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Pakistan’s diplomatic image takes a new height: US inching closer to Prachanda is dangerous

  • Published on: March 27, 2019

    Nepal Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli’s arrogance has quadrupled over these days and weeks more so after he signed an “unequal treaty” with declared secessionist Dr. CK Raut wherein the latter duped, many a sharp brains believe, Prime Minister Oli in a broad day light.
    But PM Oli is in a jubilant mood and rebukes that he has instead brought the ‘Raut factor’ to the mainstream politics of the nation.
    Raut so far after signing of the agreement with the State has not spelt even a single word and has acquired a mode of silence which gives some space to suspect his very changed political credentials.
    Raut’s enigmatic silence though is being interpreted by the men in the government suiting to their needs, however, revulsion to this arrangement is increasing among the Nepal’s academic sector which has now trickled down to each and every levels of the society.
    From advocate Swagat Nepal, Dr. DN Dhungel, Dr. PS Basnyat, Lawyer Surendra Bhandari and Dr. Surendra KC to Raajendra Mahato and many more are there to have denounced this agreement which PM Oli inked with Raut under the pressure expectedly from some extraneous forces wherein he even brought the Nepal’s Apex Court in a controversy thereby sending a negative signal to the world at large that Nepal’s Judicial system has become a tool to be twisted by the chief of the Executive.
    Very unfortunate that it was, said advocate Swagat Nepal talking to this scribe over phone the other day.
    Mr. Nepal is a teacher of International Law in Kathmandu.
    The social awareness is thus increasing each day and PM Oli is being equated with those who wish to split the nation under pressure from certain alien quarters.
    PM Oli may not be a political personality who has some tacit linkages with Dr. Raut’s secessionist designs, however, the circumstantial evidences surfaced so far does hint that Oli and some members of his cabinet team are being used and over used by some external elements to break Nepal into several pieces.
    PM Oli may not even be in knowledge that he is being used. But the fact is that he has already been used.
    Is PM Oli supporting divisive forces? Keep on guessing.
    Leaving PM Oli in Kathmandu to tackle with the non-ending Nepali ailments, the former New Delhi man is currently in the United States of America-the boss of the Imperialist world as the communists in Nepal including Maoists Chief Prachanda pronounced each and every second at time of the fake and the Delhi sponsored people’s war.
    Prachanda who has the distinction for having killed some seventeen thousand innocent lives during the fake people’s war, is in the USA for the “free treatment” of his wife Mrs. Sita Dahal.
    The US stands for justice, we have been told.
    Mrs. Dahal is being treated at the Baltimore based Johns Hopkins hospital in the US.
    He is here to dupe the US, the men who understand him better conclude.
    US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo must understand this fact prior to coming to a hasty conclusion as regards the visiting Maoists fake leader that is Prachanda.
    Let’s see the trick(s) how he made his forced entry into the good book of the US which to the Nepali population appeared remote till a day ahead of his departure to the US.
    However some extra clever brains who knew Prachanda from his Rampur College days (when he was a student at the Agriculture Campus) were sure that this clever Brahmin will make his way to the US even if he has to play foul with the entire US administration. He won the play. He tricked the US.
    Prachanda first took to courage to irritate the US administration for having poked its nose in the Venezuelan affairs.
    He was sure that in doing so, he will attract the attention of the US.
    He used some abusive words against the US and then the US Ambassador in Kathmandu rushed, as expected, to see Prachanda at his private residence and assured the former rebel leader that his country was ready to offer free treatment to his wife in the USA.
    The moment Ambassador Randy Berry conveyed the US message to Prachanda privately, the Delhi man of the Maoists era changed the image of the US from imperialist to a savior.
    To recall, the US was one of the first few countries to have declared the Nepal Maoists as a terrorist outfit.
    ( I recall now that when the Maoists terror associated with its wanton killings were at its peak in Nepal, one US scholar named Thomas Mark was in Kathmandu who had briefed some Nepali media men as to what extent the Maoists were dangerous not only for Nepal but for entire South Asia. The US Ambassador to Nepal was perhaps Michael E Malinowsky when Thomas Mark had visited Nepal. I was also in the small group to have been briefed by Mark Thomas. It was around this time perhaps one US embassy security officer was gunned down by the Nepal Maoists).
    Now the question arises as to why and for what gains the US offered olive branch to the one from Nepal who was a declared terrorist in the eyes of the American administration?
    Why the US love suddenly erupted for Prachanda?
