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West against China

  • Published on: April 22, 2019

  • Kathmandu, 22 April: Americans, who were provoking Tibetans in Nepal against China, had remained silent for some time. Again, they are becoming active to disturb China by using Nepali soil, writes Sanghu vernacular weekly.

    In December last year, the American Senate had endorsed a bill to provide fund to the Tibetans in India and Nepal for the cause of their human rights, freedom and preservation of their culture.

    It is said that the fund has already been managed for the Tibetans.

    Intellectuals say that Americans are not only limited within conducting activities that were witnessed in 2008. They are planning to come more aggressively. This information was leaked by a staff in the American Embassy in Kathmandu to a visiting delegation.

    Americans may raise the issue of Uyghurs possibly from Nepal.

    According to sources, a section of the Uyghurs are launching movement against China. Some members of this community have also entered via Nepal. By taking benefit of such a situation, westerners have thought that it would be an opportunity to achieve the political gains if members of this community can also been used.

    As Westerners are active against China via Nepal, the country has become the venue of strategic importance. The Indo-Pacific Strategy also includes the strategy of provoking Tibetans and Uyghurs for fresh agitation against China from Nepal, this gesture was given by the Embassy to a team of journalist.

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