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Why Prachanda going to the US?

  • Published on: March 13, 2019

  • By Our Reporter
    Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda, along with his wife Sita and other three persons are leaving for Baltimore on 18 March. The visit is learnt to have for treatment of his wife Sita in a hospital there.
    Earlier, he had planned to leave for Washington on 26 January. He postponed the visit for 9 March. Again, he had cancelled the visit, according to sources.
    Prachanda was planning to visit the US for his wife’s treatment and he had already booked air ticket for all five members.
    After cancellation of his visit scheduled for 26 January, Prachanda had issued a statement supporting the sitting president in Venezuela. This statement was against the US and other European nations who have recognized opposition leader in Venezuela as the interim president. Prachanda’s statement was against the Nepal government policy.
    The statement was issued after the Western ambassadors in Kathmandu had issued a joint statement expressing concern on the transitional period justice in Nepal. The joint statement was issued at a time when the government was preparing for amnesty to all those who were involved in human rights violation cases during the “people’s war” era.
    Against the joint statement issued by the western diplomats, Prachanda had issued the statement on Venezuela.
    Immediately after the statement, the American ambassador had called on Prachanda. During the meeting between Prachanda and the envoy, the former had clarified that he was not against the US but he was compelled to issue a statement on Venezuela under the pressure from the party. Furthermore, he had requested for an invitation for him to visit the US. Since then, Prachanda was waiting for the invitation and when he failed to receive the invitation on time, he has cancelled the visit to the US, say sources.
    However, it is believed that Prachanda has been able to get an invitation from the US Embassy here to visit America.
    In 2013, Nepal Army colonel Lama was arrested in London. Since then, none of the then Maoist leaders has visited European countries. Once, Prachanda had planned to visit Australia, however, at the last hours, he cancelled the visit due to the fear of his arrest there.
    Prachanda was seeking official invitation from the US as it would be a clean chit for him against the cases of violation of human rights during the “people’s war” era.
    On the other hand, the US is bargaining with the government as well as the Nepal Army by showing the cases of human rights violation during the “people’s war” wer. The bargain is related to Nepal’s active participation in the Indo-Pacific Strategy and against Nepal joining the BRI club initiated by China, say political analysts.


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