    It is definitely not, let’s guess for some time now, free. The US prefers now a strong man in Kathmandu to advance the scope and the reach of Indo-Pacific strategy by entrusting a key role to Prachanda.
    But Prachanda is a New Delhi’s tested man and thus he can any time cheat the US as per the instructions of the Indian regime. Take it for granted.
    The US must understand that a man who has deceived his own mother country, how can he remain loyal to the US?
    The US is thus advised not to take this unstable political personality in good faith as he can double cross the US by informing both New Delhi and Beijing about how the men in the White House tried to seduce him and told him to work for the US upon his Kathmandu return.
    The chances remain high that Comrade Prachanda, the bogus communist leader as he is being taken in Nepal, may purposely drip this secret talks that he may have had with the US officials, for example Alice G Wells, to the men in New Delhi who provided him with a base in India to pounce upon Nepal just some years back.
    If the US trusts Prachanda and believes that he could be of some help to enhance the scheme of Indo-Pacific strategy in South Asia through him then that would be taken as the sign of USs immature diplomatic acts.
    The US prior to taking Prachanda in its good book must take note of the appeal made by Dr. Tilak Shrestha, a highly qualified Nepali intellectuals residing in Kentucky, USA, who has demanded some legal actions be taken against visiting Nepal Maoists leader for having killed 17 thousand innocent lives in the name of the People’s War in Nepal.
    Prachanda who is friendly with the US at the moment may once again hit the US when he is back in Nepal upon the completion of Sita Dahal’s treatment.
    The US must find some time to study to what Tilak Shrestha, a Kentucky man, demands from the US, Mr. Shrestha naturally demands that Prachanda be taken to task by the US administration and let the world’s peace loving people understand that the US stands against all forms of terrorism including those that rocked Nepal for over a decade or so in the recent past.
    Having said all these, the Nepali intellectuals remain askance as to how and why the US became so weak in its dealing with the fake Maoists leader-a billionaire now in Nepal and treated him as the one who as if is a recognized statesman of South Asia.
    He is the most unstable person in South Asia instead. Prachanda is a bogus communist leader. He is, at best the man of Delhi who could expand his relations, if he so desires, with any country in the globe if such an expansion of the ties benefit his private politics.
    Yes he can create problems for China if the US so desires. However, one fine morning he may inform Beijing that he did all these as per the instructions of the US.
    And here is a clear warning to all. He can never be a trusted man of the US and China for he is the trusted and tested man of Delhi, as stated earlier.
    Informed sources claim that the US wants a small favor from Prachanda when he is back in Nepal.
    The US would wish to use Prachanda to remain ever sensitive towards the Tibetan refugees residing in Nepal. The US would wish that Prachanda uses his good office and impress upon the Nepal government led by PM KP Oli to honor the basic Human Rights of the Tibetans living in Nepal and that the Tibetans be granted asylum in Nepal for all time to come.
    It would not be out of place to mention here that in a letter recently sent to Nepal PM Oli by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo appealing the Prime Minister to remain sensitive towards the Tibetans living in Nepal and that they be awarded a friendly and compassionate treatment to such refugees from Tibet on humanitarian grounds.
    If so then that should mean by extension that the US too should show compassion towards the Nepali nationals who too have fled Nepal for the US and other countries to avert the threat of being attacked by the former Maoists whose Chief is currently visiting the US for his consort’s treatment. But is the US administration too sensitive towards those Nepali nationals who have entered the US to save their lives from the possible Maoists attacks?
    Those who have fled Nepal for fear of the Maoists expect that they be awarded justice on humanitarian grounds much the same way Nepal based Tibetans demand from the Nepal Government. The Tibetans want to live in Nepal free from the fear of being deported to China by Nepal government.
    Mind it that the Maoists party led by Netra Bikram Chand is still kicking and alive in Nepal which means that the threat remains intact for those who left Nepal for good in order to save their lives from any possible attacks from the party of the dangerous rebels.
    Mr. Chand and Prachanda were housed in the same Party in the days of the chaotic people’s war-the war which they both operated from New Delhi.
    Now let’s take note of the ongoing politics in the South Asian region.
    Being a prominent country in South Asia, Nepali politics is bound to have an impact due to the India-Pakistan tensed relations beginning February 14, 2019.
