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Three faces of the coin

  • Published on: March 13, 2019

    Since its inception more than a decade back among all features of the new republican order democratization of corruption had stood out tall. All the political parties that had been part of the governments were either directly engaged in or promoted corruption.
    However, after release of CK Raut- the Madhesi secessionist by Supreme Court of Nepal and a day after his release, the government reaching a deal with the alleged spy of western powers, has virtually made sure that anyone demanding country’s split will also be rewarded by the state.
    This incident has added another feather in the hat of the new republican order.
    Much taller and distinct than any other features.
    The Communist Prime Minister K.P. Sharma Oli and his party are even planning to appoint C.K. Raut as a member in the upper house of the parliament.
    Not only corruption but secession will also be rewarded under the communist regime in the republican order.
    Whether Raut is a Western spy or a RAW plant is not known yet but readers are advised not to confuse between C.K. Raut and C.K. Lal. Two different individuals, serving same purpose and are considered of the same school of thought.
    Reports even claim that this deal between Supreme Court, Government of Nepal and Raut was swiftly handled by the Indian intelligence agency, RAW.
    There have been incidents in the past where the Indian ambassadors have personally met with the Chief Justices of Nepal there by influencing the Supreme Court decisions.
    With the independent judiciary too on India’s fold, accept it or not we are heading for a total state collapse.
    The former Maoist ideologue turned democrat Baburam Bhattarai even claims that a tacit deal was reached between the government and Raut prior to his release.
    Much in the manner similar to how he was brought to Kathmandu by his New Delhi masters.
    Baburam goes further in blaming that Prime Minister K.P. Sharma Oli and Raut are two sides of the same coin. Analysts say there is possibly third face of the coin and that is Baburam himself- the closest ally of the Indian machination.
    There is another setback for nationalists because the deal also incorporates a provision for a plebiscite to determine the fate of Madhesh.
    Media reported, after reaching the deal with the government, Raut headed straight to Janakpur where his supporters while welcoming their secessionist leader demanded an independent Madhesi nation, which claim the ruling party cadres directly violates the freshly reached agreement.
    In any case, the incident clearly proves that not only has Raut got his upper hand in the deal but the communist government has laid down its weapon without firing a single bullet.
    If so then, is Madhesh going to be another Kashmir in South Asia?


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