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Lopshang made possible Prachanda’s journey to America

  • Published on: March 27, 2019

  • By Our Reporter
    Dr Lopshang Sange, a leader of the Tibetan refugees in Nepal, had played the role of a mediator while ending cold relations between former prime minister and co-chairman of the ruling Nepal Communist Party, Prachanda and American ambassador Randy Berry.
    Due to the role of Lopshang, the visit of Prachanda and his wife Sita to the US became possible.
    After the controversial statement on Venezuela, the US Embassy in Kathmandu had asked clarification with the government to make clear on its stance on foreign affairs. The US ambassador had even boycotted the gathering of the ambassadors in Nepal called by Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli.
    The US government has not removed Prachanda’s name from the terrorists’ list.
    But, Prachanda travelled to the US with confidence.
    According to sources, prior to his departure to the US, Prachanda had held two rounds of meeting with the ambassador coordinated by Lopshang, the ambassador of the Dalai Lama in exile.
    The US government is providing financial support to the Tibetan refugees sheltered in Nepal and India. There are about one hundred twenty seven thousand Tibetan refugees sheltered in Nepal and India. The American Senate provides a budget worth eight million US dollars per year to them. Also, through different other sources, the US government is providing ten million US dollars to the refugees. Besides, UNHCR is also funding enough money to the Tibetan refugees.
    Due to the attraction of enough allowances and other opportunities, a remarkable number of Tibetans flee away from Tibet and go to India and western countries by using Nepal’s route every year.
    China has not liked such activities. China has urged the Nepal government for not allowing Nepal’s route to the Tibetans to flee away to India and other countries. However, the Nepal government has not dared to extradite the Tibetan refugees to China.
    The US, time and again, is raising the issue of violation of human rights of the refugees in Nepal.
    Meanwhile, the Dalai Lama’s government in exile has assigned Buddhist monk Master Karma Tanpai Gyatsen for developing relations between the Tibetan refugees and Nepal government. The embassy of the Tibet government in exile is closed to Prachanda’s residence in Lajimpat. However, the Nepal government has not allowed to put its signboard.
    Gyatsen had visited Oli’s residence in Balkot and had extended congratulations immediately after Oli was elected the PM.
    Similarly, on 14 March, 2018, Gyatsen had reached Sittal Niwas and congratulated to Bidhya Bhandari for being reelected to the post of the President. He had wished for the success of the second tenure and also wished for good health of the President.
    (Tarun vernacular weekly)


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