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Prachanda most likely to enter Indo-Pacific club, India kills the SAARC regional body

  • Published on: April 10, 2019

  • By NP Upadhyaya

    The ferocious of the Maoists era Prachanda is an exhausted political personality which could easily be understood from his pale face.
    He not only lost his heir apparent, Prakash Dahal, but has now centered his entire efforts on how to cure the strange ailments that have of late gripped Mrs. Sita Dahal — the better half of Nepal builder Prachanda. She is also the witness of her husband’s negative bravery that saw thousands of innocent lives being mercilessly killed.
    Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai is equally responsible for this wanton killing.
    Indeed instead of building a new Nepal, he and his New Delhi residing comrades have damaged and deformed the Nepal which was so sacrosanct for the Nepalese nationals across the length and breadth of the country prior to his arrival from Delhi-a home away from home.
    In fact, the Maoists who were exported to Nepal and dutifully did what they had been told to do upon return to Kathmandu in the year 2006
    The Maoists comrades were sent to Nepal by the then Indian Foreign Secretary Shyam Saran.
    The Nepali tragedy began thus which could be seen even as of today. The calamity continues yet.
    Prachanda as per the instructions of his New Delhi mentors is duty-bound to act as per the dictates that approaches him.
    The recent instructions that he may have received upon the arrival of the Indian foreign secretary, Bijaya Gokhley, to Kathmandu for a two-day trip wherein Mr. Gokhaley could have told Prachanda and the incumbent Nepal Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli to grant Nepali citizenship certificates to all those who shall, (by implication) approach the government authorities for such a certificate so that the new Nepali citizens can time permitting help support the Indian regime to gulp Nepal a la Sikkim. It is as simple as that.
    The Nepali Home Ministry notified through a circular to the entire district offices in Nepal to grant the certificates to those who approach the designated office.
    The Indian scheme worked.
    However, Nepal’s Apex Court through an Interim Order has instructed the government to scrap the distribution process for a while.
    Some communist leaders have been voicing their concerns that the distribution of the national certificates to non-Nepalese in a haphazard manner shall time permitting turn Nepal into what Sikkim is today.
    But for some Nepali media men including TV channels the notion of Sikkimisation is just a farce and that Nepal should not be that rigid on matters pertaining to the distribution of national certificates.
    Well, this could be their reason but for those who understand its “implications” appear reluctant in subscribing to what some tilted media and TV sources claim.
    Thanks the Supreme Court has capped the issue for some time.
    Now the question also is that “no genuine Nepali citizen be denied this national certificate” but care must be taken to save Nepal from being converted into Sikkim.
    Now that Comrade Prachanda has just returned from the United States and claims that “thanks the US that he was saved from penal actions” and he further says that thanks the ‘No Investigation Circular’ that had been issued by the US prior to his entry into the US which in effect shielded him from the possible arrest in the US even if Dr. Tilak Shrestha, a Nepali researcher based in Kentucky, had tried hard to convince the US authorities to nab the Maoists leader but Alas!
    Dr. Shrestha had approached the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Dr. Tilak and thousands and thousands of Nepali nationals who have felt personally the untold brutality of the people’s war and lost their intimate ones led by Commander Mr. Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda felt somewhat ignored by the US for having left Prachanda to loiter around the world capitals without being taken to task which remains yet long overdue.
    That the US has absolved Prachanda from all the past crimes for some “political gains” but yet chances remain high that the Maoists commander who has the distinction of having killed some seventeen thousand lives shall be taken proper care by none less than the last resort of hope for aggrieved Nepalese and that being the International Criminal Court which is the Hague Tribunal based in the Netherlands.
    Thanks that a former Maoists child militia Lenin Bista has already knocked the door of the Hague Tribunal.
    Mr. Bista is currently traveling various European Capitals and convincing the officials as to what calamities the Maoists led People’s War brought for him personally and to the Nepalese population at large.
    The Hague Tribunal apparently has expressed that it may listen to the plea of the innocent Nepali population who lost their relatives.
    The Maoists killing was most dangerous and brutal of its own kind in the registered history of War in South Asia, claim those who had been closely monitoring the People’s War in those days.
    With the rumors that Prachanda has gave his positive signal to the US administration that he would willingly extend his unconditional support to the US designed Indo-Pacific strategy, a section of the Nepali intelligentsia are not surprised in this regard simply because Prachanda is the weakest political personality in Nepal who can go to any extent in serving a person or for that matter a country if such an intimacy benefits him personally.
    The rumor takes a different form, in a sense more dangerous one, when one notices that Prachanda who has already served the Indian regime in the past has only added some strength to the US brain child-the Indo-Pacific strategy as the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party in its just released 2019 election manifesto has said of the Indo-Pacific strategy that, (sic), “should the party be re-elected it would lay great emphasis on strengthening relations with the nations along the Pacific region.
    “Act East Policy, cooperation with ASEAN and ensuring an open, inclusive, prosperous and secure Indo-Pacific will be pursued vigorously,” the BJP’s manifesto reads.
    PM Modi has promised to give more thrust to his “neighborhood-first” policy under international forums like the India’s sinking horse BIMSTEC (Bangladesh-India-Myanmar-Sri Lanka-Thailand-Nepal-Bhutan.
    While Modi gives more emphasis to the BIMSTEC conglomerate but summarily ignores the well-established Regional body-the SAARC.
    In a way the SAARC stands killed by India.
