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Searching Nepali name for tornado

  • Published on: April 10, 2019

  • By Our Reporter
    Bara and Parsa districts were hit by a tornado, the first recorded wind-induced disaster in the country, killing 28 people and injuring 600 others on March 30.
    Many people termed the powerful storm that uprooted trees and even water pumps and blew the concrete slabs of the houses with different names. A few English daily like The Rising Nepal and Republica in their news stories also called the storm as a tornado.
    However, there is a debate regarding its name.
    Now some experts have initiated a debate to find out a suitable name for the disastrous wind.
    “The width of the tornado was around 200-250 meter. A satellite image shows that the tornado had covered at least 30 kilometres length to wreak havoc in the two districts,” Sarju Kumar Baidhya, Director General at the DHM said, as reported by the Republica. However, the DHM couldn’t “confirm the speed” of the tornado because it passed much further from the record station.
    However, meteorologists have still been burning their mid-night oil to find out reality about the storm.
    The powerful storm is yet to be given a proper name though a debate has erupted whether the storm merits to be called a tornado.
    Preliminary studies and investigations have shown that March 31 storm could not be considered a general storm that lashes the Terai area during the current period but this might be the part of a tornado, which might have left the impact experienced in Bara district.
    “We are still in confusion that if we term this system a tornado, this could not be completely called a tornado because tornadoes often cause destruction and devastation in their trails in vast swathe of land but this has not been the case here,” senior Meteorologist Min Kumar Aryal, said.
    Additionally, the impact of the system was felt in small diameter and location, he said.
    “Had it been a tornado, its impact would have been in much larger in scale with greater impact and intensity,” said Aryal.


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