• Tuesday 20th August 2019

Conventional Wisdom

  • Published on: March 20, 2019

  • The past decade or so of modernism have proved us wrong. We have thrown out our conventions, trashed our history cashed in our national institutions and wished away our past in hope for a better future. The silver lining in this virtually suicidal dash for modernity is that a process of dismantling the myths that morphed today’s Nepal has begun. The search for solutions today’s seemingly insurmountable problems have begun in earnest. Politics now posits the riddle that our future be defined by the radicalism of the ‘Biplav’ Maoists and the separatism of ‘Raut’. It now bunks the theory that the ‘Congress’ is democracy and the ‘communists’ are nationalists. A non-functional government is finding the remnant of an outdated monarchy an embarrassing public attraction as an alternative. The intelligentsia cannot but refrain from tirades against politicians which now must transgress party lines. The partisan media is envious of the public attraction of social media as the more effective sources of public news and views. Republican, secular and federal Nepal, the popular conclusion is, has been a political indulgence that has left a non-performing state at the mercy of politicians grappling with variegated international interests that keep on eroding the state that is the very basis of their political emergence in the very first place.
    Changing the change agents is a common public conclusion no doubt. Wisdom dawns that parliamentary numbers make this possibility distant. The streets are thus proving increasingly alluring. The deterrent lies in the virtual monopoly of cadre money and muscle with a non-functioning mainstream which continues to lure the media for propaganda. Willing vassals harp on the theory that democracy has no alternative and that change must be wrought from within this non functioning system. In actual fact, the public sees no system in a system that depends on extracting spoils from the public to sustain their depleting support base. The rot has seeped to an endless bottom exposing the population once again to the point of a new rebellion and search for an alternative leadership or alternative organization that a decade ago facilitated Prachanda’s rise is again on the rampant. It is not for nothing that K.P. Oli must now seek direct control of the army which is the last vestige of the state’s conventional organization. Indeed, conclusions of an army role in allowing the alternative to emerge draw that institution again into unwanted public focus. Once again, we stress caution. Once again, we draw attention to the fact that today’s colossal disaster is the result of yesterday’s political excess. We must go back to where we erred for correction. Conventional wisdom demands that tampering with constitutions at the behest of obliging extra-national partners cannot but result in national disasters. It is this that must be focused on.


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