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Winter Session of Parliament prorogued, PM reiterates to control Biplav-group’s activities

  • Published on: March 27, 2019

  • By Our Reporter
    Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli reiterated his commitment to bring the violent activities of the Biplav-group under control and urged the group to surrender their arms and ammunitions to the government.
    “The state is obliged to contain such group, we cannot change to back-gear,” said the PM while addressing the last day of the Winter Session of the House of Representatives (HoR) which was prorogued from Sunday night.
    Recalling that the government had asked the Biplav-led group to end its violent activities time and again, Prime Minister Oli said that the government was compelled to impose a ban on the group.
    Stating that the Biplav-headed group was nowhere registered as a political party, the Prime Minister said,” We urged them not to obstruct the elections, the biggest democratic exercise, not to kill innocent people and not to maim them.”
    He said that the government imposed a ban on such activities of the group after it failed to heed the government’s request.
    The Prime Minister said that Nepal would never backtrack from the political gains it achieved through people’s sacrifice.
    “The monarchy will not be restored as the people have already ditched it, even though a few people have been spreading rumours that the monarchy will be revived,” the Prime Minister said.
    “Even the Ghales 250 years ago had understood that no one could be king by birth, one should win the race to become a king,” he added.
    Ruling out any chance of regression, Prime Minister Oli warned those supporting the revival of monarchy not to make any ill-intended movement.
    “Democracy was not restored by begging or through the children’s’ game of ‘cow and trident’, it was ushered in through bloodshed,” he said, adding that no one should make any noise in the name of monarchy.”
    Urging the people to be optimistic giving up desperation of all kinds, the Prime Minister said that development activities have received momentum.
    “My attitude is not to ask questions but to give answers, not to create hassles, but to find solutions,” he stressed.
    On the occasion, Prime Minister Oli expressed his commitment to making the report of Girish Chandra Lal public at a suitable time.
    He also made similar remarks while addressing the joint parliamentary party meeting of the CPN on Monday morning. He said the government would ring the activities of the Biplav-led group under control by mid-April.
    Addressing the joint meeting of the parliamentary parties of Nepal Communist Party (NCP), the Prime Minister said that the extremist activities of the Biplav-led group would be controlled within mid-April if they did not sit for talks.
    He reiterated that the government would control the tendencies of obstructing the development works, health and educational activities, extorting and killing by abusing the flag of hammer and sickle.


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