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INGOs campaigning Christianity

  • Published on: April 20, 2019

  • Kathmandu, 20 April: INGOs working in development project, social service and empowering Nepali citizens in the country are found active in campaigning for Christianity, reports Annapurna Post vernacular daily.

    The law of the nation doesn’t allow such INGOs to campaign Christianity and converging religion. Such activities are subjected to the crime. But the government organs are found giving protection to them.

    FIDA International has obtained approval for its project from 2015 to 2020 from the Social Welfare Council. The INGO is working on the project by developing base in Okhaldhunga, Chitwan, Sarlahi, Dhanusha, Mahottari, Kavre, Banke, Rukum and Rolpa. The INGO has proposed to spend 248 million 792 thousand rupees in five years. In the midterm evaluation of the project, along with conducting developing works, the INGO was found campaigning for Christianity in these districts. In the report, it is mentioned that in Okhaldhunga and Sharlahi, FIDA was involved in Christianity campaigning.

    Prof. Dr Tatwa Timilsina, chief of the evaluation team informed to the Annapurna Post that his team had recommended to investigate on the INGO by developing a separate investigation team. However, his team’s recommendation was not implemented.

    The INGO was found running Bible school in different places. Donor partner of the INGO is a Christian organization.

    Durga Bhattarai, deputy director of the international agreement branch in the Social Welfare Council said that the Council alone is not responsible in controlling such activities. She said that there are other organs, which are responsible to control such activities.

    Some INGOs can obtain permission/approval on their projects directly from the Finance Ministry and there is no compulsion to go to the Council for them. INGOs are taking benefit of such loopholes, Bhattarai said.

    Dan Church is working in the field of earthquake relief support, rehabilitation of the quake affected people, vegetables farming and drinking water projects. This organization had started its programme from four districts and now it has been expanded in nine districts. This organization is running project worth 810 rupees. This organization is providing relief materials by calling the victims at the Church, said Dr Timilsina.

    Distribution of relief materials is targeted to the certain Christian community. The activities of this organization are directly related to Christianity campaigning, he said.

    In last year’s Auditor General’s report, Mercy Mission Himalayan and TEAR Foundation were found involved in Christianity campaigning activities.

    In the primary proposal of the Mercy Training Center, it was stated to provide instruction training to those youths related to Churches; mobilizing them to the rural and Himalayan areas to campaign for Bible’s significance, building leadership in local Church, producing alternative instructors in remote rural areas.

    Marie Stopes International, Mercy Mission Himalayan, Tiper Fund, UK have obtained permission for their project from elsewhere, instead of the Council. They are involved in campaigning of Christianity.

    In the progress report of 2071/72 BS, the organization has stated that ten persons were graduated in six month long Bible course, 300 Pastures received Bible course from the moving Bible training.

    These organisations have endorsed an agreement with the Council for launching a project for capacity development of the marginalized people in three districts.

    The project was approved on 14 July, 2013 for spending 52 million 370 rupees.

    NGOs doing the same:

    Those local NGOs registered in the District Administration Office and run under the foreign grant are involved in Christianity campaign.

    Nepal Bible Society registered in the Lalitpur District Administration Office, has stated that its aim as publishing and distributing Bible. This organization later asked affiliation with the Council. Council wrote a letter to the Home Ministry asking whether to grant permission or not. The Ministry has not given any reply to the Council.

    When Teach For Nepal demanded application from the jobseekers stating that the applicants should be Christian, the Council had suspended its affiliation with this organization.

    The Himalayan Bible Study Academy is providing computer training, tailoring training and other employment based training by focusing those females from the Christian community.

    Johobha Betan Society is conducting a project worth 264 million 342 thousand rupees by procuring land in 11 districts, 15 cities and 19 wards of the local levels. This Society was established with the aim of promotion of Christian religion and running Christianity based educational institutions.

    Nepal Christian Children Musical Institution is involved in providing Bible education to children, producing teachers for Bible training and organising seminars and workshops on spiritual programmes. This organization has spent five million 69 thousand rupees in organising seminars, according to the Auditor General’s early report.

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