    Needless to say, Nepali politics is very much influenced by the dominating behaviors of the Indian leaders who have tentatively taken Nepal as a country very close to have already become a protectorate like Bhutan and thus they have concluded that Nepali leaders must be tamed and that China must not be allowed to penetrate into the body politics of Nepal. This applies to Pakistan also.
    A rough estimate reveals that eighty percent of the political men who have been ruling Nepal since 2005-6, feel honored to have been installed by the Indian regime and told to rule the former but only as per New Delhi’s instructions.
    And it is in this light one could see the sudden suspension of Nepal-Pakistan secretary level talks.
    The reason has been given to understand that since the Kathmandu born Indian Foreign secretary Bijaya Gokhaley is all set to land in Nepal for bilateral talks and that is why the already fixed meetings with the Pakistani officials have been suspended for an indefinite period.
    This explains as to how our leadership and the bureaucracy in Nepal is being twisted by the Indian regime.
    PM Oli is talked to be very close to the Indian regime but yet China takes Oli as a reliable friend to which he is not and shall never be.
    The India which is being liked and preferred by Nepal PM Oli is in itself a rouge country wherein Hindu terror continues like anything. Look here is an example as to how the Indian democracy and its Court are functioning.
    Only last week, a trial court in Panchkula acquitted all the accused in the 2007 Samjhauta Express train blast case, for want of evidence.
    Among the accused was former RSS member Naba Kumar Sarkar aka Aseemanand, said to have been the mastermind and ideological guide behind a number of cases that allegedly involved radical Hindu groups, report Indian news agencies.
    Among six such cases that investigators had linked to former RSS members, this is the second (after the 2007 blasts at Mecca Masjid of Hyderabad) in which all the accused have been acquitted by trial courts. The NIA (National Investigation Authority) has challenged neither any of the acquittals, nor any order granting bail to an accused.
    This explains as to how bombings and killings of such a magnitude go unpunished in saffron clad India under Chaya Wallah PM Modi.
    The Hindu terror continues in India. The Indian Muslims are the real target at different places of India in the recent days.
    Indian sensitivity towards the Muslims is zero came to light when a fanatic Australian torched a Church in New Zealand some ten days ago.
    PM Modi tentatively kept silence over the ghastly killings in New Zealand. The manner PM Jacinda Ardern handled the entire sad episode touched the hearts of the entire world more so of the Muslim nations scattered in different corners of the globe.
    Let’s now discuss China-Pakistan ties.
    Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said he discussed last week the issue of Masood Azhar with close ally China, which blocked for the fourth time a proposal at the UN to designate the Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammed chief as a ”global terrorist”.
    Mr Qureshi who returned from Beijing on last Thursday after attending the first strategic bilateral dialogue between the two all-weather allies, heaped praise on China.
    “We take each other into confidence on all issues. Sometime they guide us and sometimes they change their policy after listening to us,” he said after talks with Chinese Foriegn Minister Wang Yi, Chinese media agencies have reported.
    Mr Qureshi said he discussed the issue of Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) chief Azhar with China, which used its right of technical hold to stop a proposal by France, the US and the UK against him at the UN Security Council.
    In a fresh development, Indian PM Modi congratulated Pakistan on its national day celebrations to which the Pakistan Prime Minister reciprocated with a new assurance to India wherein he stated that if India so desired then his country was ready to initiate composite dialogue in order to settle all the problems that have remain so far unsettled in between the two nations.
    PM Khan made this fresh pledge at a time when the Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Bin Mohammad was in Islamabad to grace the national day celebration of Pakistan. Such a peace gesture from PM Khan must have pleased the Octogenarian Prime Minister of Malaysia who is taken as the most serious and knowledgeable PM in the present day world.
    Like it or not, after the advent of Imran Khan as the new captain of Pakistan, the country’s diplomatic outreach has increased tremendously. The entire Arab world and some countries of the Central Asia too have come closer to Pakistan as became evident when the country celebrated its national day last week.
    The Presence of Malaysian Prime Minister added one more feather in Pakistan’s cap.
    Nepali observers opine than a strong Pakistan is what is needed in South Asia in order to balance the erratic activities of the regional bully-India.
    Pakistan is now an established political deterrent for South Asia.
    And now a word to India: Peace in South Asia will remain ever elusive until the end of the Indian occupation of Kashmir. India must demilitarize Kashmir, let the UN hold a plebiscite in Kashmir, pay Kashmiris reparations , stop using terrorist proxies against Pakistan and abandon Hindutva terrorism, says a Pak Scholar Zeeshan Khan though his twitter account. That’s all.


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