    It is here that the South Asian population understand the real motive of the Feku Indian PM who is the prime source that exports terrorism in Nepal and the rest of the South Asian Countries.
    “To forward our neighborhood-first policy, we will extensively leverage forums such as BIMSTEC, to accelerate regional coordination and economic cooperation with countries in our neighborhood,” the manifesto elaborates.
    Now that, if one were to recall, Comrade Prachanda came close to the India during the BJP regime then led by Atal Behari Bajpayee and now that if Modi’s BJP this time also gets elected then Prachanda shall be reminded of his old connections with the BJP of that time and now be told to serve the Indo-Pacific strategy as per the promise made by the BJP’s election manifesto.
    Nepal’s national hero who claims that he rightfully deserves to be awarded with the next Nobel Peace Prize shall hopefully be subjected to a test wherein the US may tactfully bargain with Prachanda forwarding its conditional proposal which may talk of “if Prachanda helps supports the USs Indo-Pacific strategy then only he could be left untouched or else failing to act as per the desires of the US could be summoned by the Hague tribunal.
    Logic demands that Prachanda should agree to the conditions put forth by the US and seconded by the Indian regime after the polls and serve as per the instructions coming as it would be from Washington and Delhi.
    Failing to do so may endanger his political personality.
    He will join the Indo-Pacific club because he has some personal scores to be settled with China-Nepal’s northern neighbor.
    To recall, during Prachanda’s last trip to China, he was not awarded the love and honor to which Prachanda expected.
    Prachanda expected China to greet him the Delhi’s way.
    In fact China ignored Prachanda concluding that he was the tested and the trusted man of the Indian regime.
    Prachanda returned Kathmandu with a pale face.
    Thus it is high time for Prachanda to serve the Indo-Pacific strategy and settle his scores with China.
    A section of the Nepali observers opine that Indo-Pacific strategy has specially been designed to tease and irritate China and that since its existence is meant to disturb China so as a good and reliable neighbor Nepal must not align itself in any political acts that irritates China.
    Understood. But it is unfair not to be a part of any efforts made by extraneous forces and that too by the US is simply unacceptable for Nepal.
    Nepal must not frustrate the US political overtures as long as such acts serve the development purposes of Nepal.
    US being a long time problem free friend of Nepal, mature observers thus opine that it would be in the interest of Nepal if she supports the US initiative and extracts benefits.
    The credit goes to the US whose efforts eradicated malarial diseases from Nepal once and for all.
    However care must be taken that Nepal doesn’t align itself in any of the military alliances.
    Being the founding member of the Non Aligned Movement (NAM) Nepal should make sincere efforts that distances itself from being a part of any military block.
    This is Nepal’s compulsion.
    A career diplomat who has served the nation for decades and decades has talked sense on this issue.
    Dr. Ram Bhakta Thakur, the former Ambassador of Nepal to Egypt says, April 8, 2019, to put in his own words, (sic) “Nepal can play a positive role in the stream of Indo-Pacific strategy. Simply it needs skilled man power and apt diplomacy to handle the complicated issue (that it is). Being a NAM member State doesn’t mean that we should not develop or chart our own growth policy. We can do that without being an instrument of any power block. It will ultimately help us in becoming a developed country over time, say within 25-30 years. I consider it as a boon than a bane”.
    This observation from a seasoned diplomat perhaps is timely to encourage Nepal to reap the benefits from this US designed Strategy. However, as stated earlier, Nepal must not become an instrument against China-our northern neighbor.
    Observers believe that China also understands the Nepali compulsions and behave with Nepal accordingly.
    Now let’s take stock of the South Asian politics that has been dominated by the tension that exists in between the two SA giants and rivals, India and Pakistan over the overly stretched issue of Kashmir.
    World class Indian litterateur Ms. Arundhati Roy in her novel “The Ministry of Utmost Happiness talks about one of the characters in the said Novel that “if the Kashmiris have failed to gain independence from India, at least in struggling for it they have exposed the corruption in the Indian system of governance.
    While Ms. Roy has this blunt say on Kashmir issue then from across the border Pakistan’s foreign minister says that his government has “reliable intelligence” that India was planning an attack next week.
    While making remarks on Pakistan’s state broadcaster PTV Sunday, Shah Mehmood Qureshi said India was plotting a “new aggression” between April 16 and 20.
    Qureshi said Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had given his armed forces the green light for attacking targets both in Kashmir and Pakistan.
    Modi has hinted the Indian Army that “you have the blanket permission to carry out action. They (heads of armed forces) say, ‘We have selected targets which are of a military nature. And it is not essential that those targets would be limited to Kashmir … So, a new talk of military action is going on there and a new message about a military action is being given out to the Indian Army,” the foreign minister said recently.
    The Indian side denied the Pakistani speculations.
    Observers in Nepal opine that Modi’s terror machine may hit Pakistan to woo the Indian voters for he has to win the elections at any cost.
    But those who have studied PM Modi’s inner corrupt mind, say that Modi if reelected then India’s break up can’t be ruled out.
    To begin with the Khalistan could be a new country in South Asia. The chances remain high.
    In the meantime, the Civilians in Indian occupied Kashmir have been banned from using the only highway out of the disputed region for two days each week to allow Indian security personnel to be safely moved in and out.
    The central government order, which local political parties have compared to the policies implemented by Israel in the Palestinian territories, followed a suicide bombing on the highway in February that killed at least 40 Indian paramilitaries and triggered the first airstrikes by India and Pakistan on each other in decades.
    The South Asian situation continues to be the victim of Indian whims.
    That’s all.


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