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Degenerating political environment

  • Published on: April 16, 2019

    The history of unifying Nepal began three hundred years ago by Narbhupal Shah which was later unified by king Prithivi Naryan Shah the Great. It took fifty years for unifying small states into one country Nepal. Unfortunately, the country had to lose a large portion of Nepali territory under the Sugauli Treaty in 1815 with the then East India Company, which had colonized India. It is a very disappointing and sad feeling for all the Nepalis as the Nepali land was encroached by the British rulers in south.
    Even after liberation and emergence of India as a nation after the British rulers quit from India, Nepal, a tiny landlocked country is being dominated by India. Under the Peace and Friendship Treaty signed between Nepal and India in 1950, Indian rulers want to demonstrate their hegemony over Nepal.
    Although, most of the controversial articles in the Treaty are not practiced by both the countries, Indians want to curtail import of arms by Nepal from any third country. Indians, by influencing Nepali political leaders of the multiparty era, have been able to create monopoly in supply of petro-products. Nepal is facing international border dispute with India in above two dozen places. Indians are found encroaching Nepali soil even by shifting border pillars. Besides, Nepal-India borders are kept opened in the vested interests of India.
    Although, Nepal is a sovereign and independent country, the Indian rulers, by manipulating high-ranking Nepali bureaucrats and political leaders, is conducting micro-management in Nepal’s domestic affairs. Indians are keen from change of the government to transfer of a district level officer in Nepal-India bordering districts.
    The present day Nepal governments are responsible for the degenerating political situation in the country as the top leaders lack positive vision and they are running after their own pity interests. Nepali leaders, either in the opposition or in the ruling party, are concerned with making their own homes and collecting money by exploiting Nepali citizens and also by working in the interests of the Indians. As a result, Nepal is facing many problems including increasing level of poverty, unemployment, crimes, violence, burglaries and strikes which may lead the nation into a failed nation.
    The present political system is not suitable for the country like Nepal. Besides, political leaders are always found fighting for power, which has caused political instability. Corrupt leaders, by keeping aloof their political ideology, are found negotiating with each other just to enjoy power by toppling down the existing government.
    Time and again, different political parties having different ideology have found developed unnatural alliance just to enjoy power but they never worked for he greater interests of the nation and the people. In the name of empowering different ethnic communities, the then Maoist party divided the Nepali communities into different castes and destroyed communal harmony among the people.
    Presently, there is the government of nearly two-thirds majority but the government has totally failed in practicing good governance by punishing corrupt people. On the whole, the political parties have been failed in providing security and justice to the Nepalese people.
    Former minister Prakash Koirala, son of legend B.P Koirala, expresses strong dissatisfaction on the present government’s attitude. He strongly believes that to end the present day anarchy and rampant foreign interference, there is the need of the institution of monarchy.
    Presently, the nation is heading towards a dark tunnel following wrong directions. As the leaders are misguided, there is the need of a guardian to warn those who are doing wrong. During the Kings’ rule, at least, the Nepali people were spending peaceful life and the country was out of rid of rampant corruption practices. The situation was far much better for the people of Nepal in comparison to the present scenario.
    To conclude, the nation requires a visionary and potential leader for development and prosperity. The present government is a big failure to bring the changes. Unfortunately, the present government of the communist party has failed to meet the expectations of people and pushing the nation towards further worst scenario. Therefore, the best possible alternatives for the new change in the country could be a larger coalition of the democratic and patriotic forces, including a large section of the silent force in support of the institution of monarchy and also Netra Bikram Chand Biplav’s rebellion group.

    (The writer is residing in London, UK)


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