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Former king receives red carpet welcome in central Tarai

  • Published on: March 20, 2019

  • By Our Reporter
    Former King Gyanendra concluded his central Tarai visit and returned Damak on Sunday, 17 March.
    The Former King had reached Janakpur on Wednesday, last week. While staying in a hotel in Janakpur, the former King had visited different Hindu shrines including Ram-Janaki Temple in Dhanusha, Udayapur and Saptari districts.
    Although the former King is no more in any constitutional position, people in Janakpur greeted him by laying down red carpet. In all the places where the former King had visited, thousands of people were gathered spontaneously.
    Frustrated from present state of mal-governance in the country, they complaint to the former king about their plight and expressed worry on the situation of their motherland. The mass chanted slogans such as “Come king save the nation”!
    The message:
    Gathering of thousands of the local people to see the former king is the message that they still want the institution of monarchy, which was demolished through the foreigners’ conspiracy.
    The message is that the institution of monarchy is still a symbol of unity among the diverse people having different language, culture, religion and tradition.
    The message is that the Tarai people in No 2 province, which is known as the center of the Tarai uprising, have high regards and affection with the institution of monarchy.
    Although it was a pilgrimage as a commoner, the former king was greeted with great admiration by the locals.
    Finally, the message is that republicanism, federalism and secularism were against the wish of the majority of the population.
    Former Queen mother discharged:
    Former queen mother Ratna has been discharged from the Norvic Hospital on Monday, 18 March after recovering her health.
    The former king has extended thanks to the doctors, nurses attending his mother and the Hospital management and all those who had wished for speedy recovery of his mother’s health, according to a statement issued by Dr Phani Pathak, the former king’s press secretary.
    Former crown prince had reached to the Hospital to receive his grandmother.


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