai –Madhesh plains of Nepal for which he had been fighting for long, if one were to recall.
    Seventhly, Dr. Raut so far has not reprimanded his Janakpur followers for chanting unwarranted slogans? What makes him to keep this silence which in many more ways than one provides the brainy intellectuals to suspect his changed credentials? Has he changed?
    The former UML leader Bhim Rawal and Comrade Narayan Kaji Shrestha are the only two communist leaders who have out rightly made comments against the agreement in between the State and Chandra Kant Raut.
    Some nationalists have been found crying in Face Book and Twitter which is at best they can do instead of coming to the streets if they really were true to their nationalist credentials. But not even a single man has come to the street against the agreement that was signed definitely in a haste. Crying in the FB makes no sense.
    It is this haste which gives some credence to the theory that this agreement has been “imposed from above” by some alien forces, near and far, much the same way as had been the case with the 12 point agreement, the Delhi sponsored design to damage Nepal to which it did with calculated finesse.
    Interestingly, instead of the 12 point agreement from Delhi, it is the 11 point agreement sent from……?
    To recall, it was this Indian Professor Muni who had lured and brainwashed Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai along with Comrade Prachanda to sign one security agreement with the then BJP regime in New Delhi wherein the Delhi residing Nepal Maoists agreed to remain sensitive towards Indian core security concerns and in lieu promised that Nepal will have to kneel down and later shall be forced to come under the Indian orbit.
    However, Dr. Raut’s case may not be that.
    Having said all these, it could be well guessed is that the present agreement between Dr. Raut and PM Oli is not only their brain work but instead they have been assisted by the same “inimical alien lobby” which is very close to both the Prime Minister and the other contracting party. It is presumed that some invisible forces may have brought the two conflicting parties to the table and then began the coercion of the Judiciary. Great game indeed.
    Yet the people claim that Nepali judiciary is independent.
    It would not be out of place here to remind the readers that India has vowed to split Nepal much ahead of 2030.
    If so then it must be the first step towards that end. Should this mean that it is the beginning of the end of Nepal?
    Very interestingly, Prime Minister KP Oli, the highly perceived by the Indian leaders and bureaucrats as a China man to which he is not, has stunned the newly appointed Chinese Ambassador as she could not even think of such a dangerous development to have been taking place in Nepal while she was dancing to the tune of a Nepali song on the evening of March 8, 2019.
    This speaks of the present state of failed Chinese diplomacy in Nepal. The new Ambassador has failed because Nepali nationals living in the bordering Tibetan part of China too would prefer to demand for greater autonomy first and then to secede from the mainland Nepal.
    Nepal’s split shall not go unnoticed in Tibet-China.
    If so then that would be a grave issue for China to tackle with time permitting. The height of China’s diplomatic negligence.
    What has been paining now Bhim Rawal, the former UML leader, shall eventually pain the entire nation?
    Politician Bhim Rawal must not have been talking to the Nepali media against this agreement but perhaps he is speaking against this “Oli-Raut Pact” because he has perceived the looming threat over the nation.
    But Mr. Rawal and Narayan Kaji are advised to bring this issue to the party’s central committee and initiate debate as to why Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli preferred to revive the sad and callous memory of Kaji Lendhup Dorje of the sovereign Sikkim era?
    These two NCP leaders claim that without having a debate on a matter sensitive as the one signed with Dr. Raut, PM Oli has made a solo decision which is likely to boomerang for chances remain that Dr. Raut may take the whole agreement game as a step up for achieving his desired objectives. But why they don’t bring the issue in the party for debate? Impotent leaders.
    PM Oli though has just claimed that on issues like Nepal’s territorial integrity and sovereignty no referendum of the sort as may have been in the minds of Dr. Raut’s followers could be entertained.
    But how Raut rebukes PM’s threat will have to be watched. Give it any name, the fact is that the great game to split the nation has begun with a big bang.
    And very freshly, Dr. BR Bhattarai too has demands adequate clarifications from both the signatories as they have been interpreting the agreement suiting to their preferences.
    The use of the word Jan Abhimat in the second paragraph of the agreement has confused many a brains in Nepal.
    While the government side interprets the word Jan-Abhimat as a mere exercise of collecting opinions of the people for a certain issue then the side that represents Dr. Raut and demands the existence of Free Madhesh claim that the government has agreed for a referendum and if so the people of Terai-Madhesh shall vote in favor of Free Madhesh.
    Having said that, as of writing thisd story Dr. Raut is silent. Things will come to the fore as and when Dr. Raut speaks his mind and explains as to how the agreement signed with the government should be interpreted.
    But will Raut’s followers listen to the changed stance of their fire brand leader-the champion of the Free Madhesh movement?
    For the road: Veteran politician and senior economist of the country, Dr. Prakash Chandra Lohani has said that PM Oli has himself fallen flat while thinking that his agreement with Chandra Kant Raut shall come as a big surprise for the national population. He has ventilated his inner feelings through his fresh Twitter account.
    Likewise, Dr. Rajesh Ahiraj, a veteran political scientist/journalist has bluntly advised Indian Professor SD Muni to concentrate his mind solely for the benefit of his nation-India and not to poke his nose on Nepali issues.
    Is it the first step towards the disintegration of Nepal? Is Oli to be blamed? Who is then the next Lendhup Dorje of South Asia? That’s all